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Like promised im back with my hair videos! In today’s video, I will be featuring this lovely Ali express wig which only cost me $27. The wig has proven to be very soft and also high-quality as usual with all my freedom official wigs. I will link it right below if you guys would like to make a purchase, it comes in five different colors. Do you guys think I should try some other colors? Let me know in the comment box what you think about this hair.

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Um back to my channel, it's your girl, Olivia and I'm back today in another video. I am really have been trying to feel more consistently like joke two videos a week, but it's just the editing. The editing is really getting to me like I'm such a perfectionist, and I just want to take my time and put up these videos but um. Welcome to today's video guys, um, I'm feeling cute or whatever, and if you are a first time subscriber everybody Welcome to my channel. If you already been logged in and subscribed to my channel a big welcome back to you so in today's video, it's gon na be really really straight to the point, because I'm not wasting nobody's time. So this is my first hair video of the Year 2023 um, like I shared with you guys on my vision board and like uh. I think that was like the first video I posted this year. I said I really want to get back into um peer influencing you know, get this back from the hair influencer Journey, like others, are doing, because I already started doing this thing like four or five years ago, and I don't know what made me stop like. I just was suffering from horrible disease called inconsistency like procrastination, that was like my middle name. Those were like both my middle names, inconsistency and procrastination, because that's all I would do like I had so myself to put out but, like I said, I was just being inconsistent, so I'm back in the game guys and you no, no, no! No, if you've been subscribed to my channel, you know I always always give you guys the good stuff when it comes to Affordable hair, be it synthetic 100, and I personally don't really wear synthetic wigs anymore. But of course, if I do find a good one, like I'm gon na put you guys on, and I definitely will wear it and I'd love to call them my occasional wigs because um like I'm going summer tonight and I'm just like so tired of wearing black Hair, so this is definitely like something perfect for this occasion and guess what I don't have like 400 to get this exact same um, hearing human hair so for the low low price I got it. I feel like it's extremely worth it I mean you get a few wears out of it. You know some ways are literally just for the aesthetic like to match an outfit for events and yeah. You don't have to wear them. No more I mean, if you could give them away, you could sell them on Poshmark or massari. You could do like a giveaway, so I personally just don't really with them like that, just because um it's hard to find the good ones. But of course, when I do find a good one, I'll put you guys on and I'm not hide from you. I will wear it. I will go out with it. Look pretty make it look so expensive and it's not gon na look like it's below 20 or whatever, so it's only the best on this channel. You should know that right now, so, let's get into this wig real, quick and everything is going to be linked in the description box for anybody who wants to get this wig and select so first things. First, my favorite favorite hair company on AliExpress. I got this from AliExpress Freedom. Official store, like I've, been working with these guys for the longest time, and I I just can't remember Somebody I Used to coordinate with on their team um. We just kind of like fell out so and I wasn't doing great reviews. No more so I must say they always tell me the best and people who've always purchased from them always can um back that up. They have really really quality hair. When it comes to synthetic extensions, I just love how um durable most of my wigs have been from them. Um. I have gotten more than two years more than five words, some of them, maybe more than 10 wears and um. I still have some of the weeks up to date. I just gave away most of them, but let's, let's get into this quick, so first things. First, the wig was 36 inch. It was really really long. I'M just gon na see if I can clip it in um like another video by the side, I actually made a video um for my Tick Tock, which was kind of more in detail on how I installed the wig, because I really be trying to film content For tick tock and for YouTube, but you know it's just kind of hard these days, so I want to leave the link to the exact same video and I'm just gon na draw from some videos here. So you guys see how long it was, so it was really long. 36. 36 inch. I'M sorry, so it was kind of like below my back line and um. That is way too long for synthetic week, like one one trick that I learned and used even with some of my human hair. Wigs get the back and just kind of like cut a few rows back. So I cut off like the first row and the second row, because that long, long hair that you really can't get to back here, is that styling and then everything just gets horrible and you're doing a horrible mess when we're wearing these synthetic braids. We'Re trying to finesse them to you know our fullest potential make sure they. They don't give us that tangling that you know hair flying. So I go ahead and just kind of like maybe two lines in the back just because it was too long. Then I also went ahead with um some um like razor blades notices, and I just kind of like cut it in a downward motion. Just so it looks. Even so, you wouldn't even tell that it was cut rather than just going like in a straight line. So the weight was 36 inches guys and it is only a middle part wig. So it has a lace but um there's really like um just tracks. If you look at this part, it's just tracks and then it just has like a little um a little like lace right here, which is very, very blendable. It'S not like one of those synthetic wigs that has like a plastic um like right in the middle. I really hate those wigs. I would never recommend anyone to buy those wigs. I would not get that hair for free. I will not get paid even 500. So if you love this because they are horrible stay away from them, so it does have like a realistic lace here which is really really easy to you know kind of like finesse I pretty much just went with um some Foundation like residue Foundation of my brush. I rub it on the line and I just got some concealer