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FRIIEEENNNDS!!!! Can yall believe that I am BLONDE like whattt I cannot believe it lol In todays video I will be showing you all how I went from black to ash blonde brown on this wig I purchased from Sunber hair. I bleached the knots, bleached the hair, colored, cut & installed this wig and I can not wait to show you how I did it.



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00:00 Intro

01:51 Bleaching the knots

04:47 Lightening the hair

09:37 Applying color

12:12 Wig prep

15:33 Applying wig

24:09 Finished style

Hi friends welcome back to my channel so for today's video, i'm gon na be showing you guys how i got this hair. I could not believe it y'all. My nose are a mess. I know i'm about to do them. I cannot believe it. I am blonde girl. I can't believe i'm blonde, but i absolutely love it. It'S giving very much beyonce. In my opinion, it's getting very much beyonce, but not straight hair, because y'all know beyonce been wearing straight hair, but it's giving very much beyonce. That'S what the color is giving and i'm here for i love it. I can't wait to show you guys how i got this color. This install this cut everything if you watch it right now, since you are not subscribed to my channel hit that subscribe button down below, okay i'll be having to remind y'all, because y'all forget sometimes so hit that subscribe button down below and let's get right into it. For me, for me, it's everything for hey y'all, welcome back to my channel, i'm so excited to be doing a hair video for you guys. You guys seem to really enjoy my hair content and also y'all. I have not worn a wig in six months like i can't even believe it's been six months and it was unintentional, like there's. No reason why i haven't wore a wig in six months. It just that's just what happened you know, but i'm excited we back or whatever so i've seen tasha wearing this wig. Oh, not my instagram going off. That means you know what i'm saying if you've not follow me on instagram go, follow me on instagram, but anyways. I seen tasha wearing this wig and i was like girl. I need it. So let me tell you about this hair. This is the sunburn hair. I picked up the 13x4 transparent lace, front wig. It came pre-plugged with baby hairs. I got it in a texture body. Wave, this is 20 inches with 150 density and y'all. These knots were so small. You probably really didn't even need to bleach them. If you don't like bleaching your knots, you really don't have to girl, you could throw some concealer on it and call it a day, but i like to bleach my knots, so i'm gon na show y'all how i did that. So when i'm doing anything like changing the color or bleach of the knots or anything to my wigs, i like to do a little bit of prep work. First and i'm gon na go in with my got to be hairspray and i'm gon na lay down. All of those flyaways in the front, like i'm talking it's gon na, be rock hard. Okay. This is about to be rock hard, and let me tell you guys why i like to do this step, because when i turn it inside out to apply my bleach, i don't want no baby hairs, no edges, no nothing still dangling around because that's going to leave Room for error and then we're going to have to do color correction later, and i don't have time for that. You guys. I really just don't got time so i feel like if you do the prep work. First, you shouldn't have no problems, so i sprayed the hairline with the got to be, but i also sprayed every single inch of this frontal everywhere that there was lace. I sprayed okay and you want to do that because the the i can't even say the word girl, the hairspray there you go. The hairspray will act as like a blocking agent to prevent the bleach or color from seeping through and getting onto your lace or from bleaching your hair. So that's why i like to do this step, so i'm using the salon, care cream developer and i use um developer number 30 and then for my bleach. I use the l'oreal quick, blue extra strength bleach. I like this bleach just because i feel like it, helps uh tone out any of those brassiness tones and get any of that red out, because you know girl when you are doing your frontal. The last thing you want is for your frontal to be orange. That'S a no-go that ain't gon na be cute okay and my scalp ain't orange. So this lacing about to be orange okay period, so i'm just gon na apply that and i'm gon na. Let that sit for about 30 minutes. You guys and honestly. I did this step twice. Okay, i did it this first time and i showed you guys and it came out fine or whatever, but i just feel like the knots all of the knots did not get bleached and i wanted all of them bleach. So i went back in again and i let that sit for about 45 minutes to an hour and it came out perfect. Okay, it came out so bomb, so yeah yeah, i'm just gon na apply this and um. That'S pretty much it. I'M gon na apply it. Let it sit for 30 minutes 30, 45 minutes whatever you want to do, okay, understand whatever you want to do, let it sit and then we're going to rinse it out and then we're going to get to it and also what i like to do is i, Like to cover mine with foil and then put a plastic bag on top, if you notice, if you've ever bleached, not