Pumpkin Spice Latte Hair Color

Do you love #Chunky #Highlights ? I love that it makes the #MonePiece pop out at you and the warm #copper #brown #red #hair for the base color is just so perfect for the #Fall season. Here is her recipe.

Highlights: #LiftMeUp

20g Magnum8

14g LiftMeUp Passion Bright Blonde

14g Oil Lift Booster

40g 40vol

Base Color: Her starting level is 3-4

1️⃣5g DarkShadows + 55g 7CRc + 10vol on rootàge

2️⃣7CRc 20vol mids

3️⃣7CRc 30vol ends

All formulas I added in #Olaplex no1 and #GuyTang #Mydentity Collagen Powder to protect and keep the hair strong.

Styled using the new #MyHero Collagen Shield Spray before blow drying. I use the #MyHairLube on ends on dry hair. After I most the mids to ends with #MyDefender heat protection before curling her hair to protect from iron. I then most her hair with #MyPower Spray to give hold and volume to the hair.

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So, as I check the back here, you can see the lift me up bright, retain the lob that bright blonde vibrancy that it's going to complement the copper color that we're going to do yeah. I am here with my friend and client Lauren hello. I have been together since 2012., so over 10 years, yes, but when's the last time I colored your hair 2020. So two and a half years ago, yeah, you grew a lot. So most of this is Virgin Hair. So we have a lot to work with. What color are we going to do today? Lauren, I'm excited. I would like to do. Maybe red coppery ish with some chunky, highlight money piece. So take a look at how long her hair is. It literally touched the top of her butt. This is a lot of hair, so we're going to cut off a little bit here and you're. Okay, we cut off some hair right. Yes, I'm perfectly fine with it, so we're gon na cut off about this. Much are you ready, I'm ready? Okay, I'm gon na cut this off. Okay, all right, so we're gon na do the big cut, so I'm just gon na grab her ends here. We'Re gon na cut off just about this much. So I get to work my way up. I just need enough okay. What do you think is that? Okay, that's fine. Are you mad at me? No, that's, not too bad okay, so I'm gon na even this out, don't judge it and then we're gon na start. Coloring, I am so excited today, for you cause you're gon na go copper. Can we talk about the 7crc? This is my favorite color ever so looking at Lauren's, hair she's, a natural level, five on the Swatch when we think about level five, the underlying pigment to level five. Is you see lots of Orange lots of gold a little bit of red so as you're lifting the level five you exposed underlying pigments? So when you use 7c or C over, the hair is not going to look as vibrant, because it's going to mix with the underlying tone which Browns out that copper and gives it more red. So you're going to look more like a red fiery. Color, that's more naturalized than the Swatch that you see here. So the exciting part is the seven CRC is going to be all over the back. But we're gon na give her a blonde money piece, and this is where Lift Me Up comes into play, because, if you're to use your lightener, whether you're using big, nine or Magnum 8 Lightner lifts the hair and then either gets it to a 9 or 10. And sometimes it lifts it too much and it's too lawn and you try to put gold back in, but then it looks muddy and that's the worst thing for a redhead. So this is where Lift Me Up bright is going to be your best friend the bright formula. Kind of gives you that tone of gold brightness that you see here, so it complements the copper. So, with the Lift Me Up mixing ratio, there are three mixing options and I'm just gon na put the chart here, make sure you screenshot it because there's three mixing options and after you screenshot it make sure you print it out and then put it right next To your back bar area in the salon where you mix color, so you have the original standard. Lift second option: is you have extra lift soft tone that one lifts the hair, but it leaves a lot of the underlying pigment and little toning is happening because some people like to see a little bit raw brightness coming through and then the third option is the Extra lift Max Tone. The extra lift Max Tone makes sure that you lift the hair to its maximum potential and then deposit the maximum tone. So you get the maximum lift and vibrancy all at once, and that's what we're going to use on you today, alright! So we're gon na go with the extra lift Max Tone, so we're going to use the bright lift me up, so the mixing ratio would be 20 grams of Magnum eight. So we're going to do 20 grams. Make sure you measure the scale always measure. So you know what you're working with okay, so I'm going to do 14 grams of bright. Lift me up. I find that I use this formula more than anything. The bright is a very vibrant gold, a lot of times when we lighten the hair. We always think we have to use something Pearl or ashy. Not everybody needs Ash. Take a look at her hair. If she was copper, could you imagine it's not going to complement it, but look if you put the gold next to Copper, how it really enhances that copper and complements it? Not everybody needs that Ash. We got to get out of that