Want To Learn About The Internal Construction Benefits Of A Glueless Wig? Here Is The Answer#Shorts

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Wear Go Kinky Straight Glueless lace closure 28inches Brazilian 4x6

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Hands down the best wig so far on my channel, this hair is from bgm girl and the hair is soft, like I wish you guys can feel this. The construction is made really well, you have the closure, so the closure is going to be easy to just lay there's no Combs, because they do promote this wig to be as comfortable as possible. So you do not have the comb sticking in your head throughout the day and this band will provide a lot of security and the lace is pre-cut in a zigzag kind of pattern and when the lace is cut in a zigzag pattern is going to blend into Your skin a lot better versus than straight across also the bands is removable. You could just take this off and remove this. If you do not want this there, so we're going to adjust this bands as tight as possible.

Bgmgirl Hair: Direct hair link: https://bit.ly/3IIpWeS Code: BGM30 to get $30 OFF

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