Ahimary Highlighted Wig Review | The Easiest Install Ever+ Beginning Friendly Wig

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Foreign guys we have a bombshell sponsor. I would like to thank ashy Mary for sponsoring today's video guys Ashley Mary was gracious enough to send me over this gorgeous unit, so guys this is a 13 by 4 frontal wig. They sent me this unit in this beautiful color. Now you guys know that I am always reluctant about trying different things, and this was no different. However, they were able to convince me that this would be a beautiful unit, so I tried it and I absolutely do not regret it also guys one thing that I would like to notice that this unit is a body wave unit. Yes, you heard it here. First folks, this is a body wave unit and when I first received it, I'm not gon na lie girl. I was so excited till I'm gon. Na be honest. I took it out of the package and I immediately flat ironed it because I just wanted to know how it handled heat, and it did beautifully just wanted to give you guys a few details about this gorgeous unit. If you guys would like to know how how I was able to achieve this silky sexy sultry, look then keep on watching. This is a 24 inch body wave unit. It is a 13 by 4 frontal wig, so I did uh kind of part it already. I did not pluck it because I didn't really think that it needed any plucking see so um, I'm actually going to be looking for how easy it is to do my own installation, because this is going to be my first frontal wig - that I Do by myself. Normally I have someone here helping me, so, let's get into it foreign and it's hard to keep my mind like you, foreign secured, I'm actually just gon na lightly, go through the hair, with my hot comb, just to kind of get the rest of those waved out. So this is a beautiful texture. I absolutely love this hair. It is so light and fluffy and I'm excited to see how well it is going to curl. Now, I'm not taking this out. You know I'm not combing through a section by section I'm just taking. You know obviously big chunks because again we're gon na still curl this hair, but I just kind of want to get the rest of the Waves out. Y'All look! Look at how easy the waves come out. I'M just gon na go up here. Oh yeah! Look! How straight it is okay, let me just kind of run the hot comb over it a little bit girl. Look, how look how easy it is to get those waves out of this anyone wondering guys I actually have the hot comb. I do have it on the highest setting, so I did want to make that pretty clear that it is on the highest setting, because I do want the top of the wig to be as flat as possible all right. So let's go head on and remove the elastic band. Oh it's flat! Look how flat it is. Oh, I'm excited girl. Look how? Oh, my God y'all look how flat it is. I love that I'm actually just gon na put a little bit of edge control around the front just a little bit more because I want to make sure that we don't have any flyaways when we get ready to cut the lace off of the wig. All right. Now here is the Moment of Truth girl. So what I'm gon na do is cut the lace in section. So I'm going to start here. First, I'm gon na get a clip. I'M gon na pull this piece back. Y'All be sure when you guys are cutting your lace, be sure to not uh cut yourself cause baby. These scissors are sharp okay. So let me put a clip here all right, so I cut all the lace off guys make sure when you uh make sure when you are trimming your lace on your funnel try to get the lace as close to the hairline as possible, which is what I Did because I was going for like a super natural look, I love the hair bone straight, but y'all know me baby, I'm from Texas and the higher the hair, the closer to Heaven honey. So we're gon na put some really cute voluminous curls in the hair, because I just want to see how it looks, but I do like the I do like knowing that if I want to wear the hair bone straight, I can I love it. It looks so pretty caught me at the right time, baby all right guys. So this is the final look. I absolutely love it guys. This was my first time installing a 13 by 4 Wig by myself. This is a frontal wig. So, let's get into my personal review, I'm actually gon na give this hair a 10 out of 10 number one. It was a body wave and now we got it straight number two. This was actually just a traditional lace, but guys all I did was put a little bit of um powder on it just from a plain palette, so it was able to uh the scalp was able to blend in very easily. The lace was easy to trim guys it was so easy to curl. This is an amazing wig. This is beginner friendly and then also another thing that I love about. It is still look at the body. Y'All look at the body that this wig has um. Now I did cut a few little layers around the front, but not too many and I left everything else, uh just its length guys and then also. Oh, I forgot to say this: the highlights can we get into the highlights y'all. I love this wig and it's like every time a company uh reaches out to me and they they ask me to uh. Do a highlighted wig. I'M always so apprehensive, and I don't know why, because they come out gorgeous. I love it um. Another reason why I gave the hair a 10 out of 10 is because look how flat I was able to get it to lay down. I cannot say enough good things about this hair guys this is gorgeous. I think this is going to be the new signature. Bombshell look honey. I think this is going to be our new look but um I'm ready to play in this hair. Some more I'm not gon na even much lie. I can't keep my hands out of the girl so anyway, I would like to send a very special thank you to ashy Mary. Thank you guys so much for reaching out to me and asking me to review your wig. This is one of my favorite weeds that I've received so far. I absolutely love it guys. I'M actually gon na put everything down in the description box below and if they provide me with a discount code, I will ensure that I include that as well again. Ashley Mary, thank you guys so much for sponsoring today's video and uh I'll see you in the next one. Thank you.

