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  • Posted on 01 December, 2022
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Amazon bob wig ;

VIVIBABI wig from amazon

Only $70

Click here ;



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My body is your party baby foreign. Now it's just me take it back, no problem s, foreign and I'm back again with another freaking hair review. Okay, so today I did try something different, I'm recording in my memory. So if the angle just off, I do apologize, I'm working I'm tired, I'm working on it. I actually tried to record the intro in the mirror as well girl and the angle was all the way out. So so. Listen, Okay people call Amazon. The replicas of the Hat industry - let me let me tell you something Duke me up: baby, okay, but y'all. Today I have on a 4x4 uh lace, closure Bob unit form Vivi, baby hair. I think it's v-i-v-i, hair or VV bank here I'll leave it somewhere. Probably on the title, um and y'all, his wig was only 69.99 okay, seventy dollars baby and I got a joke bro who you know. So I guess this is a 4x4 closure. This is not transparent or it delays. So I'm going to give y'all my rating on the double name scale, so this wig is an 8.5 out of 10 on the demo next year, and I know you're probably saying well today what myth now, okay, I'm gon na tell y'all the tea okay. I ordered this unit on Friday, um y'all know everything. I got two guys shipping y'all, but I ordered this unit on Friday, around 4 P.M, and I got it on Saturday, okay by 12 p.m. So I actually was like one day shipping, so you can't even beat that, but this unit was not ready straight out the pack. Okay, if you can see my lace right here, it's because I literally did not like mold it, and I only put one layer of glue. I did not metal because I got so many reviews to do and I'm gon na take this thing off and throw another one home, but I did wear it since Saturday and I didn't melted and it does milk. So I add pictures or you follow me on Snapchat and you singing anything else. No, but today, if it's not mailed it, and do you think a lot of you remarkation, that's because I only got one layer blue with brings me back to my Randy as to why I gave this unit uh 8.5, because I'm looking for those units - and I Could literally take out the bag slap it on my head go this unit. I had to have to go ahead and plug the hand on because it was really really thick and then and I had to customize the partner I had to like cut it to shape. You know um, this was like a tenants, um you and I think - and it's probably like an eight on me now, because I had to cut into one frame my face and also cut it to you know and leave it in my shoulders or whatever. I don't know what um it just wasn't straight out the pack ready now the 8.5 comes in, because the density of this hair, the movement of this hair, the witness can't hold the curl, is phenomenal and if I had to recommend, definitely recommend if you're just me And a quick little unit, or if you was you know, I'm building my capsule wig collection and what I mean by that is. I have a suitcase literally a suitcase for the win and it's letting me go and make it to my suitcase. I literally order another week before I pull one out, but now y'all were thinking about saving coins, so I'm building a collection of like short, hair, long, hair, color, hair gentle. I know you know when I want to go out the door. I can grab the junior if I were ready to go and this one is going to be a part of my Capital collection, so definitely recommend. I try to do better for y'all. I actually like recording like me putting the unit at all. So if y'all want, like more of that, you know more, we putting the music on applying units. Let me know in this comment section down below if y'all like yourself with it, even though I haven't looked at the footage, if the Finish is off, if y'all want me to record more investing, let me know if y'all moving the cord like this. Let me know, because I don't have a problem with doing that - I really don't but um all in all. Just let me know in the comment section down below which I want more from me like do y'all want more short, video like sure foreign, okay, 70. 73.75, with taxes can't beat it so yeah. Okay, I love you guys. So much and I'll see you in my next video don't forget to follow me on Tick, Tock and my Instagram. So, that's why I'm posting and if you want to really want to be a Manny on a budget, follow me on Snapchat and your Snapchat, because that's why I sell my used units. Okay, I'm cleaning out the people. Okay, so you doing it that I get for 70, I send for fifty four five thirty. So if you wan na, add me on Snapchat, okay feel free and I'm wrong with a little use, the wig baby and I'm wrong with it. Okay, but I love y'all and I see y'all in my next video bye,

Sheila Davis: That’s my favorite store! How do I enter? I’m ready ❤

Shamonica Blackmon: Loving that wig boo

lyniesha smallwood: Did it come customized like yours already ?

kerry Haynes: Loving it honey


Rashell Johnson: Been subscribed boo how do I enter the bath and body give away ?

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