Cute $20 Summer Bob | Bomb Color Combo | Bobbi Boss Synthetic Wig M1034 Makayla

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In this video, I will be reviewing Makayla, a full cap synthetic wig from Bobbi Boss Creative Color series. I have her in the color SUNDAE.

This wig is an easy throw on and go wig and very affordable at $20. Watch the review for details

Hey, ladies welcome to my channel, thank you so much for tuning. In today i have a wig review for you from bobby boss and it's from their color women, creative color series and i've got the style of michaela in the color sunday. So this appears to be their response, maybe to outrage uh, maybe their color pop series or a wig pop. But this is a full wig. So i'ma go ahead and get her out of the package, so you guys can see i'll be right back all right. So i've got miss michaela out of the package. So let's see here this is a bob wig, pretty blonde color and of course it's a full cap wig. So you have the standard cap construction that doesn't really change. Oh wait, a minute! No, we don't! I lie so there are no combs on this wig, but it does have adjustable straps. So no combs, full cap, wig adjustable straps we're going to see how this works. Let me get her on all right guys, so i have miss michaela on. Forgive me. If i keep looking that direction, i keep forgetting that with my uh camera phone. I need to actually look at the little. This yeah look a different place, so i apologize but yeah. I got miss michaela on um. So let's see my brusher uh, i don't even know why i buy wigs with bangs because it drives me crazy when they're in my face um, but nevertheless, let's see so she is a little tight fitting. I will say that i don't have her all the way on the um, tightest strap but um, and then i also have my hair and my hair in a bun. So that might be it too. So you may have to look for other look for reviews from other wig reviewers to see but um. I don't know if i like the um. I wish they had um cones on this i mean she's staying in place, but i just like the extra secure and i got a wig grip on so maybe i need to chill. I mean it's not like it's it's not going anywhere. Well, i will say that uh i got my earring off there's a quite a bit of shedding with this wig already um. Let me get my earring. Let me get myself together all right, so this is a silky texture to me and, as you can see, um the color is called sunday, so you got a dark um, it's dark underneath and then you got the blind up here. You just got a little variation of color. You got um, you guys can see. I can't see you got some of everything. There may be, there's some 613. There may be some 27. You got the color number, two, probably some four. It'S got like a mixture, so maybe i don't know it's called sunday and i think that's a very appropriate name for this week, like a strawberry, caramel, chocolate sundae is what this looks like so um. Let me just go back so y'all can see. So i will, and it's like a little angled bob with i don't know, yeah it's like a little angle bob, so i'm gon na turn around. So you guys can see. I don't know how it looks in the back um. Like i said, my hair is in a ball down here so that may poke out um. I have natural hair, so it may be looking a little crazy down here, but um yeah, as you can see, it's pretty short up here, um back behind or back in the back of the neck, because what i'm trying to say is pretty short yeah but she's Cute, it's just a lot of shedding. It'S like driving me nuts, a little throw on it. Go it's a little bop! Then i'll probably do like this, because i hate hearing my eyes. I just say i would give this wig if i had to between on a scale of one to ten. I would give it like a six seven only because it's shedding um other than that, it's a cool little throw on it. Go don't get me wrong. They have some other colors um. They have this really pretty color that i started to get on the front. It'S like a um, a copper burgundy type color. So it says it is from their creative color series. It'S the medi, fresh, safe and clean capsule is supposed to be like antibacterial. It is safe for heat. Styling um doesn't stay up to what degrees, but most wigs are up to 400 degrees. Flexi fit cap um. I don't know what that means. I guess it's. It has a little stretch to the cap, um premium synthetic fibers um and they have other colors here. I'Ll show you guys they got some rainbow blue some. This is the one i got. Oh yeah. They have different colors. You guys just have to go on and see. I think i got this wig. It may have been around 25 or so i'll list the price um in the description box, so you guys will know, but it didn't break the bank or anything um. The only negative thing i have to say about this wig is that it has a lot of shedding um other than that. I, like the style. The bangs will drive me nuts, but i'll get over. It'S not like they're uh super like causing me. You know to feel like i got hair poking me in my eye. I cannot stand that, but no yeah, so this is nice um and then up top here where they got it closed, it's just like that, which i kind of hate, but you can see how it's closed up at the top, which makes it you know not look. So much you know so real doesn't make it look very realistic. With that you know people can tell you have on a wig, but it's you know it's doable um and i'm just playing around with it girl. You know wow. I look like a throwback to what one of them two thousands wigs a 2000's throwback. I look like i should be serving cocktails in this wig. So again this is um michaela from the bobby boss, creative color series in the color sunday, um yeah pick her up. If you are a bob girl, you are a color girl. You, like you, know wigs of different colors. You like throw on and go affordable wigs. This is the one for you just has a lot of shedding with this color. It may not have it with the other colors because it does have some blonde in it, and that might be the issue so yeah. If you have enjoyed this wig review, please hit the like and subscribe button leave comments. Questions concerns whatever and as always, if you don't protect anything else, protect your peace, stay positive and stay prayerful, and i will see you back here next time. Take care.

Powerful Conversations with Arlisia Staley: It's a nice unit. Thank you for the review. The bangs may be more comfortable if you pull the unit back, which would remove the bangs out of your eyes.

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