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So hey guys and welcome back to the channel today is another week install and this install is sponsored by no other than love me hair. So let me show you guys what they sent me inside the box. They sent me the stocking cap with their logo on it. I won't be using it because i already have one on my head and they sent me there's a kit. I love love me here, because they always come in clutch with their kit. They literally always send you everything that you need, so this is the scarf to pull around your hair. The front part here when you lay down your baby hairs or when you're leaning down, send me some baby hair combs help lay down my baby, hair and um. Some goodies, so the love me here clip we all know this clip later um, some bobby pins and some elastic bands. Now i'm going to show you with the wig that they sent to me. So this is the wig yo, the quality of the lace and the hair was on point like do y'all. This is what it came like. The only thing i did was bleached it like it came plopped. So this is how it looks. This is all the inside looks they. It comes with a band right here and the combs inside now i'm gon na go ahead and take out the combs um, because, even though i repeat this well the time, i'm gon na repeat it once more. I do not like putting on my wigs with the cone, then i'm basically going to use my even tinted: lace, braid in the color, like one brown to spray, the lace. Okay. So after spraying that i went ahead and i used the same concealer i have on my head - i put it on the lace as well, and this is how it's looking so now and the concealer i use for myself is cool time. So so, okay guys so for this hairstyle. I know this is not a 360 wig, but i wanted to do an updo with it. I tried doing something you know. I don't know what i was doing, but i tried a little thing: um. I did go ahead and re did the um the ponytail in the top. I did go ahead and do it over like the messy bun, because when i did it um in this part of the video, i didn't realize that it wasn't neatly done. Even though i wanted it to be messy, i wanted the bun to be messy, but not the ponytail itself, so i end up going over and doing it again, but i just want to show you guys that initially, how i actually do it like this is the Way, i did it, i just did it in nature um. While i was doing my makeup, i ended up just doing it over because it was just like i might as well like it wasn't too my standard or not what i liked so yeah. Don'T look on how it looks right now, i'm just showing you guys pretty much the basics of what i actually did um, but again i did go in and actually do over the ponytail because you see like the back was not being cute or anything like. I had to do it over so when you see in the next clip with me with my makeup on then you'll realize that i actually went over and did it over, but yeah okay, so this was basically the ending result. I hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don'T forget to subscribe to my channel hit that notification bell, so you are not for whenever i post and leave your comments down hello. This was a little cute style like i. Actually i thought it came out cute and it went well with my outfit. Unfortunately, i did not get to take any outfit. I did not get to take any picture, i should say, but i'm actually going to go, take more pictures. So by the time this video up is up. You guys will probably see the pictures on my instagram but anyways yeah. This is the final look. I hope you guys enjoyed it and i will definitely see you guys in my next one bye. You

Angie: Hey goal , so cute for summer! I’m trying this

Asia Logan: You really do the cutest styles girl.

Judaine White: Always a slay!!!

Kiki Highgrade: Wanted to see the back. Love the style goods

A K A M E: Where did you get your necklace from?

yaya: can we get a make up tutorial

Marlinda Wright: Who sing the intro

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