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The wig I received is from: https://www.ririhair.com

RIRIHAIR provides great virgin hair wigs for beginners. They require little to no work. The hairline is pre-plucked, it is made to be wider & thinner so there will be no need for plucking to achieve this your desired look. The knots are bleached properly. It won't cause shedding. It looks as natural as silk base wigs. They also added an extra elastic band in the back, so the hairline will fit any forehead very well. The elastic band is adjustable & removable.

Direct Link to the hair:


Body Wave Virgin Brazilian Hair Lace Front Wig [RLW02]

Hair Type: Brazilian Virgin Hair

Hair Length: 18"

Color: Natural Color

Wig Density: 150%

Cap Construction: 4.5" Part Lace Front Wig

Cap Size: M (22.5in)

Lace Color: Light Brown

Hairline: Pre-Plucked hairline

Bleached Knots: Whole front bleached

Elastic Brand: YES (Adjustable & Removable)

Use code (Queeny) to get $15 off.

RiriHair website: https://www.ririhair.com/

Free shipping world wide by Fedex, DHL.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ririhaircom/...

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ririhaircom

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiafT...


Ethnicity: Ghanaian

Age: 23

Location: TORONTO


HAIR TYPE: Natural


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Hey guys, what's up cleaning here, welcome back to my channel if you're in you make sure you hit that subscribe button, because it is free just for today and if you're already subscribed. Thank you for coming back. Obviously, you can see from the title. This is all gon na be about weights and how I install my wigs today is a hair that I'm gon na be using is from a company called RiRi hair, and I'm just gon na show. You guys how I install my wigs for when I don't want to use any glue or any like sewing, or anything like that. I secure it without having to have like a permanent hold on it, so I can take it off at night. Basically, so just a little bit about the hair, I'm going to be using a 18 inch body, wave, lace, front, wig and the packaging came very nicely comes with a nice little bow in a box, and then you open it has all the information. The wig. I see comes in a hairnet and some stuffing so it keeps its shape and then it comes with a nice hairbrush for the hair away cap and basically everything you need to install this hair. Ok, so let's just get right into this, and the reason I mentioned that you don't need bleach for this tutorial is because this way already comes bleach too, which I was actually really surprised, that a lot of companies say that that's not your bleach, but they're, not Actually, if you don't want to bleach your hair, anyways I'll, explain how you can kind of camouflage that first things. First, you have to start with your base, which is your head, and I really try to make sure that the quano is that I do are super small or as small as you can make it, and then I have this cap on it. That is close to my skin color and then all I'm doing is just I'm literally just putting it on my head and then we'll work with it. Ok, so I think I saw I did not do anything to my cap underneath I didn't glue it down. I didn't spray it down. I didn't cut it, I'm literally just leaving it like this, so I'm just gon na pull it back a little bit right there. So you can see that my hairline and the method that I'm going to be using is really gentle. So I'm not probably not going to lose my after this. Hopefully this wig already has on combs in it. So it clips nicely in the back and if your weight doesn't have combs in it, add a comb to it, put it in the back part and that's about it. Okay, so now I'm just gon na flip. This part up like this and I'm gon na take some got to be free spray. So this is what I'm gon na use to secure it, and then I'm gon na add a few other things after this just to make sure it looks nice and clean, and in this process I like to do three layers of the free spray. It'S not too strong, so you can take it off easily a little bit of water or just going in the shower. The humidity will like loosen up. You can either use an actual blow-dryer or you can just use a fan and just kind of make sure that it gets sticky. Sometimes it is cuz I feel like I have more control over it drying too fast or too slowly. I feel like this is the most basic way to put on a wig. If you don't know how you'll need any special tools, if you have a hairspray, that's not forgot to be free straight. You can use one. That'S like just a strong hold hairspray. Do the exact same thing, it doesn't have to be got to be it. I just find that this one is the strongest okay, so now that the hairspray is a little bit sticky, I'm just gon na pull down the lace to the spot that I want it, which is just a little bit in front of my edges. For the sake of this video and time, I'm just gon na use a blow dryer cuz, okay, so this is just the first little layer, I