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Watch me wave this pixie my mind. I wake up to five for my eyes.

CurlyMe Hair: Creator:tk @chante.nichelle Link to her page:

Lisa Cain: I’ve NEVER seen someone due this style as fast as you, beautiful job❤

Renee Gilbert: Never saw this technique. It's so soothing

farhana sharmin: Its so satisfying

MadameWesker: Clean AF

Serina Harvey: Bro, this was awesome, I've never seen someone wave a pixie like this omg!!!❤

Tiana Gardner: So beautiful and satisfying to watch, that's natural born talent ❤


Ashley McIntyre: Now she's an artist

Abigail Phillips: love it

A. Lewis: Soooo pretty

Bumble bee Random content 🐝: So pretty

Olive Brocklebank: That’s so goooddd

Dee Lanayy 💙.: . Talented

Camille Henriques: SO SATISFYING TO WATCH…

E’s arts: Love it!!

Kyky Keefauver: wow amazing

Addicted To Success: She did that!!!

Rachel Keating: Awesome skills..

A QUEEN FROM queenz carmel jones: Kilt it,

ZIPPER: Girl that looks GOOD and your so fast


Unafilliated: I love it, it reminds me of girls in the 1920’s

Rose Belizaire: Yes hunnie yesss

A: Nice!! Love the music.

C C: Why can’t my hair relax to this point? I went to the hair dresser for a touch up but I can’t achieve this style without throwing the whole hair gel in my hair

jeanine borne: BOSSSSSSSSS❤

Amaris Barnes: Hello I would like to know what setting foam you are using please?

Nikko Bunnix: Song??

Ashira Harmer: The coldest ever known❤❤❤❤

Eronda100: ❤

𝓢𝓵𝓪𝔂: Was it just me or was i the only one that didn’t know the singer of this song was a girl ☠️

Nasirrah abdul addarr: Can natural hair have finger waves too

CINNAMON MADONNA™️: #BettyBoop #EstherJones #createbeauty

Haley Celeste: I wanted to see the whole thing lol

Cassandra Davis: Where are you located??

Ashanti Yarbrough: Girlfriend knows how to do some finger waves

Jeté Vaughn-Holland @myblurredlineswrites: yes

Valerie Brown: Beautiful!❤️know what you doing. Keep winning greatness.✈️⛱️STL

Carrie Fitzpatrick: ELITE

Turrina Foy: I need a tutorial cause how to have the hair so wet and it not curl up

Amelie Remp: why do you leave the soap in her hair?you need to RINCE IT OUT.

Malik Brown: A yo that shit look like Magic

MinnieKisses4All: Beautifully done. On another note tho don’t the client look like that one black female comedian. I don’t remember her name.

Impeach Biden: What is that foamy stuff? She's not going to leave that in her hair I hope.

Dev A1: You fye when you can doit wit one hand

Nyemba Mubiayi: Ce. Joli

carla: Hola como estas té de los

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