Belle Tress Miss Macchiato Wig Review | Roca Margarita Blonde | Michelepearl

MICHELEPEARL presents a wig review of Belle Tress Miss Macchiato in the color Roca Margarita.

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Here is a brand new style for me called miss macchiato again by belletress. I love these boxes and in my favorite new color roca, margherita blondes - and this is the official unboxing talk about heart off the press there. She is i'm so excited, oh if anyone is curious. What i have on this is the beautiful miranda by jon renau in the color sleet. That'S 60 s! 18.. Now, when you take a wig right out of the box and pop it on your head, it will not be automatically perfect because that's a fantasy. This is our finished product. All i used was two products: the jon renau peace out cream, which is actually peace out. Contour fiber cream and my own discovery, the pantene cheat day dry, shampoo, foam, and that is our transformation. You

Crazywiglady: I love this wig, such nice movement, thank you so much Michele for showing us this style and color! xoxo

Kay Francis Fan: A wonderful review! Thank you. I have been looking at Roca Margarita Blonde for myself. Now I have much more confidence about it.

Front Porch Wig Chat: Michele, thank you for showing this lovely color outside! Gives me such a better understanding of this color. Will have to check out that Cheat Day Dry Shampoo foam! Thanks! ~Cynthia

Voncille Carlson: Thank you so much for reviewing this color. Love this color because it is so close to my bio color. I feel comfortable wearing it. I just bought it in Bulletproof and I love it. You can really see the light color in the outside light you are doing.

Sheila Keilty: Hey, sweetie!! Great job! Cool editing fx, too! Loving the pantene tip! Will have tobpick some up... love the Miss Macchiato and have been eying that for some time... thanks!!❤

TAZS WIG CLOSET AT WIGSTUDIO1: Gorgeous! Love the unboxing event! That JR Miranda is very nice too! Thanks for sharing these! XOXO

Roe Vega: Thanks for the review. I love what you did with her. Beautiful!

Helsinki: Happy New Year Michele! I love your reviews,here and on the Wig Chicks Group

Patricia Blankenbaker: I love the length of that wig. Love the color, too. I really like it on you better than the longer wig. You look sharp!

J F: Happy new year I love your wigs reviews and fabulous attitude ♥

Lnzinorbit: A beautiful wig on a gorgeous woman .. Happy New! Year!!

Rita Collins: Michelle ive only been watching you for a week, yr so down to earth, i love yr wig choices, but this ms macchiato, how did you style it like that, please give us gals, the heads up on yr styling , luv yr channel rita xx

Shelly F: Hi. Please, when you show the end and top of the box, please hold it still long enough for people to read it, rather than sliding it back and forth across the screen. Thank you.

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