Star By Ellen Wille | Colors: Salt & Pepper Mix And Champagne Rooted | Live

Join Indira @ as we discuss Star by Ellen Wille. Featured colors: Salt & Pepper Mix and Champagne Rooted. Also if you've ever been curious about wearing glasses with a wig, the answer is yes! With some quick tweaking to your eyewear's adjusters, you'll have no problem finding an ultra comfortable fit that works perfectly for both. Don't hesitate - let those peepers shine under any and all of your fashionable looks!





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I have on is in a salt and pepper mix. It'S light natural brown with 75 gray, medium brown with 70 gray and a pure white blend. I love this one I feel like this is something that is so trendy right now. I could go to a salon and spend like a thousand dollars trying to get my jet black bio hair. This color - or I can just put this on and have a perfectly styled wig all day every day. So for me, this one fits perfectly. It is a petite average. I have really short bio hair, so I don't even have a wig cap on and it feels amazing. It'S super light moves so nicely, so this piece is going to be synthetic, but that's really all you need with this. I just took it out of the box fluffed it up, and then this one also has a monofilament, so I just changed the part around to personalize it for myself and put my glasses on with it. So, as you can see, even though I have my bio hair out, it still Blends in super nicely with this pepper gray mix, I have my glasses sitting right on top of that ear, tab and look so comfortable, so easy, it's still cute for me to tuck My hair behind my ears, even with the glosses on and the wig on, so it's super comfortable like super comfortable. It is also partially hand tied, and I'm pretty sure I mentioned the lace front earlier, but as you can see, especially with that bang, it looks Supernatural here. We have it in that champagne rooted color and I'm going to show you guys that monofilament, where you can part it anyway and you can see where the cap is hand tied partially and then on the other side, we can check out this beautiful blonde color. You see that movement Straight Out of the Box, so you don't even need to have heat with this. It is again totally synthetic, so heat's not going to be your friend with this one. This champagne rooted color comes with light beige, blonde pieces, medium, honey, blonde and platinum blonde in that blend with the dark roots. So whether you have light bio hair that you just want covered up, this will do the job with the Dark Root or, if you have really really dark bio hair like I do it Blends in perfectly I love this color. I love this wig and I love this stuff.

Brenda Ay: Very pretty on you! I'd switch out the jewelry to silver with the salt & pepper for a complete look!

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