Sensual Human Hair Blend Hybrid Lace Front Wig - Hb007 --/Wigtypes.Com

Sensual Human Hair Blend Hybrid Lace Front Wig - HB007 --/WIGTYPES.COM



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Got2b Glued Spiking Glue 1.25oz

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Magic Collection #12322 Dual End Hair Cutter With Comb Razor Comb

Cantu Wave Whip Curling Mousse 8.4oz

*HD lace front

*13 inches long

*Heat safe up to 375F

*Medium cap size

*Light yaki texture


1, 1B, 2, 4, OP1B2730, OP42730, OP427613


0:00 Intro + Wig Install + 360

0:35 Wig Features

3:49 Wrap Up







Um, let's go guys so I'm back with another wig review and she's cute, like I wasn't expecting this. I wasn't even expecting to like this, but she's. Definitely cute she's, given me fun, flirty, cute little style love it like you're, going out to dinner with the girls a lot of brunch. You know on a Saturday morning. This is given and I'm loving it okay. So this is from the central villa, villa hybrid lace, front, wig, collection, it's a premium, human hair blend. So it's human and synthetic you know blend, you could add heat to it up to 375 degrees. Just keep in mind. You know the amount you can go up to which is 375, but anyway she is called hb007. I have her in the color 1B and this is what the star card look at is looking like. It says here that is 13 inches long and looking at the stock card. Look at this like she's, cute, she's, really cute and really surprising too, like I told you guys yesterday that um The Collection with the collection and stuff like that, the it's not the best collection, because it's not the best quality. It'S not the best. You know Camp construction and all that good stuff, but it's not the worst either it's like in there in between. So if you don't want to spend too much on the high quality ones or the higher quality ones, I should see then - and you don't want to go. You know too much of the low one, but you still want something cute and looking good. This is it right here if you like short units, this is it right here, it's shoulder length and, like I said, it's fun flirty and it's full too, like look at the density on this. This is perfect. This is beautiful, love this now with the hairline. It'S looking a little bit dense. That'S because you don't really have that much wiggle room there to pre-plug it you could try to. But for me personally I wouldn't just because I think if I pre-pluck it, you may be able to see the tracks a little bit. You know more, so I rather it look dense and full of the hairline than you're seeing the tracks. You know what I mean so I'll leave it, as is as baby hairs. Like I say like I said you can use the baby hairs if you want to um The Parting space is clear enough straight out of the box, so all I had to do is add powder to it, and that was it. I did use a little bit of heat just to flatten the top a bit and keep it together. I didn't use any anti-frizz oil on this. I didn't use anything. It has a great luster straight out the box, as you can tell, and for the cap you have two Combs up front one at the back: the adjustable straps. This is a stretchable material cap. Definitely big head friendly. It stretches really nicely and feels comfortable. Now the lace on this is an HD lace. I haven't been adding lace and spray to it just because it came a little bit darker than usual, even one that I reviewed yesterday. I didn't add any lacing spray just because the lace looks a little darker than usual, but I did have to go in with um. You know powder to tinted in so you maybe could add. You know laced and spray to it if you want to. But let me know how you feel about this in the comment section down below it comes in one one B, two four and you have three special colors, but I'll I'll leave it in the description box down below. Let me know how you feel about this um, we'll chat it up in the comment section if you want to purchase like I said, the link would be in the description box down below so click on the link. It will take you directly to the unit on the website or you can choose your color purchase from there thanks again for watching like subscribe, follow us on all our social media accounts. Everything is at with tips and I'll see you soon. Bye,

Teena Taylor: Ok they redeemed themselves with this one! It looks better on you than the stock card! I love a messy wavy bob, and this volume is so full! All the special colors are pretty too. I'll use the baby hair to make up for the dense hairline.

StrongazDiamondz: I love this unit! It is a beautiful cut! I would rock this daily!

Melanin Queen: Super cute Bob…Definitely a must have for my collection!

Chas D: She's gorgeous and like the fullness! Looks great on you! You make everything look good! Thanks for the review.

Alisha Parker: This is really cute. I’d wear this one daily❤

Angela Shealy: I love wigs styled like this one! It just says summer!

Evelina: Deniel, this is gorgeous on you! And I love it

Phonche TV: cuuute! usually i dont like voluminous wigs but with this length its super pretty

Sheree Murphy: I love it! Super cute!

Chande: Very cute This is great summer wig

Bonnie Clark Dixon: Now that is it!

ywoodsmall: I really like that unit. Nice volume. ❤️

Malibu Jackson: This wig hereshe is beautiful, love, love, love it❤️❤️❤️❤️

M. Willie: Very cute!

SuperSkinandHairCare: She’s giving me good vibes!

China Dior: Yessssssss ordered already!

Prettieface Productions: Cute , reminds me of Butta Unit 8 but fuller ❤

lneal2800: Oh period! this particular one is cute the volume is of the messy curls look is givin! And she has a like bounce I'm actually feeling this one I would rock this messy Bob look!

Ifeanyi Ofokansi: The density is so nice! Just wish the hairline looked a little more natural

AngelDust: This is very pretty

DonnDiva: I like this one!

PeekabooGirl: Very cute

tori jefferson: Love the fullness

ThatHoodGurl2 The Hood: She is cute. I love it.

Kimberly Pender: I like the length.

Alisa Mitchell: Super Cute Very Summerish

A.사바나: She's very cute!

iam_Eva33 Gibson: ♥️♥️♥️

Patricia Mcmoore: It is a pretty bob.

Gwendolyn Gibson: It's cute

June Thomas AKA jett0206: Very cute but I don't like middle parts

Coqui Negra: cute, but center parts make me look goofy

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