The Perfect Ash Blonde Wig! Watch Me Install*Step By Step *- Ft Jessie'Shair

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Hey guys, if you're seeing this, that means you made it to 2023 welcome to my Channel or welcome back. Thank you guys so much for coming into the new year with me. I, like super happy, I'm cheesy while doing this video, because maybe we made it, you know how many people did not make it to see 2023, and today is January 1st, the very first day in 2023.. Today'S video is it wow already. Okay, today's video is in collaboration with Jesse's wig. Let me get that right. This is going to be a hair review and also a install. I think I've worked with them and you once before it was a long time ago. So I'm super excited just to see. What'S up with them, how their wigs are yourself without further Ado, we're gon na jump straight into the video and, if you're new to my channel, never seen my face, my name is Kimberly or people just call me Crown k. Please feel free to subscribe and become a part of the CK gang. I really would love if you would stick around your subscription. Your likes your comment. It means the world to me. It also helps my channel and guys this year. We are definitely growing. We want to get to 200k and surpass it. So let's go so. This is our wig. It comes in this box, really cute box. It kind of got like messed up in the mail, but it's a really cute box. Okay, we have quite a few free gifts. This is our wig and I love when they include that nice satin bag that you can store your wig in because for me I don't like all the boxes. I get rid of them anyways, but we've got a whole bunch of gifts, guys and some Christmas nails. Okay, we can save this for next year and yeah. We can save this for next Christmas. They got us on the Christmas nails. We got a beauty blender, we got some mink lashes. So if you know you get your wig and you want to do your lashes, you can do your lashes, they got you, we got some food, wig caps and also what is this um, an elastic band which definitely you need. We are tying your wig down and they also included some mini makeup brushes. I saw a lot of goodies for the girls and I'm really happy that you know they give you all these gifts for purchasing from them um. So let's check the wig out a little bit, no like what is going on. Okay girl get it together, it's 20 23.! So I just took my wig out and it's this beautiful, like great ash blonde color and I'm excited because I don't think I think I've done like a gray, but not like this. It'S Ash blonde and it has like gray roots like this is so fire. You know what you all didn't see that it's 2023 yeah, but this is so fire and the hair is just like super soft. I got it in a 26 inch. It is a 13 by 4 frontal unit. It is constructed as a glueless unit. So there is a extra band in case you want to wear your wig glueless and you have your regular like adjustable straps in the back as well as your combs. I don't really use the clothes. The only clothes that I do keep is this one. This is all I use um, but this is her. It seems like it's big head friendly guys. The hair feels really good um The Roots look nice. They did an ombre right to the roots. Hopefully, this is in focus and y'all are seeing it, but the hair looks pretty good and I'm super excited. The lace feels nice. All the details for this hair is going to be in the description box below so be sure to check it out. If you guys want to cut this unit, I am loving how the knots are, so, I'm literally going to just like add a little bit of my Foundation underneath I don't want to. I don't even want to like do too much where I you know, get too much on the lace, so I just add. Like a tidbit of foundation, the hair already looks nice watching. Videos love me like that. Staying inside in my bed all day long sad songs and feelings so low thinking about you where we went wrong, baby baby foreign hurt me: okay, guys. So this is the finished look. I am in love with this color I mean like a batty period. Um I'm fully dressed y'all because I was just doing a get dressed with me, a video. Hopefully it turned out right. That'S gon na be on Instagram. If you don't follow my Instagram be sure to follow me on Instagram underscore Crown. Okay also follow me on Tick. Tock and it's the same thing underscore Crown K so yeah anyways, this hair, it turned out really bomb. I love the color. Like I love love the color. It'S definitely different, it's giving like a storm of Vibes and I'm here for it. I love the density too because it gives it like a nice flat like natural look to it. I feel like with the straight hair. I love when it's just like Sleek, so this is giving sleek. It wasn't hard to install at all. Y'All saw how I did it. I added I did glue, maybe like two layers and they weren't even like two good layers, but I barely you know, did the glue thing and then I used my spray over top. So this is what the hair is. Looking like and guys, this is the next day honestly last night, when I was doing that video after I installed the wig I was so exhausted. I had - I really loved it before that, so this is the next day, so I woke up. I did my makeup and I'm finishing the video: If you guys like this hair, then you should definitely check the description box below the hair is a real cute. I love the coloring, love the Ombre and everything it straightens pretty easily and it's very um. What'S this, it's not tangly like look at that. My fingers is just like running through it. That'S how you know it's very smooth. I don't have anything bad to say about the hair if you like, it definitely check out the description box below shout out to Jesse's wig for sponsoring this video y'all. I'M burning up, I'm burning up, so I got ta go because I had to turn the fan off just so I can do this part of the video um. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for watching another video of mine and welcome to 2023 like this year baby. I hope I pray it'll be the best year ever on YouTube and we'll see you guys and thank you guys so much for following me for just like being a part of the CK gang. I really appreciate you guys. Thank you so much for watching and I'll catch you in my next one bye,

Ms. Moore: I am so glad that you're doing this review!! I've had my eyes on these wigs/ brand. I've been wanting to order for a minute. Anyway,it's giving Storm if she wanted to be "different" . And I'm here for it!!

Jessie's Wig: WOW LOOK SOOO NATURAL!! Love this wig, you can wear any hair style

Nina Negedu: Girl, there is no color you can’t pull off

Emily Hammond: This wig and the color looks really nice on you. So pretty!

Jacqueline Benjamin: Happy New Year Kimberly. I love that wig, you wear it well.

stayfly3000: Ok, Kimberly! This is gorgeous on you. You should film yourself going out in the wig to see how many heads snap!

TheEmpressgoth: You look fantastic as always ❤

seicoo Thomas: Love the look.

CrazyNaturalPrincess: Love it❤️

Rachel Keyes: Beautiful Sis❤ Happy New Year

Deidra Hill: "You did that " ! Happy New Year as well.

Queen 👛 Coins: Yeah I'm so proud of you my twin want the phone so I can't watch the whole video but oh my God I saw the hair and I just had a comment you are the bomb I'm so proud of you I'm so glad when you was in your bathroom see I remember when you was in the bathroom and they fired you see you need to go back and tell him who you are you're the# queen crown k#

Rae Murray: Fire!!!!! I love it.

alejandra a.m: Necesitamos subtítulos en español

Sammy Da Goat: Third Blonde Color On You Is Terrific Pretty Face

Smooches B: Hey baby this wig is fire #ckgang #200K

Ms. Moore: Ok, so I watched the upload all the way thru- not me copying your words!? Lmao! It's true tho! Storm wanted a change. You look great ma as usual!

Felicia Shosanya: Love it love it love it

Rochelle W: So BOMB !

Felicia Jones: Looking good Kim

Sybil Davis: Hey Kimmie, I probably wouldn't like this but you can pull off any unit!!!!

Jada Smith: Strom☺️…. Go superhero

Phenduliwe Dlamini: Love you

Kimberline Pitt: BAREEEEEEEEE ❤‍❤‍❤‍❤‍❤‍❤‍❤‍❤‍❤‍❤‍❤‍❤‍❤‍❤‍ love

Queen 👛 Coins: Happy 2023

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