How To Make Your Wig Less Shiny - Jon Renau "Julianne" In Palm Spring Blonde

Today I am going to show you how to get rid of the shine on your wig and make it look more natural.

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Hi everyone is Misha, so today I wanted to talk to you about how to make your wig less shiny. I am wearing today genre now Julien and I have reviewed this week before in different color long time ago. So I will leave you the review link to the review here under the eye, so I don't have to go through. You know the cap features. This is 100 % untied cap, beautiful wig, beautiful curl pattern bath, but, as you can see, it is very, very shiny. There is no way I would go out. You know just like this, and this is pretty normal for synthetic wigs. So there are two types of synthetic fiber just like this and then the other one is true-to-life or heat resistant. They all call different things. So you know like a lot of Raquel Welch, wigs that I wear they are made out of heat resistant fiber, which means that you can style it up to some certain temperature and those fibers look very natural. They are not very shiny, but there are some cons to those fibers. Those fibers are much more delicate and they much more prone to tangling and getting all sticky. So you have to really look after those wigs this one one tango as much, but as you can see, it is very, very shiny, but there is something you can do by simply using dry shampoo. Also, first of all, when you get the way you could wash it and then dry, it leave it to dry and then use that dry shampoo. I haven't washed this wake. This is straight out of the box, and I see that this wig needs a bit doing to it. So first thing is to take the shine down and I think second thing is thinning out this front. This is a bit. You know it's definitely too heavy at the front too much hair, as you can see, Julian is like a angled Bob, but the curl pattern is just beautiful, so I think am I try to sing this bit out fast, because when we put the dry shampoo in The fibers won't be as silky, and I've shown you before. How I do this. I have these thinning shears that I've bought on Amazon and it is pretty easy. You just grab a small section of hair brush it through make one cut and pull, and that takes excess hair off and you do just bit by bit at first, so you don't go overboard, but it is so easy. You can really make a mistake. Well, you could, if you don't, do it right and if you go too hard on it, so you know that it's quite a lot of hair, but it hardly made any impact. So I will keep doing that till I'm happy with the thickness of this hair. Okay, so this is how much hair I've taken off already and you know it didn't make that much impact, so don't be too afraid, because you know wigs always have much more hair than we have ourselves. Okay, I will leave their thinning for now wanted just to show you how to do it. Just be patient and slow. Okay, let's now try to make it less shiny, so I found it. The best shampoo dry shampoo is the batista shampoo, and these days they come in different colors, which is quite good, because if you have a dark wig and you spray with the original one, you might get this white cast, but this is brilliant for blonde hair. I also bought the dry shampoo in brilliant blonde, and I've already talked about it briefly in one of my other videos. As you can see, this wig is very platinum, and this has tiny bit not yellow color, but he's a bit warmer color. So I can add some warmer bits to it by spraying this shampoo on this blonde wig. I don't want to use just this one, because I I feel like this wig will need quite a lot of dry shampoo and I don't want to make this wig too. Yellow so I will probably use two of them so like I will do this side first, so you can see and then I will take the brilliant blonde in a minute and spray a bit more of the brilliant blonde. Okay. So can you see the difference now? So this is the side that I have sprite with the dry shampoo, and this is still a very shiny, untouched sight. Why actually like as well that this gives you a bit like flyaway hair, and I think this looks much more natural. You know now. Hair looks so silky and smooth with her, especially blonde bleached hair, and that's what gives it away. You know I'm sure you've never seen bleached blonde hair that would be so shiny and so smooth. You will always have a bit of flyaways. So, that's all you need to do ready to your wig. I'M going to do this side also another trick. If you want the flyaways to be gone, there's still, some hair that is coming out. All you need to do is spray your wig with just some water. Now we'll show it to you in a minute to bring the smoothness and the cowl back okay, so you just need one of those spray bottles which you can get in any drugstore fill it just with simple, tap water and look, for example. If I brushed these these curls out and now the wig is not as curly, I can so easily bring those cows back and the smoothness basically just spray it with water. Scrunch it leave it, and you will. The cows will just stay like this, so it's really simple. I just want you to know not to be afraid of the wig. You know you wouldn't just wash your hair or go to hairdresser. Have your hair cut and just left like that and take more that. Doesn'T look very good. Wig still needs some adjusting. You know they are all made the same way. So when you get Julianne, they all the same, and you might want to customize it. You can cut a bit of the fringe Annette. You can do lots with it. If you are not confident enough to do it by yourself, just take you to your hairdresser and they will be able to do it for you, but there are so many things that you can safely do at home. You know like their thinning. I think it's quite safe, but I always say if you are not sure what you are doing done, attempts to do it yourself. Okay, let's spray, the other side. I want you to want to show you the difference again and don't be shy there. The hair doesn't go all sticky and horrible; it still feels as nice as before I sprayed it. You see how much whiter this side is to this one. So I'm going to warm it up with that one. So that's how easy it is to fix shiny egg plus it smells absolutely gorgeous. I'M not sure if I've done the back well, I would have to look in a mirror. So this week is from me my wigs here in the UK, but I will give you the link to that and I give you a link to where you can buy this wig in USA. Remember. I will only give you links to reputable companies, not any Facebook. Con people - okay, my lovely, so that's how you fix the shine on your wig. I hope this was helpful to you. Thank you so much for watching and stay fabulous. Bye.

Kathy Aay Beauty & Lifestyle: Loved this demo! You have the prettiest wigs! I use dry shampoo also and cut my fringe into wigs. I have lately been using baby shampoo to wash them and that helps with shine control too. : ) Happy New Year!

pam park: Finally someone addressed how to treat the beachy wave wig shine, thinning, etc. Thanks so much! Everything about them has been talked about as far as curl pattern, how to slice comb them and other things, but whether to use dry shampoo or other products on them has not been talked about until you did this video. Thanks again! Much love to you from a USA, southern gal!

Coast Daze: I was taught to thin by going down close to the root and then cut with the thinning shears so that you don't end up with short flyaways. Also if you thin on the underneath layers you can cover with the top layer that is not thinned. This is a beautiful wig, the color looks great on you without the yellow tint. Wigs by Patti's Pearls is where I learned it and it worked well for me, no flyaways on my Jon Renau topper. :-)

Veronica Dove: Really love your wig videos. I actually bought my first hairpiece because of your videos. It's taking away the apprehension of trying wigs for the first time. Thank you, Nisha!❤

Janna Lynn: Loved that wig on you, Lady!!! Looks Fabulous!!! Happy 2019 to YOU and Yours!!!

Carmen DiamondPrincess Andujar: Thank you for sharing your info!! Can’t wait to buy a wig and use your tips!

Trudi Morgan Alwine: You do not need to drag the thinning sheers through the wig. You should cut at a slight angle and not so close to scalp. Vary the insertion of the sheets.

Denise Throndsen: I actually looked at some of the comments before I watched the video. I LOVE how you made it look much more realistic. By texturizing and the dry shampoo, it made it look more real. Great ideas! Thank you for sharing!

cindy green: Thank you!!!! I received my first wig and was upset with the shine AND the bangs were too full for me. I love your videos.

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