Shein Human Hair Wig Review | Customizing | Part 1

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Today we are customizing a SHEIN wig !

This is part ☝, we are just bleaching and plucking. Definitely come back for part ✌ for styling

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SHEIN wig:

20 vol developer:

Clairol Bleach:

Manic panic 30 vol developer:

Slant pointed tweezers:

Shimmer lights Purple shampoo:





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Foreign welcome back to my channel. It'S your girl, Nettie J and, as you see by the title today, we're gon na be doing some hair. If you're new to my channel, welcome if you're returning subscriber thank you. I am so excited because my sister got a new wig she's, going to turn 16. um. She has never had a wig before she's, never had trucks before nothing like that. She'S always doing braids and crochets and stuff like that. So I'm excited because this is her. First, like big girl hairstyle - oh I forgot to say, welcome to my downstairs bathroom as you can see the wig behind me. She did get this wig from Sheen. I'M gon na put the link down below so you can check it out in the description box. We are pretty much gon na go through a whole series of me, bleaching, plucking, everything and above I will not have to style this wig because, as you see it's curly already and plus, I'm sure she wants to wear it, how it came as much as possible. Other than that, I'm not going to do too much rambling we're gon na get started. This video shouldn't be too long, as always thank y'all so much for tuning into this video. If you will take the time out to like share comment and subscribe and let's get started, okay so, like I said before, she did get this wig from Shin. It'S actually really pretty, I'm not sure of the length density and everything like that, but, like I said, the link will be down below. If I remember I'll put it on the screen, um the hair did come with a little smell. She had told me that it came with a little smell other than that it seems like a pretty good unit, she's already washed it. So I don't have to worry about doing that. The glue that we're going to use is just going to be something quick because, like I said this is her first time I want her to experience the wig feel without the harsh glues just yet. First, let me take this wig off. Let me show y'all the inside, so it's supposed to be a 13 by six, but I'm not gon na lie to y'all. I have a 13 by six and this doesn't look like a full six inches. I feel like it's pretty decent because even like through the back here, it goes pretty deep. So I mean you have plenty of room still, okay, so the first thing I am gon na do I'm gon na use this to kind of lift the knots my developer by itself should help it lift okay. So I change the angle for y'all and let me get a ponytail holder for this foreign, because those knots are bigger, yeah foreign just so it can sit down. Okay, there we go so we're just gon na. Let that sit for about I'm gon na say 20 minutes, I'm gon na give it 20 minutes and then we'll come back okay. So, while that's still sitting we're gon na go ahead and start mixing the bleach um, I did decide to get the collateral. I don't I'm not good with names. Okay, y'all see the name. Brand y'all can just go pick it up at the store. Oh okay, thankfully, that landed inside the container okay. So I'm going to use a whole package, try to make sure you're standing far back from it, so you're not getting that all in your nose, because it is very strong and then we're going to use a 30 developer. You just want to make sure you make it thick, so I'm going to start out with a little bit. First, 29.. South Side, I've been finding peace to me foreign. So this is a beautiful consistency right here, it's nice and thick. I can turn it over. It'S not gon na come out. This bad boy is not gon na move. Oh, you can't even see sorry, it's not gon na move. You see that you can turn it over. It'S like. Basically, you want it to look like frozen yogurt. That'S the best way. I can describe it, you have soft, it won't move yeah. You want it to be like that. Okay, it is time to rest this out. Alexa stop! Let'S rinse this out, I'm gon na try my best just to do just the part that we did. Okay, I don't want to get the whole wig wet, but I'm gon na towel dry. This really quick! Please try your best not to go too hard on this again start in the back use a very light hand, foreign foreign. What can I cannot says, I'm trying baby so I'm Gon na Leave This on about 15 minutes and then I'm gon na come back and check on it. The max that I would do is 30 minutes, but I don't even want to get to 30 minutes. Okay, before I go, I want to make sure y'all know do the same thing as before: put it on a towel. I'M not really gon na fight too much this time with this, so I'm just gon na place it on there. It'S been like maybe five minutes. I forgot - I forgot - I forgot to mention I'm gon na foil on this, so it could sit to help speed up the process as well. Okay, so that looks nicely bleached me. I don't know so. I'M gon na rinse this out and then we're gon na wash it and I don't think I'm gon na blow dry it. I think I'm just gon na. Let it air dry then we'll be done now. I'M just gon na wash it with some purple shampoo. Okay! So I'm just kind of massaging it in for a few seconds to make sure like it gets really good in there and I didn't buy any toner. So it is gon na still have like a little Hue to it, but it shouldn't be as bad as it was um if you can see okay so before I condition it, let me show y'all what it looks like, but, as you can see, it looks pretty Darn good night, I think I'm gon na let it sit with this conditioner for about like 10 minutes. Okay, guys we are back. I am going to rinse the conditioner out um, it's honestly probably been sitting for maybe like 30 minutes to an hour um I blow dry, my sister's hair braided it and everything. So it's all prepped and ready for this wig. So all I need to do now is go ahead and rinse this out real, quick, it's a pretty good quality. I can't deny it Sheen. Did they thing raggedy towel? So I'm not using my good towel for a week. I'M gon na take that now so now that it's wet it's gon na make it a little bit easier for me to look okay. So when you do put your wig on your mannequin, they have these lines for a reason. You just want to make sure that you line it up. The line in the middle is for when you want to do a middle part, I'm going to make sure that this wig is centered properly. I want to make sure that the middle is in the middle. Let me put me some wig pens in I finally bought some t-pins um. I don't have a stand, so I'm gon na like do this right here. I need to go, buy one and can y'all just let me know how the lighting is. I got some new ring lights and I am really loving them all right now that that's back, I'm now going to part out kind of like the baby hairs, but really that first row, because we don't want to pluck the very front. Remember you tonight, foreign okay, so the first thing I am gon na do is kind of go in sections. I think I'm gon na do this middle section first and I'm gon na try my best so y'all can see nice and tight and you just want to go in so like right here, I'm gon na start off center make sure you actually play the nut, not The actual hair, so that right there you can we're gon na Skip One make against you, foreign, I'm going to hold forward, because I don't want it to be too crazy. I mean you buy a wig for a reason. I just don't believe in like making her look super thin, because if you've ever seen it in person it don't look that good shape. Teach you okay, so I think I'm gon na stop there because, like I said I don't want to twist too much foreign looks like now like I said: I'm not a heavy tweezer. I don't really like to do too much, please that's about what I have right. Now not too much you know because they did a pretty good job.

GraciousMing: You did a great job customisation can’t wait to see your sis slay in it

Thankyounext: You did so good omg!

Elcee’s POV: ❤❤❤

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