to really Define The Parting, so it's gon na have that part and um. It does have some Combs like two Combs one here and one here and one in the back, which of course, I haven't used in um laying this week down, and I just put it over with uh wake up and you know just threw it on and I Glue this part just because I really wanted it to be steady, so it does come in different colors. I'M just gon na go ahead and put them right here, so you guys see what other colors it comes in but, like I said this was for one occasion that I really really wanted to just kind of look different, because I was tired of black hair and Excuse me um: most of my drone units are just like blonde, so I really wanted like the dark roots, and I feel like this wig is exactly is giving me exactly what I want to do. So the wig is 36 inch. It does come in different colors and yes, it is synthetic. So when it comes to heat, I want to say it is hit friendly. But of course you don't really want to go too much because you don't want to burn the wick. So with my hot corn, which I've had for like years, I purchased it from Amazon. I believe I had to put it on 10 to kind of just um. You know flattening out the middle part, a little bit make sure everything is laid on this part and um if you notice, with most wigs, sometimes you'll have like a little hump here and what I usually do with those is. I just get like threaded and needle, and I sew it down, but thank God. I didn't have to do this with that. One um I didn't have to do that with this one. I just sprayed some um Spritz and I think it was like the gel the glue spray. I sprayed it right there. I use my hot comb and just kind of like pressed it down a little and it was flat and, as you guys can see, the wig is holding up really good. So do I recommend this hair hair chaos? It was 27 and it took about. I want to say 14 days to arrive to me, which is really perfect. I hate when things from AliExpress take like a month or you know a little bit over a month, I'm really really impatient. So I love it when a week can get to me really quick. So I'm just gon na give you guys a 360 of the week so that you guys see what it looks like behind and as of right now I have not really experienced any tangling that um. I would tell you guys about, but I do know it's gon na tangle. You know in a certain environmental situation, so if it does get hot, you know sweaty um. It definitely will Tango. So I'm just gon na give you guys a little 360 of the week. So you guys see exactly what it looks like all right guys, so that was just a quick 360 of the wig and, like I explained to you guys, um, it did tangle a little bit when I was brushing it out. Just because I had to cut some hair in the back and, of course, after cutting it um, I just kind of wanted like a little bit of a bulk, not too much. But you know I had a kind of like comment backwards, just to kind of create that you know kind of like bulky illusion since I had cut off most of it, so I definitely recommend this wig to you guys, um. I promise you that every time I wear my synthetic hair, nobody really knows it's synthetic unless they come close to me, but you know they always give me. Compliments and, like I said, I've been getting hair from this company, for I want to say four years so I definitely know what exactly to get, what exactly not to get why to stay away from, but I must say with everything I've owned so far. It'S always been a hit. It'S never really been a mess with other companies. Of course it's going to be a hit or miss, but I really really trust this company, and this is why I always always highly recommend it to you guys. So this body is stepping out today - and this is gon na - be my look for the night. I'M going for kind of like a girl in class, even so um. I definitely think this is kind of, like you know, appropriate for the event um, it's kind of like I'm wearing something really long. So I really wanted this to be like sexy and then just kind of show like a little different personality like safety, but you know decent, but then really just try to show like my personality with my hair. So let me know what you guys think about this hair, I'm so in love with it, and I will post some pictures on my Instagram. You guys be sure to follow me on Instagram. Follow me on my Tick Tock as well, because I'm posting more content on my Tick Tock, I'm getting more active on my Tick Tock, so you guys make sure you're following me on both of my social media sites, I'm gon na link, everything in the bio and As for the unit as well, I'm gon na link it in the bio guys so, like I said, 36 inch, it only cost me 27 and I honestly feel really good right now about the way. I look. If you know me, like I hate looking cheap. I really like to look bougie I like to look expensive and I feel like the hair is doing that just that, despite it being synthetic like nobody can really tell, and if you bash girls who wear synthetic hair, please stay in your lane. I um probably like thousand dollar hair. I have 700 hair, but listen. I can't wear that every day and it's always nice to switch up. So you guys, let me know what you think about this hair in the comments, if you like this unit, if you guys like the way it looks on me, don't hesitate to give me a thumbs up and definitely let me know in the comment section what you Guys think about this hair, like I told you, it was going to be a really quick review, just showing you guys how much I love their hair, how bouncy and soft the curls are and how this is really like. Low maintenance, like you really don't, have to do nothing to keep it together. Apart from you know some Spirits or so I'm glad to be um glue spray. Just so you don't have that hair flying around and moves. Those are your best friends, so you don't have to do too much very low maintenance and um. It costs you like less than 30 dollars to have this unit, which you can use for photo shoots, or you know for certain occasions, like I said very, very perfect, and I highly recommend this week to you guys, so this is gon na, be it in today's Video, like I said, don't forget to follow me on all my social media platforms and make sure you have subscribed to my channel. I will be shopping around for more weeks and just bringing them to my channel and showing you guys kind of like what my style is, how I love to stay on budget while still looking cute and bougie and expensive. I'M gon na be doing that with you. Guys so there's definitely more to come. Um you guys stay tuned. It'S gon na be bye for now. Okay,

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