to use bleach at all, when you let bleach sit and it gets, the oxygen gets to it and all that stuff. It starts to expand and once it starts expanding, it's no longer doing its job, so you want to cover it to trap the heat in there and you want to make sure ain't, no air getting in there to slow the process down of the the bleach. Stop working so that's why i like to do this step and it actually works really well, so highly recommend. Okay! So right here y'all i went off camera. I got all the bleach out and everything and, as you can see, you can't really see the knots, but you can really see a knot if that makes any sense. So i went back in and y'all know i bleached it for a second time, and now we are here so i'm going in and i just want some highlights around my face, like some money pieces in the hair industry, we call these money pieces um. If you guys don't know, i did go to paul mitchell and i went to palmetto in downtown san diego and we basically specialized in color like that was our jam, so i'm very good at color, but i'm not good at filming it. If that makes sense like filming just brings a whole different stress - and i just don't like that y'all this took me three days to do. Okay, because i was so overwhelmed, so frustrated girl. It was a lot, so i wanted some money pieces, so that is the portion that i did first. I made sure that i bleached at first, because when you do money pieces you want your money pieces to be as long. You want them to sit as long as possible, because that is the thing that you want to be the brightest. If that makes sense like i want that to be like level 10. Basically, so then, i'm gon na do some more face framing around the face and then um, i'm just gon na do like basically a balayage all over. That'S really what i'm doing y'all i'm doing a balayage all over with my bleach just to lighten up the hair. I'M looking to get to like a level seven, eight, so yeah, that's what i'm gon na do so i'm gon na. Let you guys watch that and then once we get to the next step, i'm gon na come back and talk to y'all. Also, you want to make sure that you are putting everything in foils, because if you put it in foils, it's going to process faster and it's going to make sure that everything is just processing at the same time. The last thing you want to do is just leave it out in the open, and then it stops processing once the air hits it so make sure you guys are covering all of your bleached parts with foil, because that is going to allow it to stay, wet And stay moist and continue to process once the hair is dried out and once the bleach has dried out from the air hidden it it no longer does its job and you have to go back in and apply more, so make sure that you are fully saturating. Getting through the ends in the middle of that hair and covering it with foil and then checking it every so often, and you want to make sure that you are getting into every crevice, because the last thing you want is like heat bands or parts that you Did i don't know why i said parts like that girl, who i think i am parts that uh you did not get? You do not want those to be not bleached, because then that just causes a whole nother problem. Okay, so now we are moving on to the back and really like i said i didn't do anything fancy. You just apply the bleach on there. I like to only apply the bleach with the brush and then use my fingers to work it through. I would not do this on a client if i had a client. This is not how i would do their hair, but because this is a wig and i get to have a little bit more freedom, and i don't have to be so technical with everything i like to apply the bleach with my brush and then i like to Comb it through that way, i'm getting everything and then i just kind of do a little flick of the wrist, like you know like a little feather at the top just so that it is not like a harsh line, and it's easy for me to blend later. Okay, so yeah, you want to do that and i feel like when you apply it with your hand. You have way more control to be able to spread the hair apart, because that is the main thing when you are doing balayage or any color service. You want to make sure you are spreading the hair and getting every single hair strand, because if you don't get every hair strand you're for sure going to see it, especially because i'm making the hair lighter you're going to see all of those pieces and mistakes that I made so make sure you are taking your time and you are going through each hair and everything and just take your time. Okay, it is not a it's, not a rush, but i will say: if you are the type of person grow up. You don't got. No patience! Okay, if you don't have no patience to do this for about two three days, then i would not recommend doing it: okay, okay, y'all! So after i let the bleach sit as you can see, we got some different tones in there and that's exactly what you want. Well, that's what i wanted, because i wanted to have like highlights and low lights and dark colors and blondes and browns. I wanted all of that because i'm going for this, like beyonce, inspired type of a hair color - and you know beyonce's blonde - is like a dirty brown blonde, but still has blonde in it. So that's what i was