mindset. Okay. So now I'm going to do 14 grams of the oil booster always use this. When you're doing the Lift Me Up, Lift and tone system. Okay, so we're going to use sturdy volume I chose to do 30 is because, even though her hair is level five, I don't need to lift her hair to a level heaven. We don't want to override the gold, so with 30 volume she's going to get a lot of gold that naturally occur and then also we're gon na add the gold in so it's gon na be vibrant. So when it sits next to the Copper, it makes sense. So you don't want to overlift, otherwise you won't have a background color to support it. So you can see here if I overlift next to the Copper, there isn't going to be enough gold here to support and it's going to look too contrasting next to the Copper. So a level 9 Gold will actually look very nice next to the Copper, color, so 40 grams of 30 volume and we're going to whip this right on up and we're going to start applying. You ready ready. So I sectioned Lauren's hair into four quadrants. I'M gon na start in the back section, we're going to do the air touch technique and we're only going to hit the money piece, the face frame and the hair on her nape area. So I'm not gon na highlight her hair throughout because the goal is to have this Ginger Spice 90 piece effect. So I want you to see the nape area. So if you look at her hair underneath you can see that her nape hair is very short. You can choose to highlight this if you want to. I know a lot of us like to because oh the hair could be tied up, but the situation is the hair down. Here is very fine. It breaks very easily and oftentimes. When you put blonde hair, you draw attention to the hair here and it looks like breakage, so I really prefer to avoid the hair underneath give that slice and go right above it just keep moving to see where the length starts. So you can see here's her short hair, here's, the long hair you want to avoid highlighting this and highlight this. Otherwise this will look like breakage. So this tells me I can start highlighting from here. Moving up, I am gon na go right underneath that occipital just low enough, so you get enough blonde in so that way, there's enough strength in that blonde, but enough strength within that block of copper color. On top we're going to take a slice right across there and we're going to start doing the air touch technique. Take a clip flip this hair out the way and use your blow dryer and your blow dryer should have concentrator nozzle attached to it. This will help streamline the airflow start, the scout and you're going to blow out all the short pieces, because you do not want to highlight short pieces short pieces will just draw attention. Look at how much short pieces we have next to that long piece. Look! How much longer this is - and I love using a foil board so make sure you use a full board. Have your foil board ready on hand, put your foil with the foil board down and if you have any situation where any hair likes to get in the way, just use your comb tuck. That back use the board to apply pressure against the head now you're going to apply, Lift Me Up bright blonde. I like to start at the mids and paint my way up just like so what you're going to love about Lift Me Up is the consistency. It spreads so easily it penetrates right through without much work, and that's one of the reasons why I love it. We have to work smarter, not harder. Okay, there's not enough time in this lifetime, so make sure you pack on most of the product on the mids and ends the little bit of product. You can stroke up to the rutaj air. So for the back here I am going to fold foil all the way up because heat conduction. What I find is that when you do a full overlay, the hair down here doesn't get slight because it's so far away from the gout. So if you want more lift oftentimes, I will fold the fold up and then you repeat this until you finish this whole block - and this is not much. This is very easy to do and I repeat this on the right side and then we can get to the front of her face frame alright. So I already finished the nape area, and now I'm working around Lauren's face during the face frame. What'S really important is that you go parallel to the shape in the hairline, so you can use your clip in the back to really take a slice. It'S really good to take a thin slice you don't have to, but I recommend taking a thin slice. So when you blow the hair out, it's more consistent, so I already have three foils back to back here and I'm going to do five foils back to back to stay consistent with everything. So five foils in the back five foils around the parietal five foils around the money piece at the top, so you can see here. I hold the hair in a flat panel out holding on to the length of the hair. Take that blow dryer and remember. I have a clip under here. I find that the clip really helps as you work up the section and then get that blow dryer right at the rootage, as I call it and then kind of move that concentrator nozzle down the hair shaft and you can see here, there's the short hair and There'S the long hair look at the difference here right you never want to draw attention to short