guess, of the securing process. Okay, so the next thing to do, if you don't have glue - or if you don't want to use glue, make sure you have an elastic band at the back of your way. So this one, thankfully already comes with one, so I actually don't have to put any on myself. So all you have to do is secure a band right from where your ear is so you can see it right here and one right here, all the way across. So when you, when you cook it up or when you put it on your head, it pulls your frontal back and lays it flat. So then you don't have to sew it down or glue it down and when, if something pulls on it or if you know it's a little windy, it's not gon na go anywhere because it's actually attached at the back your head. So it's laying pretty flat. I'M still gon na go in and do a few more things, but it is not going anywhere and I haven't even glued it down. So that's always good. I'M gon na go ahead and get some ecostyler and just lay my edges. So then it camouflages the little line, but you guys can barely see like the difference between my lace and my head right now and we haven't even done anything else. All I'm doing is taking it a little edge brush and I'm dipping it in some eco styler and I'm just gon na start swooping. My edges in the spots that I feel like would look the best and for this week I actually didn't pluck anything because it came pre plucked and then I just trimmed it with a little eyebrow thing. So you can pull out some hairs and cut them down. If you want just like that, and then you can add it to your edges, okay, so even though the doctor bleach, you might find that you can still kind of see the difference between your lace and your head. So obviously you have the freedom to camouflage that or you can just leave it alone. It'S up to you! If you cut your lace short enough, you won't see much so personally, I like to go in with a little bit of a foundation powder, so I use the one that matches my skin. Obviously, and then I just try to camouflage the line right here and then now I'm going to take some mousse and put it on my hairline right here when it comes to the actual part. In my hair I like to go in with an eyeshadow. That is a little bit lighter than my skin tone. You can mix your foundation powder and a like neutral, like beige color powder, to kind of create the perfect scalp color. So I'm just using like a neutral color, because obviously the color of my wig cap underneath is still showing through. But I want it to be. A little bit lighter and then I'm just gon na take an eyebrow, spoolie and dip it in some black eyeshadow just a little bit and I'm going to soothe the little hairs right here, because sometimes they get uhm. They start to look different because of the face. Hotter that I'm using, if you feel like you've, overdone the foundation powder, you can kind of neutralize it with a light translucent setting powder that isn't yellowy okay, so that is basically it my hair is secure and there isn't too much going on. Obviously, like I said, you can kind of reduce the amount of baby hairs that you put on the wig, but nothing is moving. This keeps it down with this and some eco styler and you're good to go. But the most important thing is having a nice secure band in the back and having some clips in your hair and just making sure that your wig is in the right spot, so that kind of like shapes your face, so that is basically it for this video. That'S how I secure my wig without having to do too much, there's not too much commitment, because, as soon as you spread some water, it's really easy to take off. So that is it. Obviously. This wig makes it easier for this to work, because the knots are bleached. The hair color is done, it's pretty plucked. Everything is done for you. So if you're interested this information will be in the description box, you guys can check it out the products that I use I'll also list down below. So you know how to do this for yourself. So if you liked this video make sure you give it a thumbs up, don't forget to subscribe comment down below turn on the notification bow. So you don't miss any more videos from me and I will see you guys in the next one bye you

Mena_Adubea: Love this - simple and helpful! Wow

ITS JUST JEMIMA: Beautiful!! This hair looks great on you and I agree - the spray is the best!

Taya Views: Your so beautiful and thank you for taking your time to explain how to install wig. I learned a lot and you were straight forward.

debra james: Ok its official you look great with different styles! Live on with style and grace.

Baddest Remixes 804: You're like a God sent . THANK YOU SOOO SOO Much for this .

Ama blakrose: Nice helpful look

YOLANDAA_ DM: Wow beautiful, l think l prefer freeze spray than glue.

Nathalie Johnson: My thing with got2b glue is the stories I hear about it ripping people’s edges ..have you experienced that?

Claudia Gaynor: Where can I get this wig to buy

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