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Hair Details:

Blonde 613 Eurasian

3 bundles of 22”

16” Frontal

Hairstylist info:

Princess Ford, @pr3ttyprincess

Products used:

Wella Color Charm toner T18

20 vol developer

Got2B Glued Gel (yellow bottle)

Got2B Glued Freezing Hair Spray

Anastasia Beverly Hills creme contour palette (for coloring the wig cap and the lace)



Twitter → victoriouslogan

Instagram → victoriouslogan

Snapchat → vickylogan



PO Box 2432




[email protected]


[email protected]



Camera → Sony a6500

Lighting →

Software → Final Cut Pro X

Music →


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Psalms 91:1

I don't know what to call. I need a name for this vivica you wan na, be somebody you wan na go somewhere, you better wake up in pain. I need some useful to harmonize for me. You'Ve never seen Sister Act. Oh yeah, I was not saying yeah. We got ta go y'all if I were to start to sit on the front row, but what job think big hi welcome back to my channel if you're new welcome to my channel, my name is Nikki and I don't normally look like this. However, today I wanted to try something different, I mean I'm done blonde before, but I've never done like a full blonde like roots blonde, and I actually really like it. I could be her. She could be me, I mean looking at my son and y'all could see what I see right now I mean you can cuz you're watching. While I was done when I look at myself. I am in agreeance with what I'm seeing I like this, and it's fitting my aesthetic. Do you see that I said it's happening like I met whatever this kind of plant is called, we match we're here. This hair is from her hair company. A lot of my other youtube colleagues have tried out her hair company, and so I was intrigued. She tries some of their hair because I've kind of been into getting custom wigs made. So I was looking for different companies to try and I was like you know what I want to try some blonde hair so hurry. Our company was one of the year companies that I found that had Eurasian already colors. I didn't want to do it. I'Ve done videos where I bleached hair and I colored it blue green purple, whatever colors I've done and doing it, myself was a disaster not really, but because it turned out cute, but it was like so damaging so wanted to try like do something that was already Like this, so her hair company does have full blonde bundles, and this is their Eurasian hair. It'S their blonde 6:13 right in here before I get to how it ended up like this. I'M gon na give me what I got: okay, three bundles of twenty-two one frontal! Sixteen inches, I did record the entire process of me getting this hair together and done. I did not make this wig myself just gon na, let you know, listen, I'm 26 right and I've I've been wearing wigs. Since I was like 20, I don't actually like making it we're. Gon na be honest, I love to wear them. I like to make them okay, but I do like the customization process. I just don't want to do it myself. Okay, so I had my good friend princess who does my hair on the regular. I had her make me a custom wig unit and if you guys want her information that would be in tradition box, so she made me a custom unit. She basically just measured my head and made the wig with the hair I'm gon na stop talking, because I want you guys to watch the process of us doing there by the time you see us do the process. The way will already have been put together, but we're gon na show you how we install it okay, so I'm at the shop right now, if I give you guys a little a little behind-the-scenes so first of all, it ain't ready. Yet this is what the hair looks like straight out: the box sewn onto a custom, wig unit that princess made for me and yeah. So it's on a frontal. We have not done anything to the lace or to the hair, so the hair is this. Is the color that it comes in it's very soft: it was already born when we got it. There was no processing to get it to this color. If you want to know how to make a wig, don't ask me cuz, I be make it and way to Francisco not anywhere around. Oh, my god, she's in here acting machine by now. I should have already told you what hair this is where it's from the inches and all of and, of course, all the information being in the description box. But this is her. Obviously, this color is very yellow up against my skin tone. It'S not very, very yellow, but it still has some yellowy tint to it. We'Re gon na tone it to get rid of the yellowy tent anyways Becky's princess, couldn't go on camera, looking crazy because y'all be coming for people. I cranked it, but we are about to tone this baby. We'Re going for a more silvery gray is not a full Gray's, but that's technically the color a t18 through Wella c18. Third Wella get all of this: yellow these yellow tones out of it because she is not she's, not ready, I'm gon na eat, while you tone perfect, we're vlogging and toning and eating, I decided to cut it because I don't know one I feel like this is More me, I just feel like medium length. Hair is my thing. It'S my thing now to me this is more manageable. Well, if you know anything about hair, you know that long, hair and but a particularly long blonde or diet or bleached hair. If it's had any processing done at all, it's gon na shed right, well all hair shades to a degree, but the longer it is to me the longer there is more chance. I don't know how true that is, but that's how what I feel I felt like it would be less shedding if we cut it - and I was right because when we cut it like now, I can run my fingers through it and not get strands. So I'm guessing it was just the length of it was me I don't know, but I feel like this makes not that the hair wasn't full cuz be hair was very full when we before we put it on my head, like I could tell there, it's really Full and thick it's all of the bundles like this is all of the hair, and it is very thick I feel like this is a really cute style for the spring/summer, so yeah, I will be giving you guys an update within the next couple weeks. So, like me, May 1st ish first week of May I'll, give you guys an update on how the hair held up. Obviously this is not gon na, be my everyday look, but I do plan on wearing it a lot cuz. This is cute and I feel like I can pull this off. I mean listen, I'm here it's 2018. We got we not laying ok. This one looks ok with all of my colors that I wear. If I miss anything, let me know, but what really frustrates me is that I look like this, but I'm not going anywhere like I live in Illinois like I feel like. I should be in LA right now. People in LA I go to the store like this. They go to the grocery store. Looking like this, I look like I own, a clothing company. I look like. I should have an EP. I should have an EP. I go to lunch with people to talk to them about stuff that happened. I look like. I get invited to day parties and I'm wearing my new potatoes to my day parties with my Gucci belt and my Gucci Marmont bag, the Balenciaga that that looked like socks, but I wear fashion Nova jeans actually doing a fashion of jeans. So that's a real thing and I have a Gucci belt. Listen either be somebody I just aim placed in the wrong section of the world, but I couldn't use my body somewhere else. I look like I have a plane ticket to Dubai, ready like we're going to Dubai. Bryn says we're going to Dubai tomorrow, so put on your vapor maxes we're going, I'm thinner! I just needed to hear to go with it. I'M somebody! Okay, that's it! I will talk to guys later