hair. Never, even if I was to back comb the hair, it would be the same thing I'm pushing back the short hair holding on to the long hair. So if you want to do the back combing technique, you can I find that when I do the air touch technique, I could get closer to the scalp, but you don't have to to. Sometimes the back. Combing creates a nice cushion that I like to work with too. So it's really up to you and the method you're going to do so. You can see. I have the foil onto the board. Now this is the method I want to share with you that I like to do if you're working with the product that you feel might be a little thicker with lift me up. I don't have that situation because it'll Lift Me Up penetrates so well, but you can do this. You could paint on the board first and then lay the hair down just like so so now you would take the comb and then you would comb the hair on top of the product, and so that way you have a flat linear placement of the product to Adhere to so you get more, even saturation, just recomb the hair right back down to get the hair to line up straight again, reapply just a little bit more on the ends feather through. So you can hold your board there. So you can fold the foil up and it's up to you. Sometimes I remove the board first, but I find that if I lay the board anchoring onto the foil, it's a lot more easier for me to foil a little bit with more tension. So remember not to create a crease along the the bottom right here. You need that bubble for oxidation. I like to only fold the inside just so there's no leakage coming out the bottom due to gravity, because gravity happens and everything likes to seep out the bottom. So that way you could cradle the product inside you take that clip from underneath and clip right over the top here to ensure that when you do the next sectioning it lays flat, so the air from the blow dryer doesn't blow the foil underneath the way. So you see one two three four: I just need one more and I'll be done with this side and we do the exact same thing on the other side and then that money piece on top and then we're going to base around and everything will be done In one step, and that's the cool thing about lift me up alright, so I finished foiling the whole entire head of Lauren. So, as I check the back here, you can see the lift me up right retain a lot of that bright blonde vibrancy that it's going to complement the copper color that we're going to do we're going to start off with our first Formula, which is seventh CRC. With 10 volume at the scalp 7 CRC, with 20 volume on the mids and 7 CRC, with 40 volume on the ends. Now, why do you? I choose 40 volume versus 30 volume, because I really want the lift to be really strong. Now keep in mind. This is permanent color permanent color can only lift so much, and also it's off the scalp we're not doing 40 on the scalp we're doing 40 on the ends where she needs more energy, because this is the cold shaft. We want it to really explode with bright vibrancy. Now: here's how permanent hair color works, the higher the developer, the less color deposit, you're gon na get so down here, you're going to get less deposit because you're using higher volume developer - and this goes across the board with any product line any color brand. So when I use 40 volume, I'm going to expose more of the underlying pigment, so the hair would appear brighter, even though I'm getting less dye deposit, because the hair naturally has orange in it at a lower level. It'S going to work in my favor and you'll, see right here so in my first Formula, you're, going to see that I have seven CRC with 10 volume. The second bolt is 7 CRC, with 20 volume, it's nice and coppery. This is what the box look like. The permanent color box is in the white plots and guiding my daddy and you'll see seven CRC right here on the box. Seven CRC is my favorite color. I know you're gon na love. It too. It'S so potent it's the most brightest, most vibrant, copper, orange you'll. Ever experience in a permanent color line, if you want to soften up the tone, you can mix seven CRC with Twilight, dream seven to naturalize the tone to be more Brown, copper. You can mix 7crc with naked glow 9 to create more of a natural ginger. Copper blonde color. If you need to it's very potent so sometimes you can just only put five grams or 10 grams of seven CRC, but today we're going to use full on 7crc because we want the full potency all right. So first Formula we're going to apply right on her rootage. Very simple: just apply it right on that scalp and because it's 10 volume you're not going to get that pot root effect with coppers and red a lot of times, because the scalp naturally has heat from it. The hair is fresh there, so the Scout wants to. Naturally, glow really bright orange and you want to avoid that by using a lower volume developer. So keep in mind I chose bright. I chose maximum lift because we want to complement her red with the blonde, because there's so many different shades of blonde and for the last decade I feel like we're constantly feeling like we have to cancel out the warmth and what I love about this last two Years is we've been embracing, warmth