Rihanna Inspired Look | How I Do Half Up On My 360 Lace Wig

The hair I am wearing in this video is from http://www.omgqueen.com/

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Hair Type: Virgin Brazilian Hair

Hair Color: Natural Color

Hair Style: Body Wave

Hair length:20 inches

Hair Density:180%( Thick)

Wig Cap: 360 Wig cap-(Lace All-around, Top machine wefts)

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel thanks for tuning in today's video is going to be all about this look right turn. This look is bomb for the holidays. It'S better Christmas parties coming up and you want to slay on them, as some of you may already know. If you follow me on Instagram and if you're really down with the time, then you already know that I recently I did a collab with Patrick Starr and we recreated Rihanna's like holiday. Look on a lovely girl, name and Dale, who really looks like Rihanna y'all, like without the makeup and stuff like legit. She looks like her, so it made it really easy to make her come to life. So I got a lot of questions on how I did her wig and what did I do so I decided to recreate this look on myself. I can't lie. I was a little nervous to do it on myself, because I don't really do strong baby hair looks on myself because I don't always feel like it suits me and I don't have like a lot of forehead to work with, so I feel like. Sometimes I could turn into Planet of the Apes, real quick if you have a larger forehead, you're gon na love, this you're gon na love this okay. Also, if you guys, are not into having hair this big and full and voluptuous, you can definitely tone it down. You'Ll see in the video how I even got it to be this big, but you can, you know, pick and choose and decide where you kind of want to tone it down and maybe keep it a little more mellow yellow' for you, hello, oh right, oh and If you're new here welcome well go to the tribe which an unofficial tribe member until you hit subscribe to join the tribe, let's go so for this. Look, I'm using a wig from omg Queen calm, and this is a 360 lace. Wig virgin brazilian hair honey in its natural color body way. 20 inches did I mention hundred eighty percent density cuz. I like it thick and for this look it's really like free-flowing. Tousle got some volume bounce movement, so I definitely wanted to use something. That'S gon na have texture like a body wave, so, as you can see, the hairline is pre plucked, so that is gon na save you some time before the style we are gon na really need to pluck it even more because it's such a heavy hairline with The baby hair - and we don't want it to look Wiggy so on the inside of the cap. It'S got your standard, it's a 360 all around and then you've got three clips in the front and you've got one clip in the back for security. I actually love working with a 360 lace just because it gives me so much room at the top when I want to do versa, toss toss with partying and all that stuff so fast-forward, I bleach the knots ready to tweeze our life away. You want to keep the hair really really nice and wet, while you're tweezing it's going to make your life so much easier, so I'm gon na just let the music play y'all, while I tweeze my life away over here. So once it's tweets to my liking. I start working on the baby hairs. I pull those little hairs down. I start sculpting them. I use my little razor comb and I just kind of trim away. You don't want to take too much hair out. You want to just take that first little line, sort of and work your way back do not start with a huge chunk. You can always cut more later, but you cannot put it back. So I use the foam to help kind of guide the hair and put it in the direction that I want. I sculpt these little C shapes along the hairline, because this style is very dramatic when it comes to the baby. Here I feel like it's. It'S a big part of the look. I feel the hairline is to my liking. I then take the tie head and I tie it on her and let her cook, as in I just let her dry now with all the airs in the front, are gon na. Be in a downward direction with a little curve so now that she's dry, I'm gon na plop her on then I'm gon na use the got to be gel to lay this hairline, because this style is not meant to be warm with no security. You need to lay that whole hairline down before you do this, so I apply a thin layer from Temple to Temple with a little makeup brush I'll, let that dry with cool air slightly and then I move on to the free spray. So I take the free spray and I spray it on to the little brush. I don't spray it directly, because it's just gon na be a hot mess. I know I'm gon na get it everywhere. So after I've applied two layers of that, I dry it up. A little and then I slide her forward, never letting my actual fingers touch the adhesive honey, so we're gon na take this tip of the tail comb and kind of lay it down start to just sort of push those hairs that were dried forward onto our forehead. A bit they don't need to even look perfect or a good, yet they just need to kind of be laying for it, and we want to let the gel and here to the lace. Okay. So then, I'm moving on to the side bird section and I'm gon na