Full Lace Wig #Diy #Howto #Fulllacewigs

I'M like an addict, do I got ta? Have it I ain't even playing got a really bad habit. If It Moves got ta grab, it feels like a magnet lose won't, have it till I'm doomed in a casket. I ain't playing got a weird mind if you work eight hours, imma work, nine. If the tastes sour, you should taste mine, Imma Stay in power for a long time get up now in a quitter toss me the ball, I'm a really big hitter big picture. I'M a straight killer where I send the song to the highest bidder: Got Juice, got gas, imma move fast, new shoes, new tracks like who's, that I'm new come back better than last kiss and know me. Never gon na look back!

queen lizzy: I'm really anxiously waiting for the full video thanks for you tutoring and help

Lavender Loco: How can I prevent the hair from tangling so much at the ends? When ventilating?

Zumrut Ulusoy: Amazing work you did sister I really want to try to ventilate a wig for my self as I have a very bad hair situation Please can you tell me where to buy the hair and the needle and the lace to start I have been searching a lot but there is a lot of sellers out there and I don’t have much money to try multiple times I wish you all the success of life for what you are teaching us

noura's hair: please my dear can you do video to show how to install this full lace please

Chinenye Esther: pls ma ,how many strags

Bettybeauty palace Betty: Pls what your spacing

Iluyomade taye: ❤❤❤❤

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