Her Imports Intial Review| Whats The Real Tea On This Hair ?

Hey Guys ! This is my first time purchasing hair from Her Imports and I’m sharing my first impression with you. This is an honest hair review.

Stay tuned for follow up videos giving you the real tea on this hair!

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So, as you can see guys, so they actually had originally guys. So I love that mine when it came in this cute box and in the box was the way right here and the box is so to enjoy our house like. I also appreciated that they already the Wiggum was already precooked. So again, look at my wig. It was super dope for people who are new to the game to you because of you. I want to heist-wise, like I said, but for the deal that they had, which was 16. I thought this was super dope and very affordable and definitely a good buy. So I'm very excited to see where I'm gon na do with this bye guys come on come on toast me nice, why, I believe so far her tongue towards you, husband, Chrissy, Jay, approved, but again guys. Thank you guys so much for watching and thanks for being with me, but guys. Thank you again so much for watching make sure you tell your mama, your daddy. Your brother tell everybody like comment: share, subscribe and drop some questions down below hair or, if you want to know how my hair progressive thanks guys for watching hope you enjoy

Sarah Adaba: Sis that hair looks beautiful on you! Thank you for sharing this with us

It’sVon’sWay: You’re very pretty!! And pray your channel grows past your expectations

Christine: HerImports is great quality and you look gorgeous!!!!

Yana Kaii: New subbie! This lace is really layyeed, imma need to order ASAP and go to your stylist. And hopefully we can support eachother!

Purple’s Exclusives: Coming for this hair babyyy

Shalaa's Tv: I love ya hair sis

Diamond & Stazzi: I needa pick this hair up

Aniya Good: Real cute!

Nature Hatcher: Yesss! That’s my friend, she cuteeeee love the hair

Lucrative Seddie: Great video new sub here

Ori X:

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