Side Part Cornrows Braids Wig

Welcome beauties! In today's video, I showed how I made a side part cornrows braids wig for a customer using a closure I made by myself. Please relax, watch and enjoy this video and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos, comment what you think about this unit, like and share this video please.

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Hello, my beautiful people welcome to my channel in case you're stopping by for the first time my name is chidima. You are highly welcome. Please don't forget to hit the subscribe button and join this family. You will not request chinese for me, because i should secret how i make my brain most realistic bridge week and for my old subscribers. I appreciate your comment. Thank you very much for always supporting. Thank you very much coming so into this video. I want to show you guys how i made this beautiful unit from the scratch and if this sounds like something you might be interested in, seeing then keep watching as you guys can see. I have my camera set and my wig up and depends i'm showing you where my closure and that's my ears. Ah so i'm going to attach my list and swiss leaves the lace i'm using. Is the swiss list so remember to put the stretchy parts facing up while the non-stretchy part be by this side? So i'm going to secure the lace to the recap using my pins then after that make sure you secure it very well the way i'm doing i'm showing you here then the next thing i'm going to do is to slow it down to the wig cap. Using my needle and stretch so good, so so good do so so so so um! So you

MarMar: Nice job I've just subscribed to your channel been practicing a lot of style show such great tutorials

Noodie Harrilson: Beautiful work I guess I'm gonna have to start ventilating the hair to get a side parted wig like this for a more natural looking realistic part wish me luck & thanks for sharing ❤️

Empress Chronicles: Turn out lovely. Nice work.

Felicelina: Beautiful work!

Valliepooh Brathwaite: Amazing Job.... I wanna try making one

Sarah King: So beautiful ❤️

Gam Cuisine: your diy wigs looks really beautiful and you make it so easy to follow, i just join your family

Ifeanyi Anyaoha: Beautiful

Kayon Mitchell: I love your work sis you are my inspiration.its a beautiful you ventilate in every hole?

Mayowa Olatunji: Hello sis,great job.. been learning a lot and been practicing.... Ventilating is not easy ooo... What color of lace did you use and where can I get it in lagos???

Sylvia Chisom: mma the wig is lovely

Modestly embellished hair: How long did this unit take to make ?

DIY All things: I can’t do this work. So much patience needed. Great job dear.

Thandiwe Tsomondo: good work, job well done

Mayowa Olatunji: How many stands of hair do you ventilate, so the knots don't show???

Stephanie Ehapa: Good work, I'm gonna to start ventilating needle were can i get one,so i can practice wat I learnt. Thanks Stephanie form Edo state

Alexander Chukwuma: Plz how many pack of expression did u use? how many did you cut?

Gabby flower: Were camn I find the needle

Annette Allen: Do you sell and how much

Mbali Modupe: Which hair did u use

Esther Ekong: Can u make videio on how u make the closure

Monica Davis: Can I buy one

De Grace-link: Pls how many attachment

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