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Hi guys welcome to my channel so today today is about this ashmory lace frontal week right here. The hair is actually 24 inches long and it's brownish red in color. This is exactly what the hair looks like straight out of the bugs and the hair actually came with loads of amazing goodies as well. You get your elastic band and eyelashes a wig cap and baby hair comb and look at that. The cold pattern of the wave pattern of the hairstyle of the box is amazing. Look at that. I love love, love the wave pattern of the hair, it's so so gorgeous and the color of the hair guys. The color is exactly the same way as it is on their website and I'm really really impressed with the quality of the hair. I'M going to show you guys how I install the hair using just spray, and the hair comes with three comes at the front and one comb at the back, meaning you can actually install this area out any glue or gel. But for today's Duke I decided to go for spring, so that's the only thing I'm going to use to install this air. The insulation is very straightforward, as you can tell itself, is the knittery as well. All I'm doing here is cutting of the excess lace on the air Tab and then, like so much like measuring the lace to my hair, you know from inside a to side B. Lift that makes sense. So all I did was just apply. This spray bring it the lace or my hairline and then place the lace exactly where I applied this print and then press it down for you to lay flat on the wig. Sorry on the on the spray then apply the lace again to further melt the hair by applying the elastic band that came straight with a packaging. That'S all for this installation, and the next thing I'm going to be doing. Look at that. Look at that. Please say show me the list it melted into my skin effortlessly and then I cut off the excess slice and then voila. We had get to go very, very simple, easy, beginner, friendly application, and then I use my Foundation. The foundation as such of my beauty, sponge, with the remaining of my Foundation to blend further blend the hair and it's pretty pretty again and then melts it again with the elastic band, and that was it guys, melted like melted. I didn't actually tie it anyway. I just pressed it down for like five seconds I like doing this, but I don't show it on my videos most of the time, but I like doing this. If I really want it to melt, look at that voice releases. Please show me the lace. This is my natural hair. There'S nothing! You can say about this: it's definitely my natural hair, I'm joking guys. I really really love the lace of the wig. It'S very very easy to work with very, very soft, and you know I love it, and all I did now is just use. My carry care was stick to um melt, the hair down for it um. What'S that thing called again, what comes I'm all over the place? Don'T mind me: I'm just excited about this, really, I'm still wearing the hair. As I speak, and I am loving it, I got a lot of compliment in regards to this hair color. I am impressed about how many people stopped me wearing this week. Oh my God, I love your hair. Oh my God. I love your hair and I've been wearing the hair for days now, like I'm going to almost a week but yeah I love it. I love love, love the hair, very, very soft and silky to touch, and I love the fact that the color was exactly the same as it was on their websites as well. Bear in mind that you can actually style this anyhow, you like, because it's dating by six legs from your wig, so I decided to call the Hair for you guys. Obviously, as you know, we would always test how well the hair checked to cause, and I am very impressed with how well the hair took to cause, as you guys can tell. I only called the hair for like few seconds and the clothes were popping. I heard it for like six seconds or 10 seconds, but it goes well open like popping. If you want a tighter calls guys, you can actually go for a round call, but I don't really want to go for that league. But I decided to go for like a body wave type of look which I am loving, the curls are still poppiness. I speak with you guys, despite the fact that it's been days like seriously the quality of these eggs, just amazing, I'm calling the hair away from my face from side to side. Just to give me that gorgeous simple, you know beachy wave type of look if that makes sense and yeah. That is it for today's look very easy, very straightforward, very beginner friendly and I am a huge, huge fan of action Mary here. If you guys don't know, then please feel free to check out the description box below. You definitely find Details more about their hair and I can guarantee you that if you check out their website, you will definitely find something for you and your loved ones, especially now that Christmas is going now they're having amazing sales. So if you check out their website, you, you know amazed and you'll, be rest assured that you're getting quality here guys look at the airline of this air, like you can't tell me. Otherwise this is my air guys. This is my look at the airline melted. Like super melted, so I use the you know blow dryer. I couldn't take home the way you know to give me that body wave pattern which I am loving right now look