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This unit is 22 inches/150% Density


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Foreign, today's video is being sponsored by your niece Amazon. Today I am reviewing this beautiful curly unit. It has kinky edges, oh my God, I'm loving these kinky edges wigs, but this wig in particular, look like a cane kind of bleached. I did not see that on the description of the wig, but it looks like it was bleached, I'm loving the the lace, I'm loving it okay, so the specs on this unit is 22 inches. It'S a curly unit, 13x4 um kinky edges. It has a hundred and fifty percent density and it comes pre-plucked and I'm loving the curls. This is how it looks after I um I sprayed it down with water, and then I combed it out or brushed it out. That'S how it looked. I did not put any product in this hair before styling it, so that's just how it looks out the box with being wet overnight, so I'm not really gon na style this unit, I'm just going to put it in a middle part. Just so y'all can see how it looks um and that's about it now, when you are spraying this unit down with um, if you're, using holding spray to spray it down like the gots to be, and those type of sprays, just be careful that you are like Just be careful because you don't want the edges to get hard and you don't want it to just lay down and it's going to look real tacky. So I took my time - and I did this part right here but yeah. All I'm gon na do is, do a middle part, I'm going to style it in the middle part and then spray it down a little bit. More and y'all are gon na see the outcome of this unit. I am loving it. The quality of this hair is just amazing. The curl is so full, so so nice, I love curly units, and this is just taking me back to like when I first started Hair reviews. I I really love this unit, so yeah y'all. Let me know what y'all think I would like to thank Eunice Amazon for sponsoring this video until next time, bye, y'all, don't forget to like share comment and subscribe. Thank you. Thank you, foreign. Thank you, foreign foreign

lneal2800: It's the kinky edges for me! This unit is Beautiful! Jen, you slayed this unit effortlessly!

iamSimoneC: Looks so effortless and bouncy! Love these curls

Pick You Color nail channel: I feel like I just caught up here but look how quickly time went already!! I love the curly! And you did THAT with the edges!

Charice: Okay this is the best you ever did period those edges are everything I’m about to order this !!!!

Nadia: I am in love with how natural this looks wow…

Jazzy THE Great: Love the curly wig ❤

Q'utie Nails: Hey sis. Finally got phone service again. I love the curly look.

Jenni Glossin: the intro

HUSTLERS: Hooked it up good

Sammy Da Goat: Charming Wig

MrVIPER: ❤️❤️❤️

Charice: After spraying it down with water the lace didn’t lift?

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