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So I am showing you How To Make A Full Wig With No Closure, No Frontal. Hope It Helps.xx

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So hi guys, so one of you guys requested that I should do a tutorial on using just bundles in no closure or frontal. I decided to give it a go. You guys it came out perfectly. I used to do my own soul ins long back in the day way. I used to use the premium Taj kind of sleep, hair, extensions and I've come before you guys, so I used to do my own swings, so um never used any closures or anything like that. So I am going to show you guys exactly how you can install a unit without a closure. So, first of all you need to get your dome cap and I get mine from a local beauty supply store. They did send me a a closure and I decided not to use it. You want to make sure that your first trick is very, very close to the edge of the cap. Okay, this will prevent your tricks to be your recap to be seen. Underneath. Let'S say you wanted to borrow anything like that, so I'm just gon na quiet and start sewing down my tracks, so I will be doing the folding of a method. Is I go like seriously you guys, I'm sure you know how I do my wigs right now. So just continue watching guys. This video is very, very self explanatory and hope you guys if you're watching this video you have subscribed to my channel like join the family, means a lot to me if you can just stop by and subscribe okay guys. Thank you also. I'M going it like a horseshoe kind of shape and I'm using like thick Brandel right here. This is the third bundle, so yeah um you wan na just keep going in a horseshoe kind of pattern for now and folding over as you go like, and if I cut in tricks at this moment I was just going like the folding of a method. Okay, you, I wanted more volume, more hair at the top, so I'm using the last bundle all right here, so I'm gon na go and hate instantly. My tricks are cross. That holds you kind of shape. You guys, as you see right here. This is exactly what I will be doing in. I will be definitely doing the folding over method again on these attracts and the tricks are gon na be very, very close to each other. I'M doing the last part of the a no closure install so right now, I'm just gon na go ahead and show you guys that I am going to start laying the tricks going. Basically, if you understand what I'm saying I am trying to create a flawless kind of you need for you guys right now. I remember back in the day I just used to go round and round around and then like secure the top pop off. You know your color has led something okay, so I got you guys if you can't afford a closure or you just don't - want to purchase a closure yeah. So I'm just gon na go ahead and start doing like you know more stitch right here, and this is the part that I will be cutting down my wealth like seriously. This is the only part ball. If you don't want to cut your love well, you can go ahead, but it won't look as flawless like, especially if the front of the unit, so you want to make sure that the dam is close to each other is possible. Honey. Okay, like very, very close to each other, people won't be able to see the tricks, like trust me as long as you need them so close to each other. So I'm sure this is what they call it flip over meth or something like that. I don't know. Okay, so I'm just showing you guys what I have so far like. Can you see any tracks like seriously? You want to make sure that when I leave out these tracks guys and you leave them down as close to the edge of the camp as possible, because you see what I've done here, you can't see the cap. Okay, that's what we're trying to achieve flawless finish. Okay, guys, let's continue laying this tracks down baby you well. This is a what the hearing is. Looking like seriously flawless, you can't detect at the cap absolutely flawless like what weak like who needs the closure. Okay, you can do without one like seriously. Look at the crown you can't really see the tracks. You can't really see with the we copy is like seriously what closure we don't need a closure on some class like how flawless that is like give us a big thumbs up in the comment section down below. I would like to hear your thoughts on this year, you guys so what I did is. I left out a little bit of my hair at the front, so I can blend this unit for you guys like seriously. We wanted to look as natural as possible, so I'm gon na go ahead and use my egg salad Joe to lay down my head, just as you would. If it was like your frontal or a a closure, you would lay some baby hairs just to define to make it look more. Oh sure this is exactly what we're doing. Wan na show you, the mixture that I have right here. So I have water and I'm using my phrase, eases put like one two, three, four palms, five or something like that, and I'm gon na shake the mixture together and go ahead and start to fighting the curls. But the cause looked absolutely amazing on their own. Like seriously nothing wrong with them, I just wanted the weight leaked and see how it looked like because it looked too bouncy for me so yeah, I'm not a big hair cutter fan and I'm using my got to be glued. What I did right, I took out a little bit of they here, not my own here, just to make it blend with my own hair and just use my cuts of accrued. The whole thing needed that bit of blending of Conte like look at that fleur-de-lis guys like I'm, so glad I did this video. Thank you so much for requesting. I keep your requests coming and this year is from Long Key, hey company, and I were only for the hata just in the description box. This is me showing you what the unit looks like like absolutely no closure, and this is what my hair is looking like. Underneath that you need okay, the shrinkage is real home, see it is so reals like yeah. I hope you guys did enjoy this video and please don't forget thumbs up this. Video also call me Rishi and subscribe I'll, see you guys in my next video bye. For now,

Jane Nashe: Hi guys so one of you requested I do a No closure/frontal wig, and here it is. This method will save you some coins sis . Hope you guys like it. xoxo

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