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Hello beautiful people todays wig was sent to me from Hair So Fly Shop to review and show & tell.


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Brand: Sensationnel

Style: Glenna

Color: Balayage Gold

Wig link:

Time Stamps:

0:15 | intro

0:36 | Who the wig is from ?

1:04 | Cap construction

1:25 | Wig straight out of the package

1:33 | styling The wig on mannequin head

4:54 | Before and after wig hairline

5:08 | Cutting off the extra lace

5:55 | Installing the wig on me

6:19 | Blending the lace with my skin

8:20 | Baby hairs



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How I pluck my synthetic wigs 13 x 4 hair line:

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How I pluck my synthetic wigs 13 x 4 hair line:

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Elastic band:

Maybelline fit me powder shade 355:

Block head: GEX 20"-24" Cork Canvas Block...

T pins: Salon Care Steel Wig T Pins

Brown Colored stocking cap: 12 Pack Dreamlover Brown Stocking...

ORS Olive Oil FIX-IT Super Hold...

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Foreign, thank you. Hey there, my beautiful family! Thank you so much for clicking my video and in today's video I am doing a wig show and tell on a wig that was sent to me from here so flash shop. If you're interested in this wig, I will be sure to leave the website link below in the description box. The wig that I have in today's video is Sensational Cloud9 what lace synthetic lace wig in the style Glenna in the color biological. This wig is available in 11. Colors here is a close-up of the inside Cap Construction and come with a 13 by 6 frontal parting space. Behind the frontal you get two Combs another comb in the nape area with adjustable straps. I would say this wig was made on a ventilated cap, so it is made on a breathable stretchable material and the lace is coming off light and transparent. I'M going to try my best to tint that to my skin color and the texture of this hair is on the silky side. This is how the wig comes straight out of the package. Now I'm going to take my and his hot comb and a temperature setting that I have it on is number 10 and I'm going in and I'm pressing down my parting space with this wig I'm going to do a middle part, so I'm just pressing down the Roots of the hair by The Parting space, and I'm also going to press out the roots of the hairline. Now that I'm up to the hairline, you guys can see how much of the hairline comes pre-plucked. So when you receive the wig, the hairline comes lightly pre-plucked and you also get baby hairs on the hairline. Sometimes I get questions about. If you can bleach synthetic wig knots, no, you cannot go in and bleach synthetic wig knots. Thank you so, like I said before, this is how the hairline comes straight out of the package. You can go in and pluck the hairline that is optional. I went in and plucked the hairline, but I mostly focused the poking the poking. What the plucking towards like the center by the forehead, because that's mostly the parts that's going to be showing for this wig, show and tell plucking. This wig was really easy. Um. I just mostly held the hair back and just started plucking the parts that's really dense. I started plucking in random sections until I started seeing a jagged hairline coming through. I was trying to make sure I got a good angle on camera with a plucking technique that would be beginner friendly, so doing it. This way you could get your hairline plugged a little bit more or you could go in and section out the hairline and pluck and pluck until you know you see a hairline coming through it's so much different techniques on plucking. You just have to find the one. That'S right for you and also depends on the kind of wig you have sometimes as well foreign foreign as I pluck. I also like to go in with the hot comb and smooth out the hairline to see. If I need to pluck it some more as well and remember, I said I'm only focusing mostly on the forehead, because that's the part that's mostly going to be showing. I also end up doing a flip over method. So I pluck the right side towards the air. Just a little bit more but not too much. Thank you, foreign, the wig on the mannequin head, I'm going in with eyebrow razors and I make sure to pull the baby hairs back. So I don't cut into the baby hairs while I cut along the hairline. So I'm just cutting along the hairline and little zigzag motions. Now I'm going to take the Maybelline Fit Me powder and shade 360 and apply some of the powder underneath the lace, but only apply it to the spots I'll be showing. So that's The Parting space and hairline underneath the wig I am going in with a brown stocking cap wow. Okay, so far, I'm liking where this is going. So the lace is still coming off a little too light on my skin. The powder only helped as a lace tint so to help blend the lace in with my skin a little bit more, I'm gon na go in with this Nars Foundation. I have it in this shade dark three Banaras and it is a shade darker than me. I only use this foundation on my lace because I noticed when I use it on light lace like it helped the lace, be the perfect color for my skin. So a lot of you already know I smudged some of the product off onto the paper towel. Then I wipe the rest of the product on top of the lace. I know a lot of my stuff probably becomes like repetitive, but ain't. Nothing changes the