going for, so i just went ahead and took all the foils off and now we're going to wash it with some purple shampoo. You want to use purple shampoo because the purple is going to cancel out any of those brassy tones um, because i wanted it to be like brown and warm, but just not orange. If that makes any sense, if you know anything about hair color, then you know what i'm talking about so yeah. I'M gon na go ahead and wash the hair and use some shimmer lights. You can use shimmer lights or you can use any sort of purple tones shampoo and conditioner um. I didn't have shimmer lights on hand, so i did just use a random purple shampoo that i found okay, you guys so i started doing this process off camera. Just so that i can get the hang of everything, because i was really frustrated and really just going through it trying to figure out the color thing i haven't had to do color theory in so long, so i just needed to get my thoughts down and figure Out what i needed to do first and then come back and show you guys i am doing the technique from um sophiology. I will link her video because you guys should really check it out. I love how she is very detailed in her tutorials and she talked me through it, but i'm gon na show you guys what i did so right now, i'm going in with the revlon color silk in the color black brown. No, i'm sorry in the color brown black 20 and i'm applying that to the root just so that it is um all dark and everything will be cohesive and also getting rid of any brassiness. Because, like i said we're trying to get rid of all of those brassy tones and then i'm going to mix that with revlon color, silk 47, which is a medium rich brown and i'm gon na apply that to like the mid shaft and the only reason that I'M applying these two colors is because, like i said, i want a good transition. I want a radiant transition, so i like to apply both of them just to kind of help me out and give me a better transition, and i i want that ombre effect from like black to brown to blonde. So that's why i like to use this step and for the ends i went in with the revlon color: silk um in the shade 60 dark ash blonde, and when i told you guys i love this. This is probably going to be my new favorite hair color. You guys at first i did not like it until i got on the phone with my man's okay, i was on the phone with bae. He was like who was giving real beyonce i'm like okay period, because now i like it because at first i was like. Oh, i don't like the blonde, i'm not a blonde girl. Y'All know i don't do color, but again i love this hair color. It turned out so good shout out to sophiology, although i am licensed. Sometimes it is a very good thing to have youtube to reflect on because you get um, you just get to be able to refresh yourself and all those things, and she definitely reminded me of a lot of things that i've had forgotten because i haven't done color In so long, so i'm just applying that black brown or that brown black color to the root and then i'm applying um 47 medium rich brown to the mid shaft and then i'm applying the dark ash blonde to the end. And then once i do that and i like to apply the ash blonde right on top of the number 20 and the number 47 and i like to use my finger to go in the up and down motion to blend it out and then once i've done. That i go in just with a brush a powder brush or anything, and i go ahead and just comb everything through just to make sure it is all even okay, y'all, let's get into applying this wig okay, i just showed y'all how i colored it. I didn't show y'all how i bleached the knot. Now i want to show you all the installing process, but let me just say i don't know if it's, because i have not done a wig in so long. You guys, but when i tell y'all i went through three three nude caps girl. I went through three of them because i just it just wasn't coming out right and that's the part that a lot of people don't show, but i wanted to make sure that i let y'all know that and it took me a while to get this process down. I don't know what it is. This wig gave me a run for my money. Okay, i was ready to quit every step of the way shout out to kiana cause. She did not. Let me quit but yeah, so i'm gon na go in with some skin guards. So first thing i did was cleaned off my skin with some peroxide, i'm sorry what with some alcohol and then i went in with some skin guard to protect my skin from all the products that we were putting on my skin and then i'm gon na go Ahead and just do the bobcat method um, this is just a regular cap, but later you guys will see that i switched i'm using some pantyhose and i love pantyhose because they are so thin, so freaking thin on the skin and they just melt into my skin. So i ended up changing and using that because girl, i was just going through it: okay, so i'm just gon na um go ahead and prep my wig by applying my bald cap and i'm gon na. Let you guys watch and i will come back when we get ready to put this wig on true. So once i have my stocking cap down and everything is all good to go, i'm going to go in and apply my wig and i'm not gon na. Like put it on yet i'm just applying my weight to see if i need to cut any more lace, i'm sorry anymore, stocking cap or anything