4C Curly Edges | Ultimate Natural Curly Wig Installation Ft. Pizazz Hair



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Hair Detail: HD 4C Edges Hairline Wig Curly Wave Wig 24inch 220%

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06:03 - PROS & CONS (CONS)

06:19 - PROS & CONS (PROS)


07:07 - FULL 360 + LENGTH CHECK

Change, thank you. I know the next morning when the sun goes up. It might be the last day of you and me. Are you next to me and I'm too afraid to let it goes always going down? I know what I've done. Memories go with me. I need you back. I need you back all right. Charles I'm obviously been installing this wig, and this is what I got if you're interested in the details of specs and all those good things about this unit, then please continue to watch all right all right. So the unit I am rocking was sent to me by Pizzazz Hair. Oh I like that name, I like to say, Pizzazz, honey, okay, shout out to you Pizzazz for sending me this unit and sponsoring this video. This is my first time working with this company. So once again shout out to you all right, so the unit that they sent me is their 4C edges, curly wig. I have it in 24 inches and it is 220 density and I will go ahead and let you guys know it's given 220 percent dancing, in my opinion, so on the site, it says: Type: 4, hairline five by Five: Thirteen by four HD lace: front: wig, pre-plucked, Glueless human curly, human hair, wigs with curly edges, this one is available in 14 to 30 inches. It is available in a four by four lace: five by five lace on 13x4, and you can also get it in 150, 180 or 220 percent density type, 4C, edges. Wig curly HD lace, closure uh, it's a curly unit. I gave you guys all the densities available. It comes in a natural black color. It is HD Swiss lace suited for all skin tones the unit. The hair will last 10 to 18 months, depending on use and care. Uh features Force the edges and undetectable lace, Flawless milk like growing from head and the cap size is 22 to 22.5 inches, which is basically your standard average cap size so that so as far as sharing and tangling, I'm gon na say some nothing to write home About, but I only kind of just ran my fingers through it. While I was applying the mousse, so I did get some shed. I expected some shedding because, typically with curly hair, I it does shed a little bit, but it wasn't anything to write home about, but I won't tell you so you can't say I ain't there. You go cause. I told you girl, I I did bleach the knots on this wig. I obviously didn't tweeze anything. It has those curly edges and with these edges I just applied some mousse and uh put on my little scarf and I'm like I'm gon na. Let them do what they do: honey. Okay, so you guys can tell me - and I've showed you guys a few ways you can do this um Trend like if you don't like the curly edges, although I'm feeling them, I know some people aren't uh, you can slick them down, you can do them with Baby hairs they make your baby hairs, really really Pop um. Just a few things you can do with these curly edges like I I'm a fan. Okay, like I said I know everybody is not, but I am a fan uh and yeah. Let'S go um if you're interested in a full 360 uh with a lint check, as well as my pros and cons, and please continue to watch my con is going to be that it is a 13x4. Had I known that this unit was available in a five by five y'all know, I would have got that five by five y'all know I live for a closure. I love a closure. I just didn't know they had it uh, so that is gon na. Be my come with this unit. My Pros is, I love the baby. I like the curly edges, like I think it's a Vibe. I just do it, especially with a good curly unit or a kinky unit. Oh I'm feeling them y'all. I'M sorry I know like I said. I know it's not for everybody, but I'm a fan. Personally, I love the texture of this hair. I love the fullness and I love the length I like that. It'S like that perfect in-between lint to me, so I really like all of that as well with this unit. I also like that I feel, like the lace really uh melted in like y'all. Let me know what y'all think, but I'm really I'm feeling the lace too. So let me throw that out there, the lace too. Yes, I would personally recommend this. You know, I think it's a look. I think it's a Vibe y'all. Let me know what y'all think, but I I would. I would definitely recommend this wig all right, Charles I'm, giving you this full 360. So we can wrap this thing all the way up. So this is obviously the unit in the front. This is it on the left side. This is it in the back, keep in mind, I am 5'4 and this is it on the right side, so yeah y'all. Once again, I'm feeling the wig. I think it's a look. Uh y'all. Let me know what y'all think down below. If you are interested in practicing this unit, I will have a direct link to it down below in the description box for your convenience once again: Shop, new Pizzazz, four centimeters unit and sponsoring this video. I truly truly do appreciate it and uh yeah girl. That'S all that's all! So if you like this video give me a thumbs up, you have any questions until I got my hair left out feel free to comment down below and if not subscribe. Girl click subscribe button, it's not because you're, not one red scent and if you already follow me on all my social media platforms, I am disasters video, both IG and Tick. Tock, I'm helping to see on Snapchat and no disasters be on Twitter and I'll see. You love us next time. Bye completely got it everything we need. Disaster rides changed. It'S a disaster is completely Change Up Your Love daily. For me, baby Beauty,

kaystarlo: Parting the curly edges with the treat of the part is how I would style my natural edges. Thank you for doing that. I don't know why other reviewers don't do that. Great job at usual

Love Yourself: Happy Tuesday This is really pretty I love the curly texture and density. I love the curly edges, too, especially with the curly units. Have a Blessed Day "Lord, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished, you have done for us."

AndUDon'tStopYo: Beautiful hair and the 4C edges look natural too. Great review

Sybil Davis: Hey Chrissie, I do love this unit and I love it on you too!!!!

crysten brooks: Bomb . This company did real good with this unit. I agree with you on all the Pros you had boo. Thank you for this review!!! ❤

Cynthia Cummings: Heeeyyyyy there Chrissy! I may not be a fan of the kinky edges tend, but Sis, you laid them edges down!!! I gotta give you your props. You did that with this wig!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Pamela Gordon: Hey Chrissy love this wig❤❤❤

patrice moore: Very beautiful sis.... and the wig too.

lneal2800: This is super cute❤

Jackie Franklin: Love it❤❤❤

Robin Perryman: Gorgeous.

Dee Luther: First Comment Queen Beautiful thumbNail Tho Absolutely Gorgeous You Are Ur Makeup Always On Point Have a Wonderful Week Stay Bless N Be Safe Always

ALL BEAUTYBYJACQY: Hey sis❤❤❤.it's because and you are as gorgeous as always.

Linda Gibbs: Good evening Chrissy Brown ❤❤❤❤❤. Working your own style on that unit

Jennie Martin: Heyyy lady Diz,, how r you doing ??? Now this Wig is Giving Me Donna Summer.. Lol. ( 2 me )... Cute /sassy look # u b bless # b safe # much Love ,ladt

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