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Hey you guys so, like i told y'all, i'm on like a um, a kick like basically about to just do these videos. So this one here um, this is um another hair, vendor um from aliexpress, you alyssa hair, and they sent me some straight human hair and 220 inches in 1860 and a 14 inch closer. So the funny thing about it is this is really weird okay, so i just did a video like two seconds ago. Shame clothes! I didn't change anything, and this was for another aliexpress vendor. Can you please tell me why their hair is identical like meaning this? This? It'S all the same. Damn thing like, i wonder if they got two stores on on aliexpress and you know what's so crazy they bought. They sent me two pair of these lashes too. These little shabby plastic ones that i you know i just toss them out. Um and they sent me a hair, tie same thing, a hair tie, so i don't really know like. I think this is the same company, but with a different name so anyway, and their hair was really good. So, let's see about this one, so this one is larissa yolissa your list of hair yo, lissa, yo, lisa, yo, lista, hair um from pro style, hair company. So but on my email it says yo lister, yo, lister she's like okay anyway. So, let's get into this, like i said it's straight and it's four bundles and it's two 20s and 18 and the sixteenth in a four and a fourteen enclosure, oh yeah. So this is the exact same um stock card and label, like the other one, had exactly the same everything so i'm normally. That means it's the same site. You know i'm saying, and the hair is just as neat as that one and it smells exactly the same, which is a good thing, because it doesn't smell, and it's just so soft like this. Do you see those ends, though, like they're not even skimpy or scarce? They first of all, they cut them because they're like blunt right across you, know what i mean, but they're still full like it still looks healthy and the hair feels so good like it feels really really good. Oh, this is a nice 14 inch closure. If this does not look like it's no dagger on 14 inches, i swear this. Look like it's longer than that. Listen! This closure look exactly like the other one, except for his body weight. This is a nice closure. So anyway, like i was saying, because i just had to stop and think for a second okay, so the closure is really nice. It looks just like the other companies i swear. This is the same daggone company. There is like no knots. Do you guys, like? I love to be able to show you guys the closure y'all be like oh girl. You could see through that when you could see through it like. Oh, you know what i'm saying like very pretty well-made and just popping nice nicely made, but anyway so like. I was saying you could check out their aliexpress store because they are affordable, um. I like ally, express or aliexpress whatever they have like the most amazing stuff on aliexpress from makeup to clothes, to hair. To just about everything. Like i swear, i have a list on there. My shopping cart list and wish list it'd be always over full, because i will just keep clicking and adding stuff to my cart like gosh. They have so much stuff on that website. It'S addictive and, like some people buy makeup from the, i have never gotten any makeup from aliexpress. So if you guys have gotten some makeup from me, let me know what it's like. Did you guys like it like? What was the quality like um? You just have to tell me like because they have like a lot of knockoff stuff and i really don't care if it's knockoff or not, it all serves the same, damn purpose, so you know what i mean, but i have. I would love to try some stuff out from there, but sometimes i just don't be having a patience like. I can't wait like three months for my stuff to come out with forgetting that it didn't came already, probably when i bought the real thing, but they i love that website. They have like everything on him, so, yes, honey, yes, um check the link out below. I will post everything for you, girls, down below okay hi, so i am done with creating this unit. I really didn't do anything spectacular to it, but create it on a mesh banded stone cap, like normal, add some combs wash it tweeze the part and flat iron. Well, not flat iron, but wand curl it and i did do something somewhat different. I sewed a elastic band in my own wig for the first time. Well, not for the first time but yeah. I actually did that already. So what am i talking about anyway? I normally don't do that, but i decided to do something different this time, because i just i just really wanted to okay, so this hair actually turned out so pretty it is a really great quality hair, but as for these bomb, ass curls, okay, i did use My nume wand curler, which i will post a link below so if you girls or guys, have been wanting to get a nume product such as a flat iron, a curly one, whatever they have on their website and, of course they are pricey. I will post something down below a link for you guys, so you can get it like damn near free, i didn't say free. I said damn it free because i'm going to give it to you at a significantly lower price than the average price. But yes, i will post it for you, girls and guys below. So yes, it turned out really really pretty. It'S like a low luster curl. This hair is like gorgeous okay, so when i flat ironed - and i flat ironed it when i want curled it, it came out, so pretty it didn't shed, it didn't break off, as i was one curling it. It just held the curl just like magnificently. If that's even a word right yeah so anyway, like i said um, i did wash it. I co-washed it. I conditioned it. I did all of that really great stuff to it and i'm ready to put her on um. She didn't shed when i watched her. She shed like a tiny bit, nothing major. They always do, and you guys know i love to tweeze apart in my hair. Of course, you can always change the part, even if it is tweezed you can make a part in the middle, and you can tweeze that if you want, you can make a part on the right and you can tweeze that you can have all these little twist Parts you know all you're going to do is slip. The hair open nobody's going to see it nobody's going to see it and if you're wondering about the dress that i'm wearing today, which is my dress from gs, loves me, i will have the video below of where you can get this dress from or not. Even this dress, but they do have like loads of great clothing plus size and average size clothing for a low low price. So if you are plus size like myself and want some really affordable, trendy clothing then check out They have like the bahamas, clothing and it's very, very affordable, and they have so many pages for us plus-sized women to