like that. You want to be putting your wig on frequently that way you can check and see how things are going. You know what i'm saying like you: don't want to just start: gluing your wig down and be like dang. His cat hanging out is all this stuff. No, so i'm going to apply my wig and adjust my wig cap to what it needs to be and then we're going to get into applying it. Another thing i like to do is i like to put my wig on my head and then hot comb. Everything back out of the way again. This is basically the same method that i did with using the hairspray to keep everything out of my way. I like to do this step because i just feel like it allows me to have a better install when there's no flyaways or no baby hairs in my way, because there's no room for nothing to get like stuck inside of my glue or my hairspray. When i'm trying to do my meltdown process, so this really helps me a lot not have any. You know what i mean like extra hair or anything to have to deal with. I love doing this step. If you have not tried this, i highly recommend trying it. It just makes the process so much easier when it comes down to molding your lace, all right y'all, so we have molded down the cap. Everything is looking good, we'll need to make no more changes. So now i'm about to go in with my bold hold and i'm going to just apply that i like to apply my wig in sections, and i like to do like three sections at a time because i just feel like i get so overwhelmed trying to apply It all at one time like what, if i apply the right side and then the left side gets stuck down and it's just like not even it's not girl. I just can't take it. So what i like to do is apply it in sections and i like to use a rat tail comb and i go against it first because i feel like when you go against the cap first, it allows the glue to get under the cap. Like all the cap that like rolled up, it allows it to get under there first and that's what makes it lay down so much more flatter. So i like to go against it first and then i'm just going back and forth and picking up any extra product and laying it back down where i see fit and because i didn't plan on wearing this wig for a very long time. I only applied two layers of the glue, but the more layers you apply, the more and the longer that the lace will last if that makes sense. So, typically, if you're trying to wear for like four days, i highly recommend applying like five layers of glue. Just so that way it will stay on and it also depends on where you live in the world, so make sure you guys are keeping that in mind in mind so yeah, i'm gon na. Let y'all go ahead and watch me melt this lace down or whatever, and i'm gon na be popping in and out. If i have anything to say, if you guys are currently watching right now - and you are not subscribed to my channel - says - hit that subscribe button for me, don't be petty, go ahead and subscribe, because if you watch this far clearly you, like my content, sis so Hit that subscribe button and make sure you guys are following me on instagram, okay, so we're going in with the second layer of glue you see. My first layer is 100 completely dry. You can't even tell that there was glue there, okay y'all, if it looked like. I got a stink face girl. I had a real attitude filming this portion right here because i girl, let me tell y'all brands: okay brands be trying it they be reaching out to me asking me to do stuff for free, don't be wanting to pay, and i'm just not with that. Like i'm sorry, if you're not going to pay me, do not message me, i just i can't take it. I just don't understand that girl, but that's a whole. Another topic, that's neither here nor there. Let'S get back into this melt says so i'm going in doing the process again and you want to make sure your first layer is completely dry, but still tacky. Don'T wait too long because the longer you wait, the less tacky you get, which means the more problems you will have laying down your lace. Okay, so i like to go in right as soon as i see the last little bit of white gone, then i start applying my second layer immediately. My second later, my second layer immediately get it okay, okay, so once my lace is melted to the best of my abilities. Sometimes there are still some little strands and pieces and you know parts of lace that did not get laid down, but i'm not going back in and doing all that tedious work trying to fix all of that and add glue, i'm not doing that. So what i like to do is i like to spray my lace with some hairspray and then i'm going to put on this elastic band. I make this elastic band myself. If you guys want to see how i made this comment down below - and i will do a little tutorial on it on my instagram or something like that - it was super duper, easy super simple, so yeah, i'm just going to put my hair up in the clip And then i'm going to apply my elastic band and i'm gon na, let that sit. I added velcro to my elastic band because baby ain't, nobody got time to be trying to tie no elastic band. I'M sorry, i'm not doing that. It'S i'm doing it. I don't have the time for that, so i'm gon na, let that sit for about 10 to 15 minutes and then we're going to take it off because grow the head ache. Okay, the headache