The Perfect Ash Blonde Wig For Brown Skin! Detailed Glueless Lace Front Wig Install For Beginners


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An ash blonde wig that actually looks good on dark skin. You got ta see this one. I believe it hey dolls, today's video sponsored by Ronnie hair right then I just did a little skin check to check out the ass blonde and, as you guys can see, I'm already kind of excited, because the color is looking really on point. The unit does come. Pre-Plucked and the knots do come bleach and the unit is ready to install this is HD lace, so you will not have no problem having this lace blending in with your complexion. First, Rule of Order is always to lay down the top of your hair, because you want a flat install a flat. Install is going to make your install look very clean and sleep. So once I finish laying down my edges and on top I'm ready to cut the lace today, I'm using a razor to cut the lace. Sometimes I alternate between a razor and a scissor really doesn't matter. You want to cut as much as the lace off and cut as close to the hairline as possible without cutting the lace. So much, let me go. Let me out my time as you guys already can see. This lace is blending really nice with my complexion already and it's not even installed yet so today I will be installing this unit using then, what's now become, I tried and true and that's the wig dealer lace gel now. This gel has so many benefits and one of the main ones why I just always naturally grab to it is how easy it is to apply you guys see. All you have to do is press to release the product and it easily Glides, on with your skin, and the applicator tip helps spread it nice and even without any use of other tools. I do like to use my even New York lace spray when I want to have double security and wear the unit for a few days, if I'm not planning on wearing it for a few days. I do still like to use it on The Sideburns just to make sure that we are experiencing any lifting, and then what you have to do is press the lace down down and help it to melt in with your skin. And you want to go over it with a blow dryer on cool heat, to help with the Melt watch ing issues. Now I'm going to straighten the remaining of the perimeter to make sure everything is Sleek. Sometimes I like to do this before putting the elastic band on my head, as it just kind of helps it set in once you tie down the elastic gland so that once you take it off it's already straight and it's already late, you're gon na see what I mean watch and sometimes when you're laying the unit down you might notice like little pieces of the lace. Sticking up. All you have to do is just take a little bit of that gel and apply it to the rat tail of the comb and place that gel right under the lace to get it to stay. I do like to reinforce my edges using this Fantasia spray. This does help reduce the amount of cakiness you get after the gel or hairspray has dried, and then I'm just going on top of that and I'm tying the hair down using old stocking. You really can use anything. You really just need to have some type of pressure on your hair, so elastic band a stocking, a silk scarf. Any of those will do, I decided to add a few curls in this unit. So that's all I'm doing right here is just adding a couple of curls just to give the hair a little bit more body, and last I do like to go in with my concealer to blend that part and space to help limit the line of demarcation from The Wix cap that I'm wearing underneath really because I'm not really a fan of having to do all that work that is required for the bowl Cap method. So once I do that, it's a really easy fix and that's really all you're going to need to do to install this unit now stay tuned, because I do have another look coming for you guys I'll, explain more in a moment, add a little Sheen to the Hair - and this is one of two of the final - looks that I have for you guys as you can see this ash blonde ish a true ash blonde. It'S not over bleached, it's not overdone, it's actually bleach to Perfection and it's the perfect ash blonde. In my opinion, okay, dolls, so I love this color. Love! Love, love, love, love, love, this color! I love how they toned it. It is perfect. It is perfect for brown skin. This is the best toned color ash blonde that I've ever received and the way I knew that it was a good tone is I put it against my skin with no makeup on and it looked good okay, because one thing for me: I cannot wear a blonde Wig without wearing makeup, okay, it looks great with makeup, but without makeup, it's a no-go, but this one actually looked good with makeup anyway. Um. The density on this unit is about a 150.. I personally would have preferred for it to be a bit thicker, which is one of the reasons why I curled it. I really want to cut it honestly. I prefer my Bob's to be shorter um. This is just like a little bit too long for the Bob. Look that I'm going for I'm probably probably gon na cut it, I'm still contemplating it. The only reason why I'm really debating cutting it is because I'm gon na have to take this unit off, and I just put it on so I yeah, I don't know, might be another day for that one. In any event, if I do end up cutting it, I will insert it right here. Okay, so I had the bright idea to cut the wig. Using this method, I saw on a YouTube tutorial now, I'm gon na spare. You guys all the details, because I kind of jacked it up in about one being. I think that if you're gon na cut the hair using this method, you should part the hair straight down the middle, to make it a lot easier and two don't cut the hair on a slant you can see. I cut this hair on the slant, so it was doomed from the beginning, but in any event it still turned out cute in the front, and this is how it looks. So I just cut it to this length for now, most likely, I'm gon na cut it shorter. I just like short hair um, but I want to enjoy it having a little length at the moment, because once you go short, you can't go back long. So that's something to be mindful about also, I believe that, with it being shorter, it appears to be a lot more Fuller. In my opinion, that is more of the density that I would like for this length. The other length I felt like the density was just a little too light for me, but as always, it's all about personal preference and doing what you like. I was going to curl this part right here, but since I curled the hair previously, I thought I'd give you guys an idea of what it looks like in its actual Bob state so guys, as always, if you're interested in purchasing this unit, I'm gon na have Everything Linked In the description box down below I'm not really sure if they gave me a coupon code, but if they did, I'm gon na go ahead and put that across the screen. And that's going to be in the description box as well. Before we get out of here guys, I'm gon na need your help, naming this beauty. What do you think we should call her go ahead and leave your name suggestions in the comment section down below, and I did pick a name for the unit. I reviewed in my last video, the new name as well as the person who submitted the name we listed across the screen, so y'all, that's about it. If you found this video helpful, don't forget to hit that subscribe button and join the family, and if you know someone who will really slay this unit go ahead and share the video with them and be sure and check out this video right here you might enjoy It as well until next time you guys stay blessed and if it be God's, will I'll see you in my next video take care now goodbye. My love already

Love Yourself: Happy Saturday This color is everything I love a good ash blonde or blonde color period. The Bob cut is really cute and nice and Sleek. I like both lengths. ❤ Have a Blessed Weekend "If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone."

Caramel Kisses: First of all, you can wear any color. The Bob cut was bomb and the back looks really good too!! I love blunt, straight bobs the most

Melanie Rice: Love the shorter look and the color is I actually have this unit and did the same thing for the same reason

Eulita Watts: This wig and the color looks so beautiful on you❤❤❤

patrice moore: This look like a entirely different wig after you cut it !!! I’m feeling that Bob cut !!! Love the color !!

Mari Wally: What a lovely unit on you! How about naming her “Brown Bombshell”

Faithfully Asia: Hey Faithfuls what are your thoughts on this unit. Do you prefer it longer or shorter. Talk to me, I talk back ☺️

SHANE DUBya: Girl you need to do another try on haul

michel: I love it short looks so AMAZING on you name her Bobbi Rae lol

Dawn Daada Taylor-Allen: I loved it better shorter on you, and it did seem fuller. I think she be called Dawn! She truly Looking like she can start the day.

Dana Hudson: The color goes well w/ur complexion & unit look good long &/or short in a bob & look gr8 on U.,

73pinkchocolate: So cute!!! Asia, what was that fantasia product you used?

bettina kaiser: I luv both… but I’m a long haired gurl

Natnice: Omg..I tried to order that brush touch up gel..240.0 cause I live in Canada..where else can this be purchased ?

JLaurice: You look like savannah James

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