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Hey girl, welcome back to my channel, I'm Ashley meadeck. Thank you guys for tuning in today. Today, I'm going to be doing a beautiful fun start to finish: beginner friendly install now this one comes courtesy of a mega look and they've been hitting it on the. How do you say it they've been hitting the nail on the head with the colored wigs you guys already know. I did a cute little like reddish, burgundy-ish vibe from them last week, and then I have another one coming pretty soon and that's going to be another fun color. But for this one I kind of just wanted. Like a 90s theme Vibe, I have the oversized t-shirt from Fashion Nova. I bought some baggy Nike sweats and I just feel like this look set it off. I'M going to be doing everything with you from start to finish. You'Re gon na see what it looks like set as a center part and The Vibes go ahead and subscribe. If you haven't already and check the description box for a direct link and all the details and without further Ado, let's go ahead and jump right into it. Okay, let's get started, ladies, so this is the wig straight out of the box. This is a 13x4 trans parent lace, Balayage loose deep wave wig, it is 24 inches in length and then this is the look at the inside construction of the cap. I love the fact that it's free parting, so you can part literally from ear to ear and you're, not restricted, also, they included an elastic band inside, and this is going to help the wig to fit a little bit more snug. Here we are trying her own for size and just getting her right. I want to make sure I show you guys what she looks like from the back. I love how to find the curls are, but we are going to like loosen them up and wrap them up a bit. You guys already seen in the intro I kind of wanted to look a little bit more natural and like frizzy or textured. If you will so that it just looks a lot more natural now with the Balayage, it does have that Dark Root, and this is what it looks like as a center part. I'M going to go ahead and start the install process not going to do any customizations. Today, we're going to work what they provided and it definitely came out amazing, as you guys already seen in the beginning, if you don't feel comfortable, cutting off the lace on the head or you're just a little bit confused about it. I highly recommend investing in a wig head and that way you could do that step on your wig head before you put the wig on here. I am tinting the lace. I did purchase the new viral makeup by Mario foundation and so I'm using the darker shade that I purchased. If you guys follow me on Tick Tock, you see a whole review, a book that just into the hairline and then I went ahead and let that dry put the wig back on sipped my coffee a little bit and now we are applying the wig we're going For even today, you guys already know the red one is my babe, it's active, which means it's more of a glue um base, but it's liquid spray, I'm not quite sure what active means, but I'm pretty sure it means glue. So it's like a liquid spray. Airsoft glue opposed to, like you know, like a holding spray, so here I'm deciding what style I wanted to do. I definitely wasn't feeling a center part today. You guys know I've been trying to get more into like fun styles and not just center part, and that's it. So I'm definitely going to be doing center part like more often with this wig than like half a pep down, but I just was feeling the vibe of the half of Pep down and then I also wanted to do some little bangs in the front. I'M not sure these are called bangs. You have the little two pieces coming down in the front, but we're gon na call them bangs today, just because I don't know um, if there is a specific name for them. I want the hairline to look as natural as possible without going in and plugging or tweezing anything. So I did go ahead and add a generous amount of the wax along the entire hairline and I'm just going to go ahead and press it out as much as I can. I even added that um wax stick to the bang and I pressed that out too because again, since it's a Dark Root, it can definitely look a lot more Wiggy um than if it was like a natural brown or even the blonde. So I want to make sure that it just looks really really good and you know very tasteful, and you know I'm trying to look bomb. I got ta, you know, Sam rip is in myself. I got ta look good, you know so here I am just going in and adding that lace tint to the entire perimeter of the hairline. As I mentioned, I did put it under, but because I you know blow dried it and did so many other steps. I wanted to just make sure it was a lot more pronounced, so I did apply it and I'm going to let that oxidize and just set on its own and then add a little bit of powder towards the very end or actually you know what I didn't Add the powder, but off camera I added powder just to make it look a lot more perfect. When doing this go ahead and use like a towel or something to blend it out, then I won curled. My bangs and kind of pulled the hair out and it came out absolutely beautiful. 10 out of 10 would highly recommend his Vibes or no, I got the big oversized. T-Shirt got the half up half down with like the natural like crinkle style. I don't know for some reason. It just gets 90s Vibe, but, like my baggy Nike sweats I have on and then of course I do some heavy lip liner. This is chestnut, but of course it needs to be sharpened. What'S new anyways, let's talk about the hair. We already know this. One came from Mega, looks they've been hitting it on the nail. I did another um preview from their company. It was like a burgundy color the other day, and that was a vibe till you guys loved that one and um this one doesn't disappoint either. They do very well with the colored wigs and so I'm excited to see more, like color combos coming from this company. I do have one more collaboration with them next month and it's going to be an even more fun color, but for this one, let's just stay on task. I do kind of feel a little bit away about the fact that I curled these and the rest of the hair is more of a wavy or crimped type of style. So if you do want to make this match this, but still like control it, you could of course braid it. And then you know um put a little mousse or something like that and just let it sit and then of course take it out for the natural crimp or you can use a crimping iron. For me, I just went ahead and did what I did and I kind of like the opt the. What do you call like spontaneous vibe from just going ahead for it? I think it still looks amazing, but again, if that, like bugs you um and then you want to like make it a little bit more like style or tame. Since it's in your face, go ahead and crimp it or braid it and you'll be good to go. Color combo is off the chain. Of course I did a Dark Root and that kind of helps to make it look a lot more natural. I feel like I can go in with a little powder right here, but I kind of don't. Let me know what you guys think of this one as far as the length is 22 or I'm sorry, 24 inches. All the rest of the details are in the description box as well as like the direct link, and all of that. This right here is the dust bag. The wig came in and then here's a nice little goodie bag. This milk belt um lashes, wig cap and then um an edge fresh in there. I think, that's all in there, oh and then like a cute little um clip I'm gon na strip a scissors, so I'm gon na. Let you guys go. I don't want to talk. You guys to death in the outro be sure to check the description box. Everything you need to know you can find there. Thank you guys so much for watching and as always I'll see you in the next one smooches

Shell Shell Beyond Beauty: I love it. Definitely my next wig to add to my collection.

BAMI TV: I like the hair is so beautiful, and the way you styled it

Jackie Randolph: Hi Ashley I am feeling this wig half up and half down hairstyle are my favorite and beautiful love that color.

ladetra paul:

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