Only $19 For Human Hair?! Yes Please! | Instant Fab 100% Human Hair Wig Crystal Ft Samsbeauty

Hey y’all! l know uploaded out of order but I wanted yall to catch this sale! For a limited time, all short human hair is 20% off at @samsbeauty ! I’ll upload the first wig I’m wearing in the next few days so make sure your notifications are on! Love Yall!

Item Name: Instant Fab 100% Human Hair Wig Crystal


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I feel better: hey, I'm back with some synthetic drip y'all and it's not on this wig that just changed. My whole mood isn't that on this one, this review has already gone up I'll, either link it at the end of this video or down in the description box, but it is from the same company as Sam's Beauty. Y'All know, I love Sam's Beauty. A lot of my personal wigs come from them, I'm absolutely in love with the company because they have tons of wigs colors in stock. It'S a One-Stop shop. You can get everything from a rat tail comb to a human hair wig. I love love, Sims Beauty, their social media is in the description box, so this review has already gone up. This is Hollywood glam 26, by Sensational in the color two uh Santa's Beauty was also nice enough to send us another unit. Now this is a complete opposite. I'M this one on my head, this one on my head is synthetic. The one I'm about to review is human. This one on my head is very long. 26.. This one is very short, a pixie this one, that's on my head. Um is wavy curly. This one on my head is straight okay, it's a full cap on the stock card is giving Church mother, but you know sometimes it works. Look at it on the back. This one is by Don't Let Me Lie. It says, instant Fab. The link in the description box shut up and go look instant, Fab um and it's in the style Crystal c-r-y-s-t-a-l, and I have it in the color 99j, which that'll be interesting to see because y'all know 99j can be more red or more purple. So we'll see, um crystal is a hundred percent human hair, which is going to give you instant, Fabs and styling versatility. Okay, let's see okay, so this 99j is more on the red side than the purple side. Somebody in the comment said when you say purple, it sounds so country. I can't hear it until I play this back and I know like I said I probably sound like cornbread saying purple see this guy on J is more red. I would actually give this like a burgundy. It'S giving like turn on my hand, we'll go see cab construction, oh, they did give you Combs combs in the back, a comb in the back adjustable strap, and then you get a comb here in the front as well, which you know with a full cap wig. You need a comb because one get gusts to the wind and it's over okay. What I'm gon na do is take off Hollywood glam 26, even though I'm feeling like goddess even it's bleach stains in my pants, I'm gon na take this wig off put on Crystal and then I'm gon na come back with my final thoughts, my face now so Before I jump into my final thoughts on this wig, if you are wig wear - and you have some, ladies - that you really really love here on YouTube, you'll know who exactly what I'm talking about y'all as soon as this I put this on. I felt like one of my most favorite Youtubers of all time. Y'All know the boss Ella from the way she slay, especially short, wigs to her singing her performance. Her fashion, like I just absolutely love her, so this reminded me of her off top. I know she probably ain't watching a new channel like mine, but definitely reminded me her. The other thing I can appreciate is not only her, but I can also appreciate Sam's Beauty, because y'all this is a wig I want. Thousand percent would not have even um but y'all. This is so so so cute and I think that honestly, because I always joke talking about you - is giving granny tease it's giving first lady Usher board teeth, but y'all. This is a wig to actually cross lines because, to be honest with you, I'm more on the on the granite side: okay, I'm I'm getting up to that age. Okay, I want to serve on the Usher board. Okay, I'm in the middle I'm stuck in the middle, but this cross is such it crosses age lines. I really feel like somebody and they in their 20s could rock this and make it work. I feel like somebody's 178. or 78 98 hell. My granny lived a very long time I feel like they could make this work right, um also at first. I was like this color gon na make me feel like gangsta granny, but no, not at all. Look at speaking of my my mama calling me and my niece called G Mama um. This color absolutely works with this unit. Did y'all check the layering that they did in this y'all. Look at that and this is human hair. So you can do what you want. Why am I giving you stank face to talk about Granny y'all, I'm literally drinking black coffee out my thermos, so do I recommendously? Yes, there'll, be a direct link to where you can go and pick this one up from Sam's Beauty. Now I'm excited about one more that I have from them. I think it's gon na work as well. In the comments tell me, would you wear this and do you like the color y'all? I love y'all, so much. I really really do just as much as I love Sam's Beauty and the most cell. Okay, my girl, all right y'all. Like I always say. Oh I'm going to do the outro, like, I would say, maybe you're not into wigs. Maybe she granted Eartha. Okay, maybe it's your uncle Amos, whichever one send it my way me and since you will definitely definitely get them right. I also think I want to try out more wigs in this collection, because this is an affordable bomb, sleigh, easy slay until next time, y'all, which will be very soon bye.

Dana Foster: I have this wig and you just reminded me to pull her out. The layers are everything!

patrice moore: This color and style is beautiful on you !! Not a bad price for human hair.

Deva19xx Dee Jones: Yes ma’am I would definitely rock this one. She’s very pretty. I’m loving the color and texture not to mention the easy maintenance…easy slay everyday with this one ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

R D: Those layers look beautiful and the hair looks very soft. ❤ I would not have chosen that one but it works very well.

Cynthia Cummings: Heeeyyyyy Jessica! I really like this wig. Love the cut and the color. ❤❤❤

♡Extra AF💋: Hunnnyyy!!! I had this cut in the early 90's! The color is doing it! I want it!❤

Robin Perryman: This looks cute on you. I’m feeling the color.

LoTTaLeGGs Beauty: Loving this Da Boss Ella is one of my faves too

June Roberts: Love the wig!

Angela Hrabowskie: I can go to Walmart and pickup my smoothie in it . it's cute, I like it. you can't go wrong with a short bob.

Felecia Wallace: Love this unit cute... on you especially!

Tracy Scott: The little pixie is cute pop a few more curls in there and bam another look. Going to look for it now.

SuperSkinandHairCare: “SHUT UP & GO LOOK!!!” “It’s giving Ike Turner on my hand…” I just love you, gurl!!!

Kimberly Kyles: Gm Jess it’s good seeing you and I see you rocking short unit the color is I like this unit and I to ❤️ wavy curly unit too.Thx for sharing vid ❤️ light. Peace and blessings and happiness and prosperity Amen

Charlette Pettigrew: I love the color keep up the good work

Mave: Your back tattoos are so gorgeous. I got one that was done by a fake artist and I been crying ever since. I'm always off topic sorry. That unit ain't for me but somebody will body it.

Powerful Conversations with Arlisia Staley: I read, so I wouldn't be the person saying, I DON'T SEE THAT WIIIIIG It's very cute. I'll be watching for the upload. I hope you are well. Congrats on your house.

TheeMoniiB: I love that color on you

Destiny Bogle: I love this .. gotta get it. ❤

Tina BlackberryRose: This pixie is ♥️ the color. Tyfs✨✨. You look Very Pretty.

JD Free by me: Love the color.

Holla At The KI D: Cute. I would get a different color, but it is cute.

Delores Hill: Lovn it especially the color

Carla W.: Very cute. I want to get one to give to one of the mothers at my church. Would that be offensive? This is her style, but I don't want her to feel like I don't like her current wig. I'm probably over thinking it.

Kimberly Kyles: An I tell you Jess I ❤️ tattoos Sista Sista

Renata Nash- Live.Laugh.Love.:

DeChana Henley:

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