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The The Skin Melted HD lace wig is from


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Invisible HD Lace Pre-plucked 360 Wig Yaki Straight Indian Remy Hair [LFW33]

Length: 18 inches


360 Lace Frontal Wig

★ Skin Melted HD Lace

★ New Clean Hairline

★ Whole Front Bleached

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Work work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work all right, so this is a 360 lace, frontal wig. This wig is perfect for someone who wants to do like a bun or a ponytail or updo. Look because this wig has lace in the front and in the back and it's very simple, to remove the lace and even install this wig. So the first thing you want to do is go ahead and cut the sides so that you can remove the back of the lace and then go ahead and put the wig on like normal. Now one thing about RPG hair is: they have really stepped it up with their wigs. I have to give it to them, so this particular wig baby check out the hairline first of all. Y'All know. I love me a nice pre-plugged wig that looks like it's been plucked. Y'All know. I love me a HD skin, Blended lace, like I love all that good stuff. So this wig has an HD, clean hairline, so meaning it's going to mimic more of your natural hairline and the lace is going to blend into your skin. And it's going to look like this. Is your goddamn hair? Okay, all right! Nobody takes me in a crisis. Foreign, so now that y'all have gotten the tea on the legs and the hairline, and just all of that good stuff that makes this wig just superb. Now it is time to show you girls, the technique that I use to install my wig, which is pretty much the same um in every video, but I did switch it up a little bit in case. You have not seen um a few of my recent videos so anyways I like to go in with some holding spray and applying that holding spray directly on a makeup brush, and this just gives a more precise application where I'm putting the product exactly where I want It to be, and then I begin to brush the product into the hairs, making sure the product is going directly on the lace so that I don't have like hairspray on the lace and on the hair. And then the hair becomes crunchy and hard and girl. Just creating a mess sometimes so so yeah girl, 2023 is here and I'm just not doing it. No more so I'm going to be applying my wig applications like so, and, of course, ebn is what I use to install my wigs and just check out this hairline y'all. One thing I say about RPG hair is girl. They are not going to fail me when it comes to a pre-plug, wig, okay, so I'm going to be using some scissors to cut the lace and, of course, going in a zigzag motion stuff that we already know: okay, okay, girls. So now the wig is pretty much installed. It ain't going nowhere. Now it is time to get into The Styling part, so I'm going to be doing a curved C part with some edges on the wig, of course, so yeah girl, the main thing with this particular style, is just getting. The hair is flat as possible, which is not going to be a problem with this wig, because it's not like a super thick hair texture to begin with um and the texture is like a light, Yaki texture. So it's super easy to um make this hair flat without having to do a whole lot baby baby. What can I say please? I am in the game. Baby baby, sometimes decorations, just get ready, okay, girl. So now it is time to see if this lace, melted and blended into the skin and baby. Where is the lace? Please unclockable, all right so now it is time to make sure all the hairs is in place and start to style my baby hairs. I did um go in and clip the ends on this wig. I I personally feel like the wig looks so much better when the ends is clip and everything just looks clean and neat. So now I'm about to go in and start styling my baby hairs, making sure I have a majority of my hair pushed back or away from my face, because I definitely want the Scoops to be swimming baby, so um. What I'm going to do is take a small curling iron. I think this is called like a pixie curling iron, or something like that. I got it from Amazon. Actually, because y'all know, Amazon got everything we need. I probably should do like an Amazon haul for your wigs or something like that, because girl Amazon got this for sure. So now I am going in and basically getting my swoop on honey, I'm gon na just start swooping and swooping and soup been following my fingers. Right my my fingers following right behind the spoopage okay, until I get the exact like look that I'm going for with my baby hairs now, you can definitely make your baby hairs like not as um like coming out as much as my eyes is coming out. You can definitely just make them like smaller swoops but girl. I wanted a big ass country swoop. Okay, I think this is just so cute. I love it. I'M loving how it's turning out so far. Y'All know I'm crazy. So, basically, I'm just making sure I push the edges of the baby hairs or the ends of the baby hairs into the actual hairline. So it's also helping to mold the hair where the hair is going to stay in place as well, and then, when it comes to my um sideburns, I like to curl inward, because it just helps with everything um to lay flat and everyone. So this is pretty much the final look y'all. I love how this wig turned out and this texture is so bomb like hands down. Favorite texture, RPG hair has done it again, so I'm gon na make sure I leave all the purchasing details in the rest of the tea about this wig Below in the description bar make sure you check out this company. I think they got a sale going on right now, so definitely get your hands on this particular wig, because you will not be disappointed. Bye, girls see y'all in the next. Of course, wig video bye,

Godsplan2017 TR: Flawless as usual!! I'd love to have this unit!

Monica Young: Looks like a fresh wrap lol

LaJulia: Very pretty

Tashanda Myers: SLAYED AS ALWAYS ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

Tameka Davis: Super cute ❤

loveless the guru: Super cute

juicyma: ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

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