Kiera Solace : You’ve been killing the game with this blonde! Come through Storm ⛈

Elaine Michelle: I love how it looks on you ! It’s perfect.

Shanny Stephens: This looks so good !!!

Jules: In love with this!!!! I need to make a trip to get my hair SLAY’D by princess!!!!

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Simone Chanel: Love the color You should make it a bob. I think it would look super cute on you!

Jamia Shonte: Absolutely love that hair and you’re owning it

Jeanette Montrose: Hey vicky , just wanted to let you know i appreciate your excellent editing skills and I’m obsessed with your logo and intro ugh ! Your so aesthetically tasteful and it puts me at ease okay that’s all for now ❤️ love ya

aestheticaffairs: The last part of the video you definitely look like all those things and above. This hair style and color is everything. You look great girl!

Erika Bowers: I like it!!! It looks good on you! The confidence you have wearing it doesn’t hurt either

Paige Santana: I love this look on you! Hair is poppin’!!

Habibti tingzz: This unit is to die for❤️the colour complements your skin and makeup look❄️‍♀️❤️

Taylor Drayton: I saw this wig and instantly named her Stormy ☺️

Alexus Allen: Really enjoyed this vid Vicky!!! Keep on with originality! You do it well. We love you!

Mia Gudda: Yessss I’m here for this blonde. I️ liked it long and cut. It’s gorgeous on you either way

LaMonica's LAB: You can rock any hair color and just slay

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Zory Alvarado: lol the rant at the end Vicky was everything. you are somebody! and I love you!


Brenda: I love it. It looks great on you.

CHARR KR: This wig is bomb !! Is so cute on you !

Lydia Bell: Yuuusss Vicky! I love this look. You betta S L E Y !!!

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nhonore1: I love her hair company..I’ve gotten the Brazilian curly- got so many compliments on it. I also did wavy which I liked, but I think I low keyed messed it up when I got it straighten it never bounced back after.

Sassy Deerah: Very nice from start to finish. Really want to try this but with dark roots. I'm motivated now to dive in and go for it.

Lani love: The long hair looked so good

Fiona I Am: It came out amazing! I've wanted to go storm white for the longest, but my fo'head ain't made for frontals.

Roberta McCullum: I'm really liking your new look . I think the color looks great on you . You go, young lady . If I was 30 yrs younger , just a thought . Lol... I luv it .

wildlydiera: loveeeeeeeeeeee it. It looks so freakin good. Ive been waiting on this video lol.

Sheen Boo: “She Ready !!! “ ( In My Tiffany Haddish Voice ) Yeah Vicky the Saints ain’t ready lol You are Beautiful

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Morgan Norris: You sure can pull it off! It’s gorgeous

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Ambria Renee Smith: Girl you can pull off any look

Golden Poise Family: oooh, it looks so good on you!

FATIMA BARRY: I love this look

Shavonne J: Love this wig

Being Latasha: L o v i n g this blonde, it’s a bop

Nikki Jobo: How does every color and length look good on you?! Yas


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Takisha's Age-Free Beauty Zone: I don't know about much, but I know that you're looking bomb in that wig...AND your lip gloss is poppin'! Is that Fenty gloss bomb?

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Bttr Tgthr Stories: “Jezebel in the front row” I’m crying

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TIFFFFFFFFFYYYY : I mean you slayed honey !! Like between the blue, purple, and this blonde.......yasssss honey! You did that! Owwwwwwww!

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Lailah Angel: You know what the color is nice on your complextion. I do prefer your sassy/edgy/tomboy look. You owned it. Maybe you can reinvent it. You'll be able to be creative & new style (priceless). I know it's easier said than done but just a thought. My state of mind when commenting this: you were the only glam girl with such a unconforming fresh take on fashion. Maybe you're far gone from that space but decided to share anyway. Much love and peace doll.

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Bianca Lauren: Dying at the Dubai part because my in laws just came back from Dubai and I’m over wondering if I can buy lunch

Ash Shtikel: whats that lip combo? LOVE

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