360 Body Wave Wig Ft Dorhair

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Wig SKU: BOBBW360-1

Hair Type: Brazilian Human Hair

Hair Texture: Body Wave

Color: Natural Color

Density: 150%

Hair Length: 10 inch

Cap Construction: Medium Cap, 360 Lace Front Wig with Combs and strap

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Y'All know, I only repeat you, my hair, it's the company here - and this is one of my most favored human hair company, so y'all know who it is BAM, Dorr, hair, okay, they have given us some definite winners. They'Re one of the first companies that I worked with in regards of human hair, so I always love what they get it give us. If you look in the description box, I'll put a direct link to their website and this week, but play around on their whips out on the website, because they have tons of stuff on there that you guys would be interested yeah. Okay, so let's see what they say, cause y'all know what this human here. I never remember what it is that they said. We pull this down a little bit. There we go. Okay, I've been reviewing. That'S a lot of make up missing off my head um in the book. It comes with just an instruction card on how to take care of the week, some weed caps, a baby hairbrush, an edge brush and some elastics and comb to sew into the week. If you would like to do that for the wig itself, it says that is a 360 lace front wig. If a bob is ten inches inches long and it's the body way and it's not in his normal color, it says it's in a light brown. So, let's look at this Joan y'all, I'm just taking it out of the wrapper okay yeah. That is a light brown. I don't know if y'all can nope yeah, I can't see it, but it is a nice Brown. When I take my pictures, I'll be sure to turn on the light, and so you can see that it's a nice Brown she's, this beautiful wave as well - okay and I've, been doing a lot of these wavy Bob, but the reference is with this one. You get lace all the way around the week, so it's 360. Let'S look at the rest of the cap construction on this one in the front you get a comb to the right, a comb in the middle and a comb to lift look at all of that parting space you get and then in the back that lace. Remember it continues and in the back where's the back yep in the back, you get another comb and those adjustable straps. Okay, y'all know with humor here, because your mayor is more expensive. I like to just plop it on my head, so you can see what you're gon na get when you get it home straight out of pack, no cutting of the lace. Okay, like oh yeah, this is gon na be cute. Okay, like always door, hair weeds. It fits extremely comfortably. Oh my little bout here, I love. I love soft waves like that, but anywho there are those baby hairs that you can trim down to your liking, okay, and because you get all that part in space y'all, you can part this literally anywhere that you would like. Okay, yeah look at that. You can part it wherever you would like. That'S what it's looking like up close up. You can also pull it up in a ponytail there's so much you could you do it this week, because it is a 360 up, no shade, no tangling, as some of you might say. Well, you just got out of pack. That'S why that's not true with some human here as soon as you take it out of the pack, you get shared entangling and with this one you don't okay, very soft, very I love those soft effortless waves. What I'm gon na do is cut the lace off and I'm gon na come back with my final thoughts on this joint okay, I'm gon na cut down a few of them baby ears and lay it down and put a little bit of powder right there and Then I'll come back and lay down these I'm getting a few flyaways. I'M gon na run my heating tool on top of that to get those to lay down, then I'll, be back with my final thought. What I did is I cut off the lace. I put a little bit powder up their part and swooped down some of those baby hairs. What I really want to see is what this hair does, if it curls up, because the loose beef Beach waviness of this is really pretty, but I was gon na see what will happen if I spray a little bit of water on it and scrunch it like. Will it do anything? Oh, it just defines the waves a little bit more, and this is just water air conditioner. In this week that's thought it is just defines the waves a little bit more y'all. Look at that. That is some nice hair. I wish like. I always say I wish y'all could feel how this hair feels: okay, cuz. It is very, very soft, and I will give door hair that, with all of the units that they send me, the hair is very, very nice quality here. Okay, all that is is water, and I think it gives it a better look that makes sense. Okay, it makes those waves really pop, instead of just laying like flat on my door here. So do I recommend this wig, just like all of my human hair units, bad or hair? I definitely definitely definitely recommend this week. I love the cut of this. Okay is why I always lose weight Bob and it is cute okay, so you know how it looks. Dry or wet it's gon na be bombed, but I definitely recommend this when I think that it is super cute super easy super beginner-friendly. All I did was pop that on the head y'all, I don't even have a glue down on my head. Okay and they don't look bad at all: okay, there's just powder swoop, some baby ears and I was doing okay. I think that this is a very easy, like I said, beginner-friendly unit and because it is the 360 you can do so much with this week. You can pull it up into a ponytail like there's so much as you can do so. I definitely recommend this here, like I always say, maybe you're not even in two weeks: oh no Mary's, your auntie Kim. Maybe she cousin Kenny. I don't know whichever one you said my way, I think is going here and we get them right until next. I will do be very soon. You guys bye,

Christy A: Omg... That looks COMPLETELY NATURAL on you! You can't tell me that hair isn't growing out of your head! What magic is this???!!!

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