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Join Sophie @ and let your style shine with Alessandra by Jon Renau! This long wig offers an unbeatable combination of natural-looking choppy layers, a sheer lace front and a hand tied monofilament top. With this beauty on your head you'll have the confidence to pull off any look - let that gorgeous hair flow free or arrange it however you desire for maximum impact. Featured colors: 27T613F, S8-18/26RO and 27MB.






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Excited to be bringing you this style, this is the Alessandra by John Renault and I'm absolutely in love with it. So let me just show you guys how cute this is like it's a super cute, long, layered look and for me I'm. I don't know, I'm thinking! Victoria'S Secret - maybe I love it. I absolutely love it so this color that I have on is the 27 MB and I'll just get a little close-up. It'S a dark red and gold blonde blend. It'S super cute, so if you've ever heard the term strawberry blonde. This is the ideal strawberry blonde color um. So if you're ever looking for anything like that anything with the color 27 is the perfect strawberry blonde. In my opinion now I do have two other pieces that I'm gon na get into, but before I do that, I'm going to show you the Cap Construction, so um, let's go ahead and pull this for you. So now. This Cap Construction is a basic cap, as you can see back here. You see those West and you see the stretch that it gives. You have the adjustable straps and then you got that monofilament top, so you can part it in any direction and the lace front gives the natural um illusion of a natural hairline. So you can see that on me granted. You can see mine a little bit, but you can just put makeup and that'll fix it, and then this color that I'm holding, let me just show you this is the 2017 613f. It'S a medium Red Gold, blonde pale, natural gold, blonde blend pale tips and medium Red Gold, um nape. This color also incorporates that 27. So I have the 27 MB. This has the 27, but it also has that 613 and that's why it looks so much lighter in comparison. If you can see that - and you get those really really light highlights that, go all the way to the tip of the hair, and then this other color that we have here is actually one of Jon Reno's new colors. So I'm really excited to show you this. This is the fawn by Jon renau and it's a take on ombre colors. So this is the s8-1826ro and it's a rich dark brown, with blended with honey, blonde and um and blonde Hues. Sorry about that. So you have the dark coming all the way through here and then right at the top. You get the honey blonde. You can see that and some of those lighter blonde tips. So if you've ever wanted to go ombre and don't want to damage your hair, definitely get one of genre knows new cascading colors. This is just one of many, so there's the Fawn. I believe there's about six colors from not mistaken but feel free to check it out if you haven't already purchased one of these definitely run and go add it to your cart heart. This live

Diane R-D: That color is perfect with your skin tone! Looks amazing on you!❤

Sofi Alain: Hi i want to know what is the number of the wig or the model…. Thank you!

Red headed Sojourner: Roxy must be on maternity leave.

Kendra Miller: I want to delete my comment and chat shared a few minutes ago it is a typo

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