make sure that this lace is sitting all the way around my ears, so that I have a cute little sideburn. That fits perfectly around. So I'm just gon na use a tail comb to kind of shape out around where my ear sits and then I'm just gon na cut a little curved piece out so that it fits right around my hair. Then I take my razor and I continue to kind of customize those little sideburns, I'm taking off a little more hair at a time until I basically have it exactly the way I wanted, then I think the got to be gel and I apply it all along. My sideburns, so I kind of like swoop up my sideburns, push them back and then I just apply it slightly in front of my side burn as well. So right on my skin and on top of the hair and again I use the hair itself to pull the sideburn forward and I use the tail comb to press down. You don't want to use your finger to press anything down. Y'All trust me. It makes it messy and clunky and chunky and not cute. So as you can see, I even separate the hair. I just wanted like a little piece of the hair to kind of press down for it, and I want the rest to be kind of mobile and I let it drive. While I have to tail comb securing it in place, then I take water. Water. Is your friend with this I'm putting water over the hairline, and I was gon na help me to mold and sculpt. The baby hair is just the way that I like them, without applying more product, because the water actually activates the gossipy gel, that's already on there. It kind of like softens it up and releases it and then you're able to mold and shape it without being super super heavy with product all over your hair. Then, when it's to my liking, I take the same band that I usually use on the inside. Of my wigs and I tie it right along we're, kind of the lace meets the baby hair and I let it cook I'm gon na. Let this sit i'ma, let it settle. While I put the hair under some tension now, because now we're gon na go and we're gon na swoop it up into our half-up half-down, and this band is making sure that the hair is gon na, be fully dried by the time. We'Re done and keeps everything locked and secured in place, so you see the look on it's like ne-yo, so I'm gon na take some water first and kind of wet it. Just that I can help mold the ponytail up. I have the hair type already on my hand, to help the process a lot easier too lot smoother and I'm gon na brush that up and then I'm gon na apply some foam. The same foam that I used to help mold the baby hair. It'S a lot of body fun and I'm gon na keep brushing that up and mold it up. Then, I'm gon na take my Bellamy wand, which is super cute. Look at that color of it, I'm just gon na wand, all of the hair, I'm not even to make it it's not really about making it perfect, because the look is kind of like Tasos and free and fun, so we're just going grabbing sections wanting them up. So, at the end, we've got some texture to play with, but you see how it's still not full. We need an extra bundle honey. So I got an extra bundle from omg Queen in 20 inches and we're gon na. Do a good old, wraparound ponytail at the top just to give us extra volume, so sticking the bobby, pin in and then sticking that bobby pin into my head wrapping it all the way around. Taking the last piece of that set of the weft, I'm gon na backcomb it just a little bit to give it some texture and I'm gon na wrap that around and secure with a bobby pin. Then, of course, I'm gon na take the Bellamy, wand and wand random, sporadic sections of the new bundle that has been added, then we're gon na back home honey. This is for those of y'all who want the real drama, like you want to say, BAM tonight, and you want to have tons of volume. You'Re gon na go in and back home from the inside, just so that you're gon na create all this cushioning that will soften. So if you're feeling a little experimental - and you feel like you - want that dramatic look, then yes, honey go ahead and back home, but this is how I achieve the look, the real look and, after all, that I still went in and cut even more off my Sideburns, I send them out a little bit more. I wanted them to look really natural, so I don't want them to be too long or too dramatic. Then the very last step was that I took my brush my little foundation brush. That kind of looks like a blush brush that had old products on it like from my pressed powder, and I just solidified that hairline I wanted to get rid of any shine from a god to be gel and I kind of wanted to make it look more. Seamless - and that is what I did and that helps to just cut the shine - draw less attention to that hairline honey, all right guys. That is all for today. Thank you so much for hanging out and kicking it which a girl don't forget to hit subscribe to join the tribe y'all. Why cuz weed a bit spooky? Oh and don't forget to turn on those post notifications so that y'all know when I upload a video okay. I love you guys unless the oh, my next video nicely whispered, you don't drink, said she rose hope. I don't think just that we smoke that I'm go ahead, I'm like what you think so think what you want. Yeah mistake:

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