Final Review Of Hc:Diva Hair Company 1Month

This is the last review I will do. I not keeping the hair in much longer. Watch and subscribe. Thanks dollz.

Hey dude, so I am sitting in my stairwell because they had the best flight yeah. It'S coming through light, come through life anyways. So I'm here with my final review of the HTC diva body wave hair in inches of 14 16 18 in Sweeney with a 12 finish, closure yeah with the 12 inch folder, so anyways. As I said in my previous videos, I think I'm gon na take the hair out, probably at the end of this month, but coz or my birthday. I think I'm going back to curly curly my things. Definitely justice, so anyways Lorna's here it is wet. I watched it in deep conditioned it cuz. I hadn't watched it in a while, so it's wet. This is how it looks when it's wet. I'Ve straightened the hair I had when I first straightened the hair, and I watched it. This is how the came back. It didn't really go back to a whole body, wave kind of what I expected. Okay, so anyways, let's get to it 1. The hair did tangle in the nape of the neck, just it tingles in the neighborhood neck, but I noticed that it tingles with whatever clothes uglier so right now it's this shirt, it's not really taking only, but with my fleece it tangled a lot when I curled It when I used the flux to get my body wave back, I actually rotted it and the body wave came back and I of it - and I also flexing on it. But when I use flexi rods to get the big curls. But I use the small one. Any kind of like tighten the girls, so the hair really tangled with those curls. I don't know why but anyways yes, all I can say is I did get what I paid for it. The hair did, do it, it's doing me. Justice. Don'T get me wrong. It'S doing me justice and I like there and I work. I always said I would recommend that you order from them. Um people told me to use the silicone mix and it would just bring the hair by it's life. I saw some things about boiling the hair and all that and when I go to put it back in, I probably will do all that and just to give the hair some life, but usually once I put a deep conditioner on it and once it dries. I know it kind of looks like it's going to dry and it's not gon na be sooo cute, but it's it's always good when he drives anyways so, like I said this hair did shed some it didn't as much. It only really shed it. When I rushed it and ran my fingers to it - and I was usually running my fingers to it - to keep the nape of the neck from tingling up so bad, it made looking like. I got a had a poof in the back of my head, because someone else I saw somebody else with some hair in her hair. Look like it just looked poofy in a bed. I don't know where she got it from, but I was determined not to do that and I knew that me wearing. My fleece was gon na cause it to tangle up in the back anyways, but it's fine. I was it wasn't nothing that I had to be ashamed of from detangling um. You know like you'd, be at your at work and hair just tangles, and it's everywhere you walk in the hair there. I didn't do that kind of stuff and I think easily my lips had something to do it. There um it curled with the regular curlers, I'm probably gon na put the wand to it a little later, but yeah will not do my next review on my I'll. Be here that I'm gon na order, then I'll - probably let you guys know but other than that? Yes, this is this. Hair was good. For me, it was good. I would suggest that you order it if you want to try it out, especially if you're a first-time buyer like I was when I bought this hair yeah. It was good hair for me for the first time so yeah. I guys continue to subscribe to my channel. Leave any comments, any things that you could suggest that I do to the hair, so what I do take it out, because I'm not gon na turn trash when I do take it out. I probably really will make a wig unit for it, and I just wanted to get some suggestions on how I could make sure I don't make sure I keep the hair like cuz. I'Ve had here what I just throw it in the bag and then it was kind of like all tangled up, and you know yeah I like the hair, so I'm gon na try to keep the hair as long as possible. Like I said, I want to do. Curly for my birthday, I did curly guys sure, but I want to do curly look at my birthday because I really like curly and I think I'm gon na be long. If I'm excited, I'm really excited so thanks you guys for watching, and I hope that I really helped you guys.

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