more than ever, and warm colors are actually very easy to do and it's actually a lot more healthier for the hair. So some of my favorite Comic Book Heroes all have red hair. I love dark Phoenix. I love black widow. I love poison ivy. I love Batgirl that woman, you name it like all. The fierce characters are redheads. What are some of your favorites? This isn't really a comic book, but I love Jessica Rabbit, oh The Little Mermaid and the Little Mermaid for me. Redheads are beautiful. I love red hair, I'm here for it I'm here for this Evolution. All the celebrities are going red hair now. Have you noticed that yeah yeah we have Kendall Jenner, we uh Lindsay. Lohan went back to Red, which I think is really cool. Wasn'T she blonde for a while yeah, but I love right. I liked her with I've always liked Lindsay Lohan with red, because for a lot of Asian people we naturally have a lot of red in our hair. So, for the longest time when we're lightening our hair, we've always been trying to defy it, but now we're realizing. You know, copper and orange is our friend and it's a very beautiful color and everything I do now I put orange everywhere. I love wearing orange. When I can, I love orange Lighting in all of my music videos. Orange makes me happy, so I want to know what took so long for you to decide. Now is the time to do copper, red hair everybody's always known me as this really long brown-haired girl, there's never a change at all. I'Ve always just stuck to the same look over and over get it again and then it got boring. You got to do something different, you got ta evolve and you have really beautiful green eyes. Thank you. So I feel like this cup of red hair is gon na make her green eyes pop. Like popcorn, I can't wait. I want to show you how we navigate this back here. So take a look look back here. This is very important to take a look at because this is something we don't ever think about when we're basing the hair color in between the highlights. So you want to tap into the hair in between the foils, with that 10 volume tap it just like. So this helps the base color blend in with the Highlight a lot more, I unfolded the foil, so they can lay flat. So I get to navigate it accordingly, blend it right in and it's okay, don't worry about the base color touching to lift me up because it works just fine. This is going to blur together and that's, what's going to create, like almost like a shadow root on its own, which is really cool, so just like so tap tap, tap and lift the hair up, and this is no reason why I do like the air touch Technique because I get to really put the color in between the hair, that's hanging out because have we have back combed her hair. All of this will then back home up and you won't be able to have access to base the color right around the highlights. So you can see here how it's easy to navigate through because of air touch technique. Otherwise, if it's a backcomb, you have to scrunch the color and which takes a lot more product. It'S also a lot more work, it's also a lot more messy, so you can see here. This is all the 10 volumes formula, lift the hair up and work your way up, and this is where your hand comes in, to hold the hair. So you have access to all of the strands in the nape area, just like so and then lay the hair down flat. So that way, you can refold the flaps back up to go back in with the 20 volume in between, and it's really cool to open up the foil and see how light the hair got and you can see how the bright golden blonde actually supplement and complement Her copper a lot more so watch as I fold this hair up. You see this flap that we have here. Sometimes it becomes our best friend. We grab that flap fold it back on down and lift the hair up boom, you're able to navigate and access the hair under there with more precision and cleanliness, because that is very important tint. So I'm going to do this around her whole entire head. When I come back with a 20 bottom, so we are now on our second formula, which is 7crc with 25 volume. I am merging the ritage from it down to the mid shaft, I'm leaving the ends out, keep in mind. Her ends from two and a half years ago, I based her with six at night, and I'm hoping all that grew out. Let'S just cross our fingers. That'S why I'm going in with 40 volume to really create that disruption in the melanin to really make that past color get distorted, so the permanent color can penetrate. We do have to lift me up in there processing. So that should be a tell sign that it should be okay, so I'm just gon na spread this through all the mid shaft area, and then I'm gon na go in with our last formula with 40 volume after this. So this is the last formula which is seven CRC with 40 volume. I want high energy here as much as possible, so I'm using 7crc with 40 volume, I'm applying it through the end, so I'm also swiping it up to meet the 20 volume like this. So that way the 20 to 30 meet together. It almost creates a 30. So it's like 10, 20, 30. 