Amazon Synthetic Wig Install | Beginners Friendly

hey guys watch me install this 26 inches honey blonde ombre amazon synthetic wig for only 37 dollars.

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel if you are new here, welcome, welcome and if you are not new here. Welcome back this video, I'm gon na be doing a synthetic wig install for you guys. So don't forget to give this video a like comment and hit that subscribe button, so you could be a part of my family. Welcome welcome! So, let's get right into this video first thing I'm gon na be doing. Is I'm gon na brushing my edges back and I'm going to be using the got to be so yeah, let's brush them back, let's put on the cap, I don't like. I have no ear on my head yo. This is crazy version. Whole version whole brush and one thing about got to be wrong. It'S gon na keep things in place. I don't like them people from Mars, but the ear foreign y'all. I was here vibing the whole time. Okay, I'm gon na reach, where I'm supposed to reach on time. I was like yeah. The spray feels dry. No, I was dead ass wrong. I know this. My wig cap starts slipping back and I was like no way if that's not drying what to tell it, but I don't really just cut blood clots fail fail, because why ain't I move about God right to move back. You see all right. There'S a laundry you ever see him something here, nice at least my age later. No, this is beyond me, bro like what I'm gon na just use this we cap and gon na cut it off. Okay, okay time, I got ta be somewhere like this: okay, okay, Midnight evil today my door here, but my door earble. So I'm gon na get this cotton pad and I'm gon na wipe off forehead Hawaii's Foundation. Our product me: I choose to use powder! Oh it's! Just easier um just slide off on my head, yeah believe paperwork, so the parking is not gon na. Go all the way all the way, so I'm gon na just do the front. So this is the wig is 26 inches and it's honey blonde is so beautiful. Is contented by a little bit of foundation on it, so it could be more darker, so we're gon na put it at the team mark Tape, Art for us, the airline. You can see right. She looks so much better. It also come with baby here at the front. I don't know if y'all can see that so that's good mark foreign they made. I should have cut it before I glued it down bro, it's all the way to my right ears. Meanwhile, this is trying I'm gon na put some wax thing on my hair, because this is a lot of flyaways coming. Oh speed up the process, let's speed it up. Oh, I feel like my inner one microwave it up. Let me cut as close to the hairline as possible everything, so I just take all my edges on where I want my edges to be anyways. Let'S take it off my edges. Look a little stiff and Rusty okay, baby boy. Thank you am I the only one that, when I'm doing my hair, I'm cleaning at the same time just so when I finish, I have too much to do. I did the first two edges and I noticed like they didn't look no way I like so. I was like, let me take this. Let me take this out tonight. Oh my goodness, this is cute period period period, poo, Okay, so these other curls, I might just bring them back to my life. So what I'm gon na do is I'm gon na go through each section and with a big tea comb s. This ear is for eign you and me

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