New Make A Statement By Gabor | Designer Wig Series | Color: Gf17-23Ss

Join Liane Boyko @ as she makes a statement with this beautiful Gabor style! Get the look you want with Make a Statement from the Designer Wig Series by Gabor. Whether it's an evening out or a day at work, this stunning bob will always have your back - sleek and straight for that perfectly polished vibe OR softly curled to show off its personality! With Tru2Life fibers and an extended lace front, make every statement uniquely yours! Featured Color: GF17-23SS ICED LATTE MACCHIATO | Honey Blonde shaded with Cool Blonde with Dark Roots.






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The new designer series from Gabor is exclusively at this month. I am wearing make a statement in shaded, iced, latte, macchiato, GF, 17-23ss and ain't. She a beaut. This is a cool toned blonde with that natural shaded root that we just talked about. It has a monofilament part and a lace front, so that lace front allows you to part as well as lift this piece up and off your head. You can use Clips or just Jazz it up. You can really have fun with this. It'S a beautiful piece. This wig has a true to life heat friendly fiber, which means that you can use any of your hot tools, including your hair, dryer, on the wig. As long as you use less than 300 degrees, Fahrenheit and it'll stick around for a really long time. If you do so, the stretch material in the back as well as the adjusters allow this wig to be customized to your head. This wig comes in size, average, I'm having so much fun with this piece. It'S this short micro, Bob, it's beautiful it has these really! Nice pieces that really come to your jawline kind of help, accentuate that, and it's just really light and easy. You can also bring the pieces forward and give yourself a bang how fun! If you want to make a statement, you can find this wig at

Tandoori: Please style the wig a few ways in the video

Kathy Nelson: Have to say it looks to flat sorry

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