Pre -Colored 24 Inch Rose Pink Body Wave Frontal Wig Install Ft. Yolissa Hair

Heey y’all in today’s video I will be showing you how I install my frontal wig sent to me by yolissa hair hope you enjoy thank you for watching this video don’t forget to like comment subscribe and share THANK YOU FOR 170k❤️ On the Road to 200k

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Yeah yeah, what's up GI babies, we are back with another video and we are doing this install from yolissa hair. Now this this unit reminds me of ice cream like it reminds me of the Napoleon ice cream, because it has the brown the blonde and the pink. I feel like the pink is like a little subtle, more so than the blonde, so I feel like that's the only thing I feel like they should have brought out the pink a little bit more but other than that. I really like this unit. It'S really cute, but we're just jumping straight into it, and I'm applying my Erica J glue on and y'all. I don't know what was going on with this glue this time, but it just was not holding like. I feel like I kind of did something wrong this time, like with the glue part, but everything else came out really really cute, but I would just say, make sure y'all take the proper steps when it comes to using this glue, because I went to a dance Class after I put this wig on was that was a big mistake because, like it was lifting - and I know I read the bottle after and it said it allowed 24 hours to cure. So I think that's what happened and I was kind of mad, because I couldn't really go full out for real, because my wig was slipping and I did not want to embarrass myself. So I had to reinstall this wig. So y'all gon na see me wearing this wig in the middle and on the side, but I'm just showing you guys the first installation, because that's what I'm doing - and I did just cut this out a little bit so that it can um reach all the way From side to side, because sometimes they don't automatically fit your hairline, so it's no problem just to cut the sides a little bit just to stretch the lace, okay, foreign, so right here you can actually see this color, like it's really really cute like I said It Reminds me of ice cream and if you guys want all the details on this unit, everything is in the description box down below and y'all go shop, your list of hair, but I was just trying to see how it looked in the side because initially I was Gon na wear it inside, but I knew I was going somewhere, so I didn't want to do baby hairs. I wanted to do a middle part so, but I was just testing out just to see how everything looks on the side and it was really cute on the side. So I was definitely like. Okay, I'm gon na do this, but we shifted it back in the middle part for these curls. So now I'm just cutting the lace with my eyebrow razor and I'm just going section protection and cutting everything off now I was testing the strengths for this Erica jet glue, like I just knew this glue was so good, so I was just really testing it. I feel like that's why it didn't last as long as it's usually be doing, because I didn't even lay the hair down y'all, I just let it stick on and then I started cutting the lace. Of course it stayed and stuff right here, but after I was seeing the results of why you are supposed to go step by step the way you should foreign. So now I was just testing a curl in the front just to see how everything was looking and I liked the way it was looking. So I just went ahead and curled the hair in the middle part, away from my face: foreign foreign, foreign, foreign, and now this is the next day when I decided to do the side part - and I wanted to do. Some paper cares just on one side, not nothing too dramatic, because I just wanted like a little baby hairs on one side and let the curls pop and I feel like the side part was my favorite because it came out so cute foreign and here's me taking Out my curls, I just did some curls away from my face and I feel like doing it in the side part and doing these curls. You can really see the colors of how they did it like the color and how they did it on this unit. So I feel, like the side part like I said before it was my favorite. It came out so cute, and this is basically the end of this video, I'm just showing you guys the results on these curls. But if you guys enjoyed this video, don't forget to like comment and subscribe to your girls, YouTube channel and also, like I said before, all the links for this unit and your list of hair will be down below so make sure you guys don't forget to check Out that description box, but yes, you guys these are how these curls came out. Like I said before, I really really love them. They were so cute and make sure you guys stay blessed. I love you guys. Yeah babies, we out

Lashell the Goddess: Your hair turned out sooo cute! Definitely your color

Yolissa Hair: Stunning! Thank you so much for your sharing❤❤

James: Why is this so cute?! Now I want one ‍♂️. Let me just grab by keys & checkbook

Myriam Petit: The slay is always giving

Sammy Da Goat: Fourth Comment You Always Satisfy Us You Slay Every Wig

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