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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, my name is roxy for those of you who are new today, as you guys can see by the thumbnail and the title, i'm going to be styling. This blonde highlighted ombre lace, part wig. Now this unit was sent to me from my first wig and i love working with my first wig, because their units are of a1 quality, no matter whether it's black, hair or processed bleached hair, the hair is always on point. The unit i'm styling today is 20 inches in length. The texture is silky and i got a cap size one today. Hopefully this is big enough to fit on my head. Sometimes it is a bit exact and i really have to pull it forward, but we're gon na work it today. The lace color i have today is a light brown in their packaging. They normally send a nice little pouch here with some with some tools that you can use some styling tool, a tail comb. It is heat resistant and i got two of these clips here and they also send a wig conditioning spray. So just looking at the scalp here, i can see that the hair is pre-bleached um. I could go in and do some tweezing, but something tells me that it's not completely necessary, so i'm gon na start working on the lace. I'M just gon na use the clips that they gave me and just clip the hair away so that i have access to the lace. I can see everything i'm working with a lot of lace here, so i'm just going to take the excess lace off because i feel like it's blocking my view and it's so unnecessary. It'S going to come off anyway, so i'm just going to take off the excess. I'M definitely going to cut the lace off first before i glue it, i'm going to be using my sleek stick to um just melt the lace back a little bit better. I'M just going to take my hot comb to kind of push the hair back a little bit further, so i can have even more access to on the hairline before i glue it down, so this works well in combination with the hot comb. Just so i can pull everything back. Do i see why this is a glueless lace? You can definitely wear this without adding any glue or, and when i mean any glue, i mean like any like. Not even you probably don't even need to got to be got to be free spray. You can probably wear your hair down and it'll cover the sides, but like right here is really snug. You see like a nice snug fit. You can honestly just throw this on and go, and i know this to be true, because i because i have the black version to this unit here, but look how nice and snug this is and look how nice the hairline looks like the quality of the hair And the lace is so on point i'm going to take a little bit of the grip gel to put on the top here and i'm just going to run it along here just ever so lightly, with a little bit of the got to be free spray. I'M going to place the unit down okay, so while that's done, i'm just going to take my dryer and cool it okay, so the top part is pretty much done and melted. I'M gon na do the same things to the sides here, so i'm gon na straighten out this hair a little bit more, even though it's pretty straight um, but in the meantime, i'm going to use my stitch elastic band to tie down the hairline to just help. It melt a little bit more and to really set it in place all right, so my hair is pretty much as straight as it's gon na get um. I find out the top using some hairspray, so i used some pantene hair spray right here and i like to do that. It kind of keeps the flyaways down and then i pretty much i don't put anything at um towards the end of the hair. I don't put any products down there, so i don't know whether to bring this piece forward or to have it coming back like here. So i'm gon na use this one. It looks a lot lighter on camera, but this is actually my contour powder and i'm just going to put some along here just to kind of blend it in a little bit more, i'm gon na add some gold accessories to my overall look and i'm gon na Put on my chunky, gold earrings, just to kind of elevate, the look a little bit more okay, okay guys. So this is the finished. Look. I i'm absolutely loving the color, especially because it has a nice dark roots. Um, i'm loving it! It'S giving me like a nice golden summer. Vibe makes me want to go put some shimmer on my skin and go get extra tan in the sun. Like i don't know, i really want to put emphasis on the lace and the hairline right, especially at the top here, how nice and light it is. It'S like the perfect shade. I got the light brown lace and they did pre-bleach it. So i didn't have to do any bleaching at all. I'M really loving this unit. Overall, i can't wait to like wear it out. Um dress it up, like i said, put on like a nice neon color top. This is definitely not my first time working with my first wig and they never fail to impress so i'm going to leave the link to my first wig in the description box below, if you guys want to check out a unit like this. I think it looks great with um, with some nice gold accessories. As you guys know, my accessories are from curio bolt, which is my accessory line. Let me know if you let me know what you guys think about this unit in the comment section below. Thank you guys so much for watching and as usual, i will see you guys in my next video bye


Leelee Angel: This is gorgeous on you❤️

Rena Brown: Whoa the wig prices are ridiculous Awesome Job as usually u look beautiful ❤

Leelee Angel: This is gorgeous on you

Senamile Mdluli: This is beautiful

Fit Taku: Black women are the most beautiful creatures on this earth

Paula Wright: Looks beautiful!! Where did you get the Stush headband?

Arielle Chisolm: Yeah.....once I hear this "wig was sent" I stop watching at this point we all know wig companies send you better quality

Donna Ford: Hi Roxy

Sherisse Barnaby: F

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