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Nish Hair Extensions extension is made with 100% human hair, hand selected and stitched to perfection. We believe in practicing integrity, honesty and quality in all that we do, making sure that each process from sourcing to production is done in a clean, safe and ethical manner.

Our brand is made for women by women, and 90% of our team is women! We nurture a culture of inclusivity and respect, reward hard work and value open mindedness, courage, compassion and a belief in the limitless potential of all.

“Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be & we love to do it for you”


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Hi you all. This is your nisheki Market. Today'S video is going to be a bit long, it's all about. If you are thinking of purchasing a product from us or if you've already purchased a product from us. How do hair extensions work? I'M going to answer some of the frequently asked questions. Also if this video gets one luck views, I will make a video on our shop and experience was for me. So let's do this guys. Those are 90 of the times. What does your return policy? What is your exchange policy? We will link those three highly highly recommend. Please read our exchange and return policy or our delivery policy before you make purchase. Secondly, I'm here to help you first thing. First, please check out this video, which is about the color match. So when we are suggesting natural black color for you, this is what our natural black looks like, which is on jet black color, and this color ends up working for 90 percent women out there. If you see my view, color is more of a dark black, and this was our natural black, so make sure when you're picking a color ask our team over DMS or check out our videos, because once you read a purchase, we are a little strict about our Exchange and return policy next very important thing if you've already made a purchase, you may have noticed that our dark brown scenes liked, or so dark brown and many pronouns, especially in on Mini skull topper. This is one of dark brown. Color ends up looking like, which is very light when it comes to Indian women's hair color. We also added now and run natural black slash Brown. So please make sure you end up picking the right color, because, as I mentioned, we are very strict about our extreme genre. Turn policy next thing, which I get asked a lot, is that we always get an extra clip without drawn art. What do we do with that clip? Well, I'm linking another video right here. Please check out this video, which is about how to sew in a tip if it stops working and if you purchase, you may also want to know how to wash it, how to take care of it. We also have another video which I'm linking right here. If you want this to last you for a runny runny long time, please do not wash it like this. The moment you do this to a hair, Doppler or any hand, extensions first important, priza, second of all, at panels. Third of all, it can also Play. I Was Here to open a makeup to be very careful of this idiot and then obviously never handling that will I've seen as a bias can be Helena ones. Another question which ring and asked is: oh, my God, my nan has white chance in it. So that does not mean it doesn't close to crowd up, but it's a full deep learner that is very common and because it's real hair. So when we get a lot of raw hair and when we start weaning them in into a Sarika patch. This is what ends up happening, that some of the reds or white may end up, coming, which we pluck it out. It'S non-well, it's not bad at all. You can pluck it out, that's it! You don't have to worry about the product and if you are purchasing a product which is Colony already, please please read out wan na see before you make a purchase, we do not exchange or return art Gurnee daily hair patches, because once worn out of prevent it Won'T be down, or if you brushed it out, it just becomes too. If you happen again, you'll understand what I'm talking about. So we do not accept or exchange or return our cunning, hair, topless and uh. This question: I feel it's when you done it for everyone. How do I get the tunnel match done? I took me gather customer support of Is your email address? Send us your photos on that Beyond questions or queries? Of course email takes slightly longer, but you will definitely get a response over an email than when it comes to deals or Falls because they are just like combined with messages, but on email. We could clearly watch a four dollar video that you send for a better match, make sure you end up sending photos from on top front and band, because that gives us like a 360 idea of what your hair would look like and which hair product wouldn't be Perfect for you: how soon will I get my product? We usually take five to seven days, but ever since our short Band episodes - and we are just walking through day and night - that's Wonder way too many orders and I'm so grateful for it. We are taking sighting longer than before and on our father strands are on pre-order. You may not see it, but I mentioned it on my stories on Instagram once we are getting the honestly ordering and I've been coloring myself like so when to my finger. This is my heart, I think I've pretty much covered everything, and I wanted to make you guys aware that this is how we work. A customer means a lot to us, I'm trying my best. My teen is trying my best to do everything in order to make you guys happy and satisfied if you have any questions just leave in belenoho in the comment section. Oh

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Kuljeet Kaur: Thanks dear for this informative video.

Mamta Junnarkar: You forgot to cover size, I have short hair (shoulder length) so which size would help me

LalitaLReddy: ordered from Nz stillwaiting almost a month ago just auto messaging when it query

Neeru Thandi: I didn't like your exchange policy....i had bought 2/3 silk it did not solve my problem. So i wanted to exchange it with a bigger 4/6 piece but they didn't agree. It was a very disappointing experience. You lost a customer.

rashmi: Hi Nish hair!! How can I order for toppers or short segment and price plz..!!

Diksha Patel: Please provide discounts

shawinder kooner: How do I order a topper and do u ship to canada

Jayashree Jadhav: I want purches it plz help me how purchase

Call me Ashu😍: I want order wig available


SM: Why u speak through your nose..I mean why why's very irritating

suman kumari: maam plzzz aap wigs ka price and website ke bare mai video banaye plzzz kuch din pahale mene ek website se dekha kar (nishhair)ka frog logo dekhar odaer kiya thaa ,2455rs ka thaa par wo plastic ka hair aya thaa koi toh mere comment ko saport karo plzzzz

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