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Why are you here laughing myself, I'm back with me a drip from my good friends over there and they Doula, hair y'all know we will start as my hands. I'Ve been dreaming condensation, y'all know: we've been working with nadula here for a while now and that's how we do human hair we'll try them out two or three times. If we like them, add them to the rotation if they trash, I tell you they trash. We never hear from them again. Nadula hair has really just lived up to everything that I've always wanted them to be. We got a huge, huge, huge success rate with them, so I'm hoping that we like, what's ever in this box, not only let me start by saying that all of this in the wig they also sent a little robe with their name on it. So I thought that was, you know a little depressing gown look and I do my hair okay, all right. So, let's see what this box, because that's all y'all care about all right. So it comes in this heart box which that matters, depending on how you store your wigs, silk sack um. Oh, the hair is pretty, but outside of the hair being that gorgeous color. They also sent us some other goodies, a edge brush with their name on it. Some stocking caps a little bonnet, another Edge band, some eyelashes and and a makeup brush. So you know that stuff matters like I say, human hair is an investment. Aka you're gon na have to pay some coins. So those little extras matter - I'm just reading directly out here. But if you look in the description box, you see everything you want to know about this wig. So it's a 13 by four Kinky Curly 24 inch wig in the color tl412. This color is so pretty. It'S such a breath of fresh air because I've filmed so much kinky curly hair today, but this is my first time filming this color y'all. I don't know if I've ever done any other hair pattern in this color this this is pretty yellow. This is not toy y'all. Look how pretty that color is all right! Cap Construction, you get! You get a comb in the back and those adjustable straps, and then you get this 13x4 up there at the top. But, of course it comes to the right comb to left. I'M sorry. Tito is down here missing with my feet. That'S why I've seen I seem a little off okay and you get this adjustable band. It'S already onto the wig. That'S gon na make it lay so flush to your head, like I said, you're gon na see this shirt a lot because I filmed a lot today, but this is the first time I've ever done. A kinky curly in this beautiful, beautiful blonde, color, Okay um. So before I cut off, we ain't gon na do all that. What I'm gon na do is I'm gon na cut off this lace and I'm gon na fast forward through all that part play around with it, and then I'm gon na come back with my final thoughts, because I'm already three minutes in okay so be right. Back. Come through everything, I want to see all right y'all. So I'm back with my final thoughts y'all. This is very big hair. Don'T care I'm trying to get my Beyonce on type of hair, um, absolutely gorgeous! I love this honey. Blonde. Color and y'all know that I'm usually more of a ash blonde fan, but this color on this hair is so freaking gorgeous um. I thought that the length was gon na, be too much for me, because y'all know I'm I'm normally comfortable by like an 18 inch in real life, but this length on this curl pattern again makes it very very pretty um you saw when it was dry it. I mean it was a look, but it just wouldn't look for me, so I sprayed a little bit of water on and this is what we got it's already starting to dry and you can see it dries to a very, very beautiful curl pattern. Um y'all, this one is absolutely absolutely beautiful, but I think it's the color, that's doing it for me um. It was super easy too. As well. Y'All know I am a beginner. I cannot come here so I swooped a few of those baby hairs and, like I keep saying, I hope we can't slim baby hairs in 2023 because I hate them, maybe because I can't do them but swooped a few of those baby hairs put a little bit Of powder in there - and this is what we got y'all - I definitely recommend this um. It is so pretty like the chocolate and then you got these Honey Buns. Now I'm hungry yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. So this one is a definite must. If you look down in the description box, you'll see all the details on this wig, as well as a direct link to where you can go and purchase this when they do the hair. But if this isn't your style just know that they do a hair? Has just about anything that you can think of from a full cap, picks it to a hot, pink Bob to this big old Beyonce wig, whatever you can think of nadula hair is going to carry it, so I definitely recommend, like I would say, maybe not even Into wigs, maybe this is your cousin Beyonce, hey, maybe it's your cousin Sean, whichever one send them my way and me, and they do look at them right, y'all. This is beautiful until next time, which will be very very soon.

Bernice B: Hi Jessica! This hair looks gorgeous on you! I love the color & texture! Great video!

Bernice B: Hi Jessica & Tito! This hair makes you looks like a living barbie doll & blends in with your complexion! Great video!

Charmin Rodgers: The color is bomb! I love kinky curly hair!! This one is gorgeous!!!

patrice moore: Sis this hair look so beautiful on you !!! This unit is gorgeous !!! I love the color !

Tracy Scott: That hair is everything. You look absolutely flawless. The color goes so well with your complexion.

Angela Hrabowskie: That's just so beautiful jess, it looks so good when it's juicy looking lol gotta keep the on board with this beauty.

DonnDiva: Yes I love this unit color and all! And I hate doing baby hairs too. That’s why I am leaning towards human hair with the 4C edges so I don’t need to play with them baby hairs

E Shif: You are absolutely giving Beyonce ❤️ Love the color It appears to be big head friendly, is it? Thanks for another awesome vid

TheeMoniiByrd: Nadula and ygwigs are my fave hair companies you review! That color is everything ✨

swtblkangel31: All I can say is yes!! I'm out to dinner but saw the notification so yeah I clicked on it. Sound ain't on but listen best friend. You. Look. Good

DeChana Henley: The color its gorgeous!

KK the only one ! Stephens: Somebody daddy bout to lose his soc sec check! Sis, this hair made me stop working to watch! gorgeous

Secluded One: This is a definite yes!

BriBri: gorgeous it’s giving Beyoncé vibes

kaneatha hargrove: i love this

StarriSkye: Cute

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