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Hey girl, welcome back to my channel. My name is Ashley bedek and today I'll be doing a super beginner friendly, install courtesy of Mega. Look they sent over this beautiful brown, auburn color number 30 HD lace, body, wave wig. She is absolutely gorgeous and the color of this wig is so vibrant, definitely hitting the new year with a bang. So if you want to follow this, install keep on watching. So for starters, this is the packaging, and this is the wig straight out of the box. As I did mention, this is a body wave textured wig, the dimensions of the lace are 13x4, but she does come in a 4x4 closure option. They did include this elastic band. This is going to give the wig a little extra hold and make it feel a little bit more snug as you wear her. This is a first impression and what she looks like on, as you guys can see. I have the airpods in so excuse the dance and breakdowns all throughout the video. I was feeling myself in in such a good mood. Hope you guys are too in this new year. This is a look at the wig from the back, as you guys can see. She'S, nice and full this one is 20, I believe four inches in length, but she does come in lengths from 14 inches to 30 inches. So you can definitely find your perfect length. This is a look at the wig as a center part, as well as a half up half down. I think I'm gon na do a flip over you guys already seen in the intro that I decided to do a no part Vibe, but I did kind of Step it out. Just a little bit and you'll see what I mean in just a moment. For now. I'Ve decided no customizations were needed, I'm just I'm just going to go ahead and remove all of the excess lace. This is a simple step, but I know that a lot of people get a little bit nervous, not wanting to cut into the hairline or damage their wig before they even get to install, but trust me just go slow it. There really is no right or wrong way to do it many a times. I definitely will cut off a little bit too much lace or sometimes not enough lace, and it's always able to be fixed. It'S all in the Finesse I feel like putting on a wig and installing it to your liking is literally just a finesse. Here I am installing the wig I went with Eben you guys know. This has been my go-to for some time now. I was first addicted to the yellow. Can I recently ran out and discovered that I had the red one in my stash and this one is even better I'll? Have it linked in the description box, as you guys can see, I was struggling to pull the hair apart, be careful when it comes to like spray adhesives, it's very easy to get it like in the actual hair and not just on the lace, but when it Does and you blow dry it, it kind of will get like um. How do you say it like tacky or like sticky? So you just kind of can comb it out and it literally will come out like nothing ever happened now we're going in and I did tweeze out the hairline a little bit now. I'M just gon na go ahead and send some of the hair back and leave some of that hair forward. We are going to be doing baby hair, but we're going to keep the center part clean, so it kind of gives you like that. No baby hair bob in the center with the forehead, but it also gives you like the Instagram soups that I love so much. I am going in with the dynamic duo. This is my wax stick from paired with our electric hot comb. I like to go in like I know that, back in the day, the hair gurus with the natural hair we're talking about heat damage, and you know you can only do one pass. But when it comes to my wigs I go crazy. There is no minimum or maximum of how many heat passes. I do I do it until the job gets done now that I've cut the baby hair down to the desired length, I'm just being careful not to Nick my my forehead with this mini flat iron, but I'm just wanting to curl the hairs away from my face. This is going to form like the wispy baby hair. I don't want the baby hair that kind of like melts and like molds into my hair. I kind of want it to be fluffy and a little bit natural and everywhere to each his own definitely definitely skip this step. If this is not your Vibe, but I did go ahead and use a mousse as my adhesive, I did go in and use the mousse for my brand and, as you guys can see, my baby hair came out perfect, although they are sisters, not twins, because one Side is a little bit more full than the other. The beauty is after the fact I can go in and pull more hair forward and add to make it a little bit more. Even I did go in with a liquid foundation this time to set the hair and once it kind of oxidizes, it's going to look perfect. Now I decided to do just like a no part flip over. This has been my go-to in 2022, especially towards the end. I was definitely into the no parts, definitely have to have a strong, clean hairline to achieve this, and I think I did a great job now, I'm going to go in with this Infamous Infamous wine color that I've been using. I feel like in every video. I promise to switch it up. I need to go and pull out other Hot Tools, because this has been my favorite go-to, a wand. Curler just really gets the job done and it's very very simple and easy, but I definitely will be pulling up curling irons in different barrels and such so you guys can get a variety of curls and different options when it comes to curling your hair at home. I did this side on camera and then I just sprayed it with a little bit of my um Shapers or maybe a lot. I did this side off camera and it came out absolutely beautiful. Now, I'm gon na just do the top. Basically, where the um hair will kind of like flip over a little bit, one of the key things when it comes to any style is making sure the hair is installed. Nice neat and properly, and also making sure the lace area like this hair up top is super super super neat. So I'm just going in one more time with the hot comb and making sure everything is super flat and looks like it's coming out of the scalp. Even when it comes to the curls, when I section a piece to curl before I do, I do like to go in in the lace part and make sure that it's flat and then, of course, I'm just going to go ahead and curl. All these last pieces, and once I'm done, of course, I'm going to set it with a little bit more Shapers. I added some to each section and I did work in three different sections, and this was pretty much the look kind of allowing it to set before I pull the curls out out nice and full. I would definitely say now. This is the part where I went in on top of that liquid foundation I used and just added a little bit more powder, just perfecting it make sure everything looks perfect and then I'm using this concealer from Ruby kiss as like a little bit of a lace. Action I want to make sure that if any lace is exposed it blends with my complexion here are the goodies that were provided in the bag. They did give us this little reusable pouch and it was stuffed to capacity with goodies wig caps. You got some lashes. You got melt belt, I think you got a little pin it's like a Versace Vibe and then you got your baby hair brush super super nice. Now I'm going to go in and just pull the curls out with my hands. I kind of took my time on this and, as you guys can see, I didn't lose any of the bounds any of the body with using hairspray, and I also love how much the curl definition really popped once you pulled the curls apart. This absolutely is a must-have, and this is a look at it from the back. Definitely a go-to staple again. This one has so much body in it. It'S so easy to achieve a curl, and it's such such a low maintenance wig hope you guys enjoyed this video check the description box for all the details. Thank you guys so much for watching and as always I'll see you in the next one smooches

babybluex: Love this colour , I'm going to have to search for this and see if I can get it here in the UK. Love your videos x.

babybluex: I have never glued a wig down or anything like that, I leave a little of my own hair out in the front and sides as I'm too nervous about sticking a wig down, I don't want to lose any of my baby hair, I haven't got that much too lose lol.

KellyJelly9976: yeh - every time you do red/auburn units they are

Michelle Hollinshead: It’s Gorgeous

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Megalook Wig: thanks so much for your sharing dear you looks very pretty with this color happy new year

ALL BEAUTYBYJACQY: Very beautiful ❤.

babybluex: Stunning .

ladetra paul:

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