newwoman56: Here it is yet another incredible dedicated sponsorship video !! Outstanding job!! The unit is fantastic,the color is stellar, and very complimentary to your already stunningly gorgeous self ! This vintage Bombshell loves it ! Keep up the great work ! Ok girl,I will call you on the next vlog❤️❤️❤️

Mrs. Shirley Hunt: I’m so proud of you for believing in yourself as well as dealing with a company who also believes in you. This unit is gorgeous on you and you did an amazing job on installing it!!! Incredible Rochelle❤❤❤

J. Y.: I absolutely love this unit on you!! It definitely becomes you. The color placement is so perfect

sunshinemonroe619: That unit looks so good on you!! Simply BEAUTIFUL!

Debbera Coleman: Omg !! Love it ! The color looks fabulous on you. You slayed that wig Rochelle. Simply beautiful. I just might order that. Stay blessed

Shernita Glaze: OMG Rochelle! You look amazing as always! The color is beautiful and beautiful on you!

Dee Gee: Hey sis! This color is so pretty on you! Love the unit!

L.C Smalls: Oh yes ma’am this hair looks amazing on you. Love the color it really brings out your face and complexion.

Meriel Lyon: Roc, you are Roc-ing those highlights! It truly compliments your complexion. A head turner. Your modeling and hosting assignments are waiting.

Lillie Newsome: The color looks fab with your complexion!! Great job!

sharesa smothers: Hold up ma’am, not the tutorial I’m not mad at all. Your smile says it all. You flat ironed that wig just because you could. I love it!!!! Simply beautiful

Gilvetta B: Happy New Year Rochelle. This wig is beautiful on you. Love it!!!

Kristy Danielle: Love this color sis!! Looks really good on you!

lynnette dykes: This unit looks on you...color is amazing

milcha ohara: Wow, you did that, you did that. You did a great job and it looks absolutely beautiful on you ❤

Ashimary Hair: Omg! You look gorgeous!Thank u so much for trying Ashimary hair!

Tawana Teelovely K: You did that sis! I don’t wear wigs but you make me want to try one! Seriously, had to watch to support my girl! Very pretty wig though. I told you I think you think blondes have more fun baby!!!

QweezyBabyFasho: I love the light colored hair on you! Its such a youthful look.

Livin Katie: Loving the hair... Keep up the great work..❤

Empress TB: Okkkkk sis you did that install, that color looks beautiful on you

IAMKIMBERLYP: the higher the hair the closer to heaven It looks good on you either way and you did very well on an install

Majeeda Green: That color looks amazing with your complexion

Mariah LaTrice: I love this color on you...yasss to the more blonde looks!

MSTREMYRAH: Hey Gurl looking good! Love the hair!!!! Just FYI you really could easily be an anchor woman on a major news network’ Amazing voice.

Paulette Douglas: that color is soooo!!! beautiful on you

Rita M: Very Pretty loving this color on you

Sharon Robinson: Hello sis you be rocking thoses hair styles love it see you on the next Volg.

Summer D: Too damn cute booski!!! It looks beginner friendly but let my ass get it/it won’t turn out like that! ‍♀️

CrazyNaturalPrincess: Rochelle, this unit is

Kamilah Ramsey: That color is beautiful on your skin tone

Jurtae: Cute honey! It looks good on you! Show out Queen bombshell

Brittney K01: It’s the cascading colors of caramel for me!

Turkesa Whittley: Love the hair color❤

Kathy Foster: Ouuuu love the hair color Happy New Year.

Moni S.: Loved this color on you!

Sassy: Amazing!!!! ❤❤❤

Emily Hammond: VERY PRETTY!

chosen3179: You look gorgeous!❤

Kay London: "You look so Preeeeeetttty" ! *In Rochelle's Voice* lol

Stephanie Sharp: My girl is back with another boom unit. Don't play with her she is not one of them. I love love that color on you.

Flawlessbylola: Love it

Unita Burns: Yesss hunni Beautiful Rochelle That hair is gorgeous on you I like that color on you ❤❤❤

Wilma Semiens: Beautiful

IAMKIMBERLYP: ❤❤❤love that color on you❤❤❤

Ms. Peterson: This the one Roc!!

3C: That was made for you.


Sharice Darnella ReRe world 🍷: Hey Rochelle

🌸 MOGMG🌸: Good morning ❤️

Tracey Odum: Super cute


japhia willis: Happy New Years 2033 Awesome Amen ✨️

sharesa smothers:

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