same thing I do over and over back to back. The only thing that's changing is the wig. I'M not trying to be repetitive in my videos. This is just the technique that I use that works for me and I just show it because I hope it helps somebody out out there. So, as you guys can see, the lace is blending in much better nice and glueless foreign. So now, for this wig show Intel um. Maybe a person could get away with this being glueless, but I would like to at least spray down my right ear tab. So you guys can see how the air tab looks sprayed down and if I was to wear this wig outside, I would wear a glueless. The only thing I would spray down is the ear tabs foreign foreign. Thank you, foreign again with that Maybelline Fit Me powder and apply some of the powder on top of the lace not too much just so it can help hide my wig cap underneath the knots that's on the wig and hide the grids on the lace foreign. Thank you, bang and right here is my end. Result super cute, really, nice, oh okay, Sensational, I see y'all. I already had a feeling this wig was going to be a cutie, because the stock card model looks so gorgeous in the wig and the color that they installed on her. But this Balayage gold right here it is giving affordable batty on a budget. The highlights is perfect, the highlights isn't too thick and chunky, it's just thin and it stands out. I also like how the color of the gold fade into the black is not a harsh line of demarcation, really nice and gorgeous. I love the layers that come with this wig as well Sensational, did a great job, curling layering, coloring, making the hand type closure as well love it. My bad, not closure. I meant frontal. This is nowhere near a closure. You get so much frontal parting space. That'S what makes the wig even Doper so the size on this wig, my hair circumference is 22 inches. It fits very well if you have a bigger head 23 inches to 24 head circumference. I do feel like you are in for the clear, because this wig have a lot of stretch, cap room material left in there when I split the hair in the back. My attraction is showing, and you can't see my wig cap. As for the hair density, I would say the hair density is like um, medium, not on a thick side at all, it's like low to medium, but it's really nice. I go with the style of the wig and even though this wig have a lot of layers, I love how it's still have a nice density and a nice flow to it again. The hair texture is on the silky side. When I was styling this wig. I didn't get too much Tangles. I got a few snags of tangling, but nothing too hectic as for shedding shedding was on the low side, but I definitely got some shedding hair. So I like to shake out the hair back to back and then bring everything to the front because it helped add like just so much body and it shows all the layers and I love how it helped the color frame my face with the layers. When I first was looking at the wig on the stock card model on the website, I never thought I would like this wig this much after I installed it like this is so damn gorgeous yeah, especially for the price value on a budget Or Nah Nah. Oh yeah yeah, I think so, but um The Parting space love them on a parting space. You get like, I always say the deeper the potting space, the more natural the wig looks as for the lace once you get it to match your skin tone, it is really easy to wear. I don't have any spray on the forehead. I just spray down the air tap, so the forehead is just sitting there glueless, but if you're a person and you're nervous, like you know about your wig moving, then I totally recommend spraying the hairline gluing, the hairline or maybe even inserting your own elastic band. Just so it can help stay in place, so even with the flip over it's really cute, this wig will make a really dope side part. I honestly love it love it. You guys really do also, if you do get this wig and you would like to get a lot of wears out of it, then I recommend taking it off every night and then putting it back on the next day or when you're ready to wear it. Just so it could last longer, and if you guys don't follow me on Tick Tock, my name is Body By Cara I usually post most of my synthetic wig installs on there before it goes to YouTube so be sure to check that out and follow. If you would like as well, so that's pretty much it! Thank you so much for watching later guys.

♡Extra AF💋: I'm too impressed! You have your technique DOWN! Never a bad install!!! I love this unit!

redonyx: this is why i love reviews so much as sometimes you cant get a good idea of how a wig really looks from a color chart. i was going to go for the balayage platinum as i like the chunks of white blonde in the hair but this looks amazing. may end up getting both.

Thea Woody: She is gorgeous, you slay as always. Watching you install wigs is a goal for me one day✌

Zen Aesthetic: Amazing. I love your technique no matter how many times I watch. Makes me realize my plucking would be better if I got some darn T Pins to hold my units secure.

k scho: Thank God girl!! if it wasn't for you I wouldn't even know how to apply wigs. I've been watching your videos for years and now I'm a pro LOL❤️

NJCSI629: I wouldn’t have thought to get this color combo, but it’s really nice! Can we get a video on how you curl the hair to refresh the curtain bangs on these wigs? With a couple of wears sometimes the bangs drop. I’d appreciate it!

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