Bobbi Boss Synthetic Hair 13X6 Deep Hd Lace Wig - Mlf660 Yumi --/Wigtypes.Com

Bobbi Boss Synthetic Hair 13x6 Deep HD Lace Wig - MLF660 YUMI --/WIGTYPES.COM



- Hand-Tied 13"X6" Deep Lace

- Pre-Plucked Natural Hairline

- Glueless Wear

- Elastic Band

- Baby Hair

- Free Parting

- Flex Fit Cap

- Safe Heat Styling

Health and Beauty Come Together!

Boss Lace MEDIFRESH is Designed to Deliver the Protection you Need to Look and Feel Beautiful All Day Long.

- Safe & Clean Cap

- Blocks UV Rays

- Anti Bacterial

- Great Ventilation

- Safe Heat Styling


1, 1B, 2THH1B/30,

2THH1B/350, 2THH4/30, 2THHNB/BL







Hey guys welcome or welcome back to today I'll be doing a review by Bobby boss in the glueless lace, wig collection. I have the unit in the style. Mlf660 yummy. I have the unit in the color 2 thhnb slash BL. The unit is a 13 by 6 deep lace, glueless wear elastic band pre-plugged unit. The unit does come for 13x6, which makes for a free style parting area. The unit is heat, safe, doesn't say about how much and the unit does come in some other special colors. So some more about the unit, the texture of the unit is Silky, because it's a 13x6 you could probably left right or Center. The unit is not big and friendly. The unit is of a regular capsized, it is beginner, friendly does have flyaways, it does have Tangles and a tiny bit of shedding and the unit is pre-plucked yeah yeah yeah yeah. So I didn't think I would love this unit, so I left it. You know it's procrastinated to the review, because I was like man. How will I pull this unit off? How would I put it, how will I pull this unit off? How would I pull this color off like what am I gon na do? What am I gon na do so, I'm like put on a white T-shirt and just make it work. I couldn't find a white T-shirt, so I guess he wanted to say hi hi Ramsay how's it going how's it going so yeah back to what I was saying, which I don't remember where I was yeah. So I was like put on a white T-shirt and just push through it. You got this. You got this big review. I guess you really loves a wig. That'S what I'm that's what I like this one thing I don't know because he's been laying there this whole time while I was doing the install and he never paid me to mine yeah, I don't know what's going on, he really loves this unit. He must love the color blue, I don't know but yeah, that's what I'm saying put on a white T-shirt and just push the review and get it over and done with you. You'Ve been procrastinating for, like since Tuesday today is what Sunday yeah the crested in this whole time just put on a white T-shirt and do the review you got this. So did some research find out some colors that complement blue and I was like orange reddish like let me do a little orange makeup did that put on the wig and honey honey honey. Let me tell you, let me tell you, let me tell you this unit is gorgeous. I don't know what I was afraid of. I don't know why I was afraid I don't know, I don't know, because do you see this? Do you guys see this color? Do you see the color? This is gorgeous. I love this wig note to self 2023, don't be afraid of color any color, none whatsoever because honey. You got this. You got this and this goes to y'all too. You got. This, do not be afraid of color. So with that being said, a link will be left down in the description for your convenience purchase this unit in this color that I know you're gon na look good in okay, so yeah. So that's what I have for the review. If you got the end of the video, we uh really do appreciate you at wig types, don't forget to like the video share. The video check us out all social media types and we'll see you in another review, bye, guys, foreign foreign. Thank you. Thank you. Foreign foreign, thank you, foreign

Ms DJ: Gorgeous Gorgeous GORGEOUS!!! I'm your same skin complexion and I never thought to try an all blue wig but it looks great on you so I'll give it a try!!!

WonderWoman75: The color is amazing and OMG, your puppy! So glad he popped up to say hello to us!

Tan Mack: It's cute. The color is beautiful on you

Alisha Parker: Listen….This is yr color no liesog. It’s sooo vibrant I mean idk if I could pull it off but you do girl I hope u c these comments hun

Melissa Virtuous Kay: pretty love this color

Melissa Troy: Beautiful this really fits you

Latasha Alston: Color no and as many times u had to brush it and seeing ur fingers get snagged in it its a hard pass. One good wear and it will be a tangled mess.

PrayAlways: Pretty! Pretty!

PeekabooGirl: Blue is pretty, but it's a natural color for me.

ExtensionofDenim: you said the texture is silky but i can see the little yaki crinkles

Arzella Simmons: I'm sorry, not interested in blue hair!

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