Best Silky Straight Hair Ever Side Part On 5*5 Closure Wig| #Alipearlhair

  • Posted on 14 September, 2021
  • Closure Wig
  • By Anonymous


Hair Info: 26inch straight hair 5*5 lace closure wig 180%density

Direct Hair Link➤

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When he gave you money for an abortion, but you bought a wig instead,

Abigail Hayles: Honestly normally I’d be laughing but this isn’t funny. I hope she doesn’t expect the dad to be present if he isn’t.

Veronicagc Harriell: Smh,the dad is going on child support after she shows him her inches in the delivery room‍♀️ion blame ya hunny,get cute

Madison King: The OG lick. Yassss

Ayzia Figures:

Coreys Baby: What makes yall think this title isn't a joke

At this moment: This is trifling

Desiree Bryant: What ???

Bella’s Dead Daughter’s: Wtf is this title.

Fatimah Brown: Smfh

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