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Foreign foreign Beauties and welcome back to I'm beautiful hustle TV. Today'S wig is provided by summer hair and this is their 24 inch kinky straight glueless unit. So, of course we have our caps lashes elastic band. You know the basic tools you need for your install and today I'm going to do a talk through video, but I'm just going to quickly show you this unboxing. So, like I mentioned, you do get your goodies in a box as well as your wig, and as I mentioned, this is a 24 kinky straight uh closure with the elastic band completely glueless unit. So stay tuned and watch me install this wig with the no glue in under 10 minutes. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video once again. This hair is from Summer hair and let's get into the sleigh, hey Beauties and welcome back to my beautiful sister TV today, we are back with another wig and style, but today's video is going to be glueless. Okay - and I want y'all to watch me install this summer, wig this kinky straight wig glueless unit at that in less than 10 minutes, so I hope y'all ready, because it's going to be quick, fast and easy. Let'S get to sometimes like I mentioned. This is a glueless unit. Okay, it's a kinky straight wig super pretty super full and I'm going to show you how you can just make this quick little throw on wig pretty and you could go right on at the door as y'all can see. I already got the beat face and I got to go pick the kids up, so I have to do this literally in less than 10-15 minutes, and I will so, let's get to it now. This wig is glueless, as I mentioned, and it does have the elastic band in the inside. So what I'm going to do is just go ahead first and foremost, and I'm going to take my foundation and my um. Well, my Ruby kisses foundation and put it on the inside of the lace and then I'm going to place the wig right onto my head foreign ahead and placed the foundation on the inside now mind you on this wig. The knots are not bleached, so I'm still going to show you how to get that very natural effect without having to bleach your knots, especially because it's just a quick throw on glue in this wig. So I'm going to take the elastic band in the inside and you can actually tighten it, so I'm going to actually tighten that scrap first. That way, it fits nice and snug on my head, but you know don't make it too too tight where it gives you like that pressure in the back, but I'm going to see how this feels right here. So I'm going to toss this on put the scrap at the bottom of the head and pull the wig forward. Okay. So this is what the wig looks like right onto my head hold on. Let me adjust it. You guys, okay boom, you see that here's, the lace and the wig does already come with the lace pre-cut so boom there. It is right there. You have this part here, and you have this part on this side as well, and I'm just going to pull it down like that. Okay, making sure my part is nice and in the middle, but the wig is super full and super pretty. I love it because it is kinky straight, but you can really see the kinkiness in it and that's why I want to keep it nice and simple. Now, if you this kind of girl, but you just want to wear your wig - probably just spray it down and just go, you can. But you know me: I'm gon na add a little concealing apart make it look a little more crisp because it's the kind of girl I am but anywho. So what I'm gon na do now now that I have the wig on I'm getting close in person, so y'all can see hold on. Let me get these little flyaways out of the way y'all. Okay, so y'all see that little bit of lace there - we're gon na make this very simple and very easy. So I'm just gon na take my hot comb and I'm going to comb the hair away from my face. Okay, just so you know the lace could get in there I mean we could really just separate the lace from the rest of the hair, so just go in with the hot comb. Real gently be careful, do not burn your face. Okay and I'm gon na take my melt belt and let me get this Foundation really quick, because I just wanna, you know tap across the front, make sure we're going to be nice and Blended. Okay, because we ain't doing no Halos around our lace. Okay, so y'all see that okay, so now we're gon na take this like just like this, and you can do this one of two ways: you can spray it on top or you can spray underneath me, I'm probably just going to spray on top um and because I'M really just going to focus like on the lace part I'm trying to get these flowers y'all. So I'm just going to focus right here at the top spread down and then tie it down with the Melt belt. So I'm taking my even holding spray, I'm going to spray, make sure you, pat pat okay, across the lace, okay and pat pat okay, like that party down comb, the hair away, because you want to you, know, tie it down while it's still as neat as possible. So take the lace, lift it place it down. Okay, now I'm gon na take the Melt belt with the lace, get it in place and I'm going to secure it okay. So, while that lace is securing one down, I'm going to focus on my parting area, so I just want to make sure that my part is super straight. So, oh, I think I'm messing that up hold on. Yes, I want to make sure that my part is nice and straight so I'm busting it down separating it and I'm gon na go in with the hot comb press it down, because you know you want it nice and neat still, even though it's a throw long, You want to keep it nice and neat okay, somehow coming in backwards, foreign foreign, this lace, comb out the hair and the edges the side. And then you see that lace, that's on the front of the wig! So yes, you guys see that lace right there. I'M just gon na go back in with the foundation and I'm going to Pat it across the hairline. I got some on my forehead clearly jeez, so I'm gon na have to take my other makeup brush and blend that in, but so yes cover up that lace. Hot comb, okay, you make it nice, cute hot comb, nice cute, puppy, look take my Foundation place it up in the part: okay, okay, I'm gon na! Do this part on camera y'all cause. I can just see me this up. Oh the place. The foundation. In my part, and I'm just gon na spray, this hairline down one more time just tapping it: okay and I'm gon na tap it on the other side. This was some extra security because y'all don't know about child, but it's hot down here in Miami right now. Okay - well, it's always hot down here in Miami, so I'm gon na place that tie that down just right on the edges, only secure that for a few minutes and then we will literally be done so I'm gon na tie that nice and tight because I wanted To press into my skin and then I would get my foundation brush and blend out the rest of the foundation. That'S on my forehead and we're done so let this sit for a few minutes and take it off when we're done be right back and now we're gon na go ahead and remove the second there we go remove and I'm just going to blend the rest of That Foundation that I had on my forehead number one line that out, but if you're not wearing makeup gosh, just be very careful when you're adding the foundation. Okay, foreign, there goes the glueless units. Look at that. Look. How fast that was! Do y'all see that nice kinky straight okay period, 360 super full super, pretty super kinky, easy peasy and that's how you slay you a quick little gluelessly on it in less than 10 to 15 minutes baby make sure y'all shop, Samba hair, don't forget to check out The description details down below thank y'all for watching see y'all on the next video foreign

Sunber Virgin Hair: Thanks for sharing! This wear & go pre cut lace wig is a good choice for now!!!

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Queen Leo: Gorgeous! I love kinky hair! Gotta cop this one sis!

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SlayedBy Jordan: Looking bomb as always

Sammy Da Goat: Stunning Like Always

Tenisha Stair Praise God: Looks gorgeous ❤

Hernandez Luciana: Beautiful as always

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Briana Brown: Can you try to curl it and see how it holds please? I keep hearing that kinky straight doesn’t hold

Nae8503: ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

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