look through like 68 pages and say something like that anyway, this time around i'm going to be using my black opal sample. This is the champagne beige um. I just wanted to do something different, i'm going to be using a beauty, blender sponge and i'm going to, of course put this on inside, where the part is so. Let'S do this video? Okay, all right, my love! So it's time to style this unit. It was really super easy to make, and i really did like the outcome of this unit right here. So, as you see, i'm just pulling out a little bit of my hairs in the front. Just give me a more natural. Looking hairline, you don't have to do that. It'S up to you! Basically, it's your preference, but me i so used to doing this. That'S what i always do, even if i squeeze the hairline it's by nature, i just am so doing it. So i'm going to go ahead and kind of situate, my hair right here and part it to the actual wig part. I'Ve already went ahead and applied the foundation on the inner cap with the beauty blender. So i'm just taking what was left on the brush and placing that, on my own natural scalp and using my topic, hair ability, fibers, which is great for thin hair and one of my new favorite hair sprays by aussie, which is their head strong, which is two Times the volume - i really do like this hairspray a lot. It smells so good and it does really lift up your hair a lot and give you like a nice amount of volume. So, yes make sure you check out your list of hair. I think their hair is really really worth the purchase. Okay, all right! Yes, yes, yes, okay! So, first of all, do you see this hair? Okay? Yes, you do, but do you see how it's so volumed up, thanks to this? Oh my gosh, so let me tell y'all first of all, this hair is absolutely freaking amazing, like it's gorgeous like wow, and i was not going to curl it. I was just going to leave it straight because i have one of those lazy moments, but i am so glad i did because look how pretty it turned out like seriously, and this was what 20 inches it's so long. It looks like it's like 22 inches wow. This is so gorgeous, i love it and the elastic band. You know what i'm glad i did. I went and bought like a bunch of elastic bands um from walmart, because i was like you know what i'm just going to sew those in now i mean i don't have to use the cones, but i do like to use the combs too, so i will Put both up in my wigs, i really don't care, you know what i'm saying so you'll get like both of the best of both worlds, i'm seriously like for real, but it makes it lay so flat like omg. I think they lied when they said this was 20 inches like this is some long 20 inch hair. It may be because of the cap of where i sewed it out in the bottom portion, but this hair does not look like 20 inches and if it is your list of hair, you have like the bomb is here. So, yes, you guys, as for as an i like, spread, aliexpress vendor, they have some really really great hair and trust me when i say this, i have done a review that i have not yet posted up, which i will get around to, and it was from Some straight hair, i'm not going to mention the vendor, because i will let you see the video, but it was the same inches. There was like no way like this no way like this. The closure was just like really bad and i was just like so disappointed, but you know what you do. You do get some disappointments and you do get some hallelujahs with your wigs but yeah. It was kind of like a disappointment to me, so i will get around to doing that. Video of my favorite, i like express vendors, if you really want to see within the next few weeks, leave your comments below, but as far as you list, the hair, this hair is like absolutely gorgeous. It held up a really great curl and i didn't want too big of a tight curl. I just wanted something just loose because i love loose fit curls. It just screams like vavavoom and, like you know, baywatch type of hair. You know what i'm saying like my bae watch: pamela anderson type of hair, but black girl version anyway. Yes, i do like this and i'm i'm like really feeling the elastic band like i really do like the elastic band. It just makes a huge difference and i don't know why i haven't wore elastic band in so long. I just got unused to it and i do have a few wigs that i've made with the elastic band in it, but i just stopped doing it. You can check out your list of hair on aliexpress. I will give them a 10 above star for their hair. This is straight hair and i'm not like a huge fan of straight hair, but this one turned out really great. I did use every last four bundles. The only amount that was left was like about this much was probably like two inches, and i did try to squeeze that on, but there was really nowhere else for me to put it so. The normal three combs um this time in an elastic band and on my spandex mesh dome cap. So i will leave all the information for your list of hair down for you, girls below make sure you check them out very affordable, hair and very good quality hair. As well, you can always tell the difference. Um, just like the last hair that i did that i was just complaining about. You can tell the difference from the fibers. I really think that they did something with that last video that i'm going to post up so be in store for that, but yes check out alyssa um they have some really nice hair. So, on that note, stay diva and delicious make sure you rate comment, subscribe and share this video and thumbs it up and if you're ever interested in a custom wig made for you or a family member or whoever you can always send me. An email to muffin is my lover, 2012 at gmail, or you can also check out my wig website, which is going with the win I do create custom wigs as well as i do have in stock wigs available, which are video units and normally they do go fast. So keep that in mind. If they do stay sold out, they do go fast. So on that note, you can always send me an email and hit me up if you're ever interested in anything that you see on any of my videos and i will get back to you in a timely manner, so stay diva and delicious and make sure you Rate comment subscribe and i'll, see you girls and guys on my next video

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Kawanna Hardy: Girl I'm gonna have to start rewatching all of your hair tutorial videos and taking good notes!! ALL of the wigs you make are BOMB!! . AliExpress sells some really nice makeup brushes. They sell these liquid lipsticks (not a name brand, just a company that's sold on their website and eBay) that I reach for much more than the expensive ones that I own!! Shipping does take a month, but it's usually well worth it. Try it! Tfs Diva!

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