Galaxi Girl Hair 100% Virgin Hair Review

100% virgin hair

Three bundles 26 inches

Frontal 20 inches

Curly deep wave texture

Hey guys welcome to my channel, my name is Christina, and today I wanted to come on here, really quick and do a unpackaging hair review on some hair called galaxy girl, hair, which I found on Facebook, who I found while being on Facebook. There was a video surfacing on my timeline and this girl had a lot of distrust and it was like so so cute, so I decided to click the link and see what hair company it was from and the hair company was galaxy girl hair. So I was like her hair was so so pretty it looks soft and was like it was really good quality hair. So I decided to take a chance and try out the hair. I haven't had the hair installed yet um, I do have a hair appointment coming up. I cannot wait. I have never worn a frontal before so I'm a little excited and a little nervous at the same time to get the hair install, but it is curly hair and I did get the deep curly, the deep curly texture. I want. You guys know for sure. In a second break, yeah, my hairdo and this punker bag, the server Coco bag - and it comes with all those posted pictures on the front and that is necessary to have a hair ship to. She includes her business card, which the galaxy girl hair on there. It has the galaxy girl, hair, calm website, it has her email address, which is breezy, the stylist Yahoo will air and then her phone number and it's the same thing on the back, and she also includes a booklet which has the company's name on there and 100 % birthday human hair, and it has the website at the bottom and her name - easy breezy right there near the bottom and the hair is supposed to last a year depending on how you take care of it. That'S what I always say, but yet on the back it says that the hair is supposed to last a year, and this is actually easy. Breezy here with the blonde hair is so pretty. I wish I could be brave enough to rock something like that, but I'm not but yeah. I love how her roots are dark and then the rest of the hair is like really blonde. But when you open the booklet, she just has like details about the type of hair she sells yeah and then she has sex answers and questions here. She has um the maintenance on how to maintenance a frontal. If you decide to wear a pencil, she has the bleaching and coloring instructions or tips. She has breezy tips here and she has a return policy here and over here is all the textures and types of hair, as she said. So, as you can see, she does have like quite a variety. I got the curly deep, wave texture, which is this one here, oh yeah, that's the hair that I got. She also included this card, which has same thing: the company name, the type of hair. She sells the website at the bottom and she also has a five percent off coupon over here in the corner were discount code and then on the back. She has again maintenance of tips and then the hair on the bottom and the type of hair she fills over here, oh yeah. She also puts these strawberry candies and each of her bags. So I thought that was really cute to the hair does come and these little setting pouches, which I also thought was cute, is drawstring, and this is the frontal idea take it out once before, but it's in its natural state. So I didn't bother it like co-wash. It or any of that idea co-wash, mind bundles, but the Russell comes with this net over it inside of that purple bag, and this is the natural state of the hair like the curls and everything before you wash. It is so soft like. I cannot wait to get it put in, but yeah. I don't want to mess the color too much because I thought the hairdresser to do whatever she needs to do to make my frontal look as natural as possible, and it also comes with baby hair already. As you guys can see here, these are the baby hairs and I did purchase the extended frontal, which was one ton. No sorry, it was 197 with the 15 % off discount code that she had on her website. That'S how it looks, but before the discount code the hair was two hundred and twenty dollars and then the 197 included the shipping. So I didn't think that was that bad for a extended frontal and it is 20 inches long. So that was she to me. I guess that was the frontal, and these are the bundles. I do have three bundles. My third bundle comes in the mail today. I'D be a co-wash these with conditioner, so this curl pattern is like not how that one is, but when these came in the middle, the curl pattern was like the frontal, so yeah, but this hair is so so full. I love it. The bundles are 26 inches and they were a hundred and twelve dollars, a piece that included shipping with the 15 % off discount um without the discount. I think they were like 120 dollars, so it's kind of pricey. No, it's not really pricey actually for 26 inches. I thought that was, I don't know. I was thinking that it was a lot, but now that I'm thinking about it, 26 inches in there are a hundred and twelve dollars a piece like that's not really bad to me so yeah. This is how much hair you get in the pack or in the bundle. Sorry yeah, that's how much hair you get in the bundle. Oh yes, I do recommend whoever wants to try out this company if you're brave enough to try it out, because I do feel like the hair is good quality hair. I cannot wait to get it put in it. We are shipping takes three days three to five days. It took three days for me, so yeah three to five days is her shipping process. The shipping is $ 10 for, like regular priority mail shipping, you can rush it, I'm not sure how much the other shipping option is. Brilliant. The regular shipping option is $ 10 and she is based out of Atlanta Georgia. We have discount codes, you can use. So you can get a good deal over here and I purchased my hair piece by piece by piece because that's just what I chose to do. But if you're balling you can get all your hair at one time but yeah. I just wanted to come on here. Really quick and show you guys how she packaged the hair, because I just thought it was so cute how she incorporated everything together so yeah so yeah. If you guys want to see how everything looks installed together, the console and the three bundles. I would definitely aspect that clip into the video, so just a toe getsuga from home me. I freaking love my hair yeah. Thank you for watching comment and subscribe and don't forget to Like and hope you guys enjoy see you

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