40.. By merging it together. We need a lot of energy in the cold shaft and I want to be as vibrant as possible because her hair is really dark. The 7crc remember because it has more red and brown pigments down at a natural five she's gon na look more like a fiery red copper. If you apply 7crc on someone who's like a level a or nine you're gon na get more fiery orange copper. So it's really really cool. It'S all about your canvas. Your background color so always consider that the 7 CRC is a must-have in Your Arsenal. So just make sure you really saturate the hair, so I always make sure to go back in and open it up. I'M gon na let her process for 30 minutes and that's it Lauren. How do you feel about that? Oh, I'm so excited all right after 30 minutes we'll be back all right. It'S time to rinse out the 7crc, I'm so excited about this Lauren. How you feel awesome amazing? What you want to do is rinse out the 7crc first, because you don't want it to bleed all over the blonde. Unless you do, because that's a look too. Sometimes I like to squish the color into the blonde, so it merge. But we want a little bit of Separation here, so it's a little bit dramatic, so right here, I'm rinsing all that copper out. What I want to see first thing is to make sure that her ends took because we did use 40 volume on there and she does have past color. Usually when the shampoo touches the hair, it really tells me a lot put a little shampoo on it. Oh, it smells nice. Of course it smells nice. This guy Tang my identity, my Confidant color securing shampoo. Okay. So take a look here. It worked. I could see the copper look. I know it's more of a natural copper because the hair was not bleached first. So it's not like quite as bright and orange as Ginger Spice, but that's okay. Oh, I think I told you that beforehand, right yeah, you did you did I'll say yours might be more. Natural is going to work. It'S gon na be gorgeous when your hair is naturally dark and you're using 7crc or any copper color. It'S going to look more like a copper brown, because the hair has not been bleached and that's what makes it look natural and beautiful. You get that like a cinnamon Redwood all right, so you want to apply olaplex number two first over the hair. Let this sit for about five minutes. I love to do this because it closes the cuticle it ensures. The color doesn't bleed it also reconstructs and rebuild the bonds of the hair. It does have a pH of 3.5, like I said so, that's very important after a lightening treatment - and you can see this color is so beautiful. It'S perfect for fall. Look at this Dimension. I mean: can we talk about this copper color with her bright blonde highlights? This is gorgeous okay, so we're going to use gai Tang, my Confidant color securing shampoo. It smells so good. What I love about this is that it keeps your hair feeling clean for a long time. So your hair has a lot of volume body and it brings Clarity, so you can see the color in high def, which is very very important. So I I just sprayed the guy Tang cuticle sealer and hair softening treatment. It'S the my hero! X2. It'S amazing! I spray it throughout the hair. It closes the cuticle further, more lock in the colors moves out. The hair make the hair feel softer instantly on contact. As I lift and spray her hair out here, you can literally see how beautiful all of the colors look in her hair. It'S gorgeous and warm. Now I'm pumping the guy Tang, my Confidant color securing conditioner to overlay on top of the X2, my hair treatment. This is a cool thing: it's because you get to Overlay right on top, it saves time, and it feels so good. I'M going to put the guy tank, my coconut color securing conditioner on her mids and ends right over the X2, just like so leave it on. For one minute, we're going to rinse this out and we'll be back, questions turned into answers together and we're back lord. How do you feel about your hair? I feel like a new woman, you love it yeah. I love it. I just wait. It'S worth it right. Yeah, it was very much worth it two and a half years. Only two and a half years. Your color is so beautiful. It'S like a cinnamon Rosewood Brown, there's like yeah fire and some copper like Rosewood and that's the thing. The CRC is very vibrant, because her hair is naturally dark. You can see how it couples with her brown hair to create this beautiful fiery. Cinnamon brown that looks like Rosewood and can we talk about the lift me up bright, highlights done in one step. The highlights complement the base color and that's the key Point here is that we didn't try to get her hair, Platinum white. We didn't try to tone it. This is what you get in one step with lift me up. This is a big deal and how you get to do multiple colors in one step, lift through previously color treated, hair and boom. Her color looks like this look at this beautiful base. Color look look at that, it's so rich. It looks shinier and healthier. If you will right anyway, thumbs up subscribe, you can purchase a color at solanary.com I'll, put the link below my identitycolor.com as well as cosmoprofbeauty.com cosmoprofit stores and Armstrong McCall stores as well and thumbs up subscribe, leave your comments, and I hope you enjoyed this video and I'M going to leave you with my latest music video bye, like this

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