at that gorgeous absolutely gorgeous so so stunning, and yet look at that. I was actually feeling myself no tangling, no shedding no nasty smell whatsoever, and the hair is also definitely true to length, and I decided to give you guys a bit more. You know spice. I hope you like this style today, because I love that I really really loved it because it framed my face really really well, and I look like I'm 10 years old yeah. I love it. Look at that. You can actually style it. Just like your own natural hair, very, very versatile and very very you - know soft and easy to work with and yeah. That'S it. Thank you guys. So much for watching and I'll see you in my next one. Please don't forget to check out Ash, maybe website for more details and check my description box for any code or yep. Thank you guys I'll see you in the next one hi guys welcome to my channel. So today's today is about this ash Murray lace front two week right here guys. I am feeling myself look at that the air is actually giving me life like seriously. The color is giving gorgeousness the color is giving everything it's supposed to give look at how gorgeous the hair is very soft and the installation is also beginner friendly, no glue, no gel, nothing at all and the lace melted into my skin effortlessly. Like this show me the lace, where is the lace like? Please just show me the lace, the lace melted effortlessly into my skin. I really really love how soft the hair feels and the texture of the hair, the volume of the hair and the length of the hair. Everything is just screaming Perfection like I love this. I really really love this and I can't stop touching the hair. So if you guys don't know ashimeri hair, they are a brand that sells all types of lace wig on their website. They have lace, frontal wig, they have less closure. With the you know, they have all types of hair, color, length and styles on their website. You check out their website. You definitely find something for you and your loved ones. So far so good. I love this air and I love the fact that everything about this air just stick every boxes that I would have loved in a colored hair like seriously. Look at that, I'm really impressed with the lace of this week guys, and I love the fact that the hair has also been pre-plugged straight out of the box, so you don't have to do anything at all. All you have to do is you know, cut your lace, spray apply your hairspray and you would be good to go in actual fact, you don't have to do anything at all because of the hair straight out of the box is absolutely stunning, like absolutely stunning, as You guys can tell the hair is definitely true to length it's actually 24 inches, but in my opinion it looks more like 26 inches. It'S definitely true to length and more and the texture of the hair is just amazing. Look at that. Let'S find the fact that the hair is colored, I didn't experience any shading or tangling whatsoever. I love how voluminous the hair is, and yet the texture of the hair is gorgeous. Look at that. I am feeling myself now. I would definitely be rocking this air throughout this early day period. I really recommend this uh. Absolutely I'll definitely recommend this egg, because in terms of the color of the hair is definitely a plus for me, because it's exactly the way it looks on their website. You are definitely getting what you paid for and in terms of the texture of the of the hair is definitely a plus. For me, the quality of the hair is amazing and I didn't experience any shading or tangling whatsoever and in terms of their shipping, their shipping was really really cool. It took exactly five days to get in the UK, which, for me, is really amazing and another thing I love about. The hair is fact that the lace of the hair is super, duper soft and very, very easy to work with. So you have nothing to worry about. You can definitely use your spray gel glue or anything at all to install this air, which is really really amazing and yeah, and I would definitely recommend that you guys check out ashmiri hair. They have loads loads loads of amazing hair on their website that you will be confused as to which one to go first, so yeah, that's my thoughts about the hair. So far, I'll leave the details of the hand description box below, please feel free to check out the vendor, and let me know what you guys think and I'll see you in my next one bye, guys

Bidemi: Hair colour is popping Perfect for the season and you look gorgeous as always

Just A person.: Gorgeous love this hair so stunning on you

Esther Eribake: Your hair makeup and nails is on point ❤

0tismadaline: Absolutely gorgeous dear and thanks for sharing

TEHNIK HABIBI BAROKAH: The hair is really beautiful the color goes well with your skin tone and your nails is giving

ADERONKE VLOGS: The hair is really beautiful the color goes well with your skin tone and your nails is giving

Stephanie Laytes: The hair colour is fire, you made the install look easy. I will checkout their website for the 26 inch love length

BARBARAXJESSE: Woowww You look like 10 years as you said o So beautiful Omo what a beauty come do mine abeg ❤️

Donkey AdamL.: Good video. Have a great day. Greetings.

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