was real, but the meltdown is even realer period. Okay, look at that! Like that looks so good, like it looks so bomb, so i'm just going in with my comb, but i eventually switched to like a boar bristle brush and i'm just going to like scrub it, and all this is doing, is just getting up all of those hairs That got stuck down from the hairspray because you do not want those hairs laying down. That'S not cute so, like i said, i'm just switching to my boar bristle brush and i'm just going up and down back and forth, and i'm just getting all of that hair to loosen up. So that way we can cut off the lace and do any extra touch ups that we need to do girl. So when i tell y'all, okay, i've been having these scissors since cosmetology school. These are my scissors from school and they do not cut at all. I have three pair of scissors that i need to get sharpened or i just need to buy a new pair because girl, they did not work and i didn't have like a razor razor. I have a razor, but it's like a straight blade razor, and i didn't want to use that because, when you are doing um anything that is related to your lace, cutting off lace. Anything like that. You want to use something that is jagged, because if you just have some, if you just take some scissors girl and cut your legs straight across girl, your lace is going to be clockable. I'M going to see it and i'ma tell you about yourself like. Why is there a straight line wall across your forehead like? Why is that there? So what i like to do is i like to go in with something jagged or i like to use anything to make a jacket cut, because when you have a jacket cut it just it's easier to blend in and you don't see it if that makes sense, Like you, don't see the lace if it's jagged, but if i just cut straight across girl, you don't see it so. I'Ma switch from these scissors to some uh, some other scissors, imma, try and then eventually, i'm just gon na go in with this little razor, and this is a razor that i purchased here. Um - and i didn't want to use this razor because, like i said it's a straightforward razor, but it actually ended up working perfectly so girl. I don't found me some razors to use so yeah girl go ahead and cut off all of your lace and when we done with that, i'm gon na come back and i'm gon na show you how i get rid of that white cast and how i melt Down all those extra little pieces situation, all right, y'all. So after we cut off all the lace, i'm just going in with some hairspray, and you see how that lace is just vanishing, it's just melting into my skin. Yes, this is what you want. It looks so good so the way that i get rid of all those extra little tags and flyaways and stuff like that is girl. I just spray with some hairspray brush back any flyaways, and i put my elastic band right back on. Let that sit for a couple minutes and when you take it off, you gon na be good to go. I don't know why, but this is like the worst part for me taking off the elastic band. I just feel like my whole. Wig is coming off with it like it's just like peeling off like a piece of tape or something i don't know, but look at that it looks so bomb and i promise y'all my hair do not look like this in person. I don't know what this little white ring is. I'M gon na have to figure out how to get rid of that on camera, i'm going to just go in and just apply just some powder to the lace, just to kind of help conceal it and it works. A little bit um and then i'm gon na go in and part it down. The middle get my part situated hot comb. It and yeah y'all we're gon na get the styling this wig and that's gon na be about it already. I know you wan na, be somebody even if you got ta leave somebody most of these things, all right y'all. What do we think? I love y'all. If y'all notice, my voice gets super high-pitched, i'm really excited, but i absolutely love my hair. I didn't like it at first. I ain't gon na lie to you. I did not like it at first because i just thought it was too blonde, but now looking at it, the more that it sits on my head and the more that i look at my face with it. I'M like okay, i see the brown like it's not too blonde and i absolutely love it like i'm stoked. I can't wait to start doing more hair videos on my channel. I'M about to do color, i'm about to do all kinds of stuff, and i'm so excited for it. If you guys like this video and you made it all the way to the end, you have not subscribed to my channel yet hit that subscribe button and leave a comment down below and don't forget to follow me on instagram and i'll, see you guys in my Next, video bye, i

Nonaaa_98: You look like a GODDESS I love this hair on you, suits you so well Yessss queen do your thing ‍♀️

Natasha S.: Wow, this is STUNNING!

LuluCastagnette: Amazing Could you give me the details of the 2 colors you used please? I'm French and I don't speak English too well. Thank you for your help ❤️

Tyerra Brown: Girlllll this is I need somebody to make me this wig

goldenshawty: you should do more hair dye tutorial really enjoyed it

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Emanuel L.: What were the instructions for the bleaching? Like how long did you process the hair

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