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@Crazywiglady presents a review of the NEW (2022) SUNLIT BLONDE by Estetica on the style Jamison. This color is currently only available on Jamison, Orchid, Avalon, Finn & Jett as of 2/2022. SEE PRODUCT LINKS BELOW!

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Hi and welcome back to wig studio, one, i'm eileen, the crazy wig lady. Today, i'm going to show you a brand new color from estetica designs. This is sunlit blonde and i'm showing it to you on the style jamison one of my very favorite styles. Before we look at this style first, if you're new to our channel, welcome, please join us in our private facebook group, wig studio, one wig and topper support group. We have live educational broadcasts, there, lots of encouragement and support so be sure to join us. There also check the drop down box below this video for ordering information. Everything you need to know about. This wig will be down there, so let's get started and look at jamison and sunlit blonde all right. First, let's just look at jamison one of my very favorite estetica designs, a-line bob lots of movement. It has a lace front, show you that a long side, sweat bang. Now you can steam this off your face. If you would like - or you can wear this completely off due to the lace front, beautiful lace front now, let's talk about the specs, the front of jameson is 10 inches, the crown is 11, the sides are seven and it has that four inch nape very sleek. Very very low density. Now, let's take a look at this color sunlit blonde. Now i'm going to get up here close, so you can see this highlighting it's a very beautifully blended shade. It has the lightest of blonde. As you see, it has some ice blonde running through this, and it has this golden brown root. Now, i'm up close to show you because i think it's very important for me to get close to the camera. So you can see the rooting see the highlighting, but please keep in mind these studio lights do wash out these shades, especially the blonde shades. That'S why it's so important that we show you this color in outdoor lighting, so you really get an accurate look at the color, but i think from back here you can see this color, but it is important to get up close, so you can see it as Well, but again, these lights really can wash out these blondes beautiful, beautiful, new color from estetica. Okay. Now i want to do a little color comparison for you. This is henry margu beautiful, color, 610 613 gr very popular color from henry margu. This is shown on the wig hannah again. This is a blended shade. It has a lot of ash in this color platinum, blondes, and it has these chocolate roots. I want you to see these two together, similar shades very similar, okay, and then i want to show it to you. This color, estetica, rh1488 rt8 darker blonde, has a little bit of copper blonde, highlighting in this golden brown root, so rh1488 rt8 sunlit blonde. Of course, warmer here more gold in this shade by far just giving you a look at these and then again, 10 613 gr, rh1488, rt8 and sunlit blonde that i have on just giving you a little comparison of these colors. Okay: here's a look at the inside of the cap of jamison. There is the smallest amount of permatease here, not a lot lace front into a mono part. Lace front goes all the way down to the temple closed ear, tabs with stays. It has the the hook. Adjusters, it also has a felt non-extended nape and there's a lot of stretch here. This fit me large. I have a 21 and a quarter inch head circumference and i can easily take this in, and here is just another look at this beautiful new color from estetica design, sunlit blonde. I hope you enjoyed this look at jamison in this new beautiful color. Please again join us in our private facebook group week, studio one wig and topper support group and don't forget to go over and like our facebook business page at wig studio one. Thank you so much and i will see you next time.

Marlene's Wig & Chat Studio: Thank you for showing us this beautiful new color and the comparison. Love it on Jamison! xoxo

TAZS WIG CHARM: I'm loving this new color! The rooting on yours is really nice.. true lighter brown than other blondes in the line. And thanks for the comparisons, so helpful! XOXO

Wig Studio 1: @crazywiglady What a great video! You put so much time and effort into this, showing the color comparisons in studio and outdoor lighting. Thank you for being so thorough and helpful. Hugs!! xoxo Andrea

Terri Reyes: Beautifil, beautiful, all of them. Thank you for sharing------you wear them so beautifully!

Margaret Tassey: To my eye, this blonde reads very neutral on the indoor light, but much cooler outside. Wonder how it compares to palm spring blonde. Rooting looks less stark than in some other styles. Thanks for the review.

Mari: Thank you❤! The comparison is super helpful!!

Ibelieveinangels yesido: Nice color! Might have to peek at Jamison again for colors. Blessings! Jackie in upstate NY

Cathy Woodill: What a Wonderful review

Mary ann Mcgowen: Great new color Great comparisons!

Faith Vogel: Would you say this is lighter or more ashy than Palm Springs Blonde by Jon Renau?

Thomas Grafe: Hello :-) This is nice cut and colour.

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