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Foreign foreign - I can't leave you alone before I go, be nasty, don't act! Me! I'Ve been working all day so running straight to the dark out the Comfort, that's okay! I can't leave you alone just just ice yeah, I'm outside in an Angie side, TT two times baby girl. You know me still with the dogs that I grew aside. All the baby girl. You know me two times certain things girl. You know me yeah, baby girl. You know me sometimes sorry, I'm outside tonight, foreign and let you know everything: foreign foreign, oh yeah, come back foreign. What'S your house hum is foreign. Thank you. Let the music foreign hey, what's up everyone, it's Dom The Taste maker and welcome back to my Channel today. You guys I'm doing a review for Sterly hair, and this is a company that I don't work with often so I'm definitely going to give you guys the tea on this company. Okay, I'm gon na. Let you guys know whether the hair is good or not, and I'm just going to give you guys My overall feel about this look so today I just did something very simple: this is like a loose deep, wave texture or some kind of wavy pattern. This isn't like your typical, like Jerry curly hair, I typically like looser wave hair because I just feel like it just looks better on me and it's a lot less to maintain. You don't have to worry about your hair, shedding as much as like that super tight curly hair. That hair is gon na mat up on you, especially like in the back it's gon na tangle. It'S going to do what it does, but this hair right here is very unlikely that you're gon na have a live, matting, tangling or shedding in it, because it's such a loose wave, very, very lightweight you guys. This is a perfect unit more so I feel like for the summer time, because I feel like right now, like it's kind of cold. It'S like windy here and there and, like I for sure, can feel like the wind, like hitting my actual scalp underneath the unit. So I would say this unit is definitely on the thinner side, I'm not sure the density for it, but even though it's on the thinner side, I'm not saying that the unit is thin. Okay, I'm not saying that I'm just saying it's on the center side, because it's a looser wave, it's not as thick and full as I curly hair. That'S super curly hair. That hair will keep you warm like when I wear that hair, like I don't have to like, do too much, because it's going to keep me worn off. It'S going to keep me warm all up and through here, okay - and sometimes I actually get like too hot, especially when I'm like filming, because I have the studio lights on and the studio lights get pretty hot, especially with that hair. But this one I feel great. I feel good, I really really like this unit. I want to say that this unit is probably about like a 24 inch. It'S definitely on the lengthy side. I do like that about it, even though I said this unit is on the thinner side, the actual like hairline and everything is very full. You guys - and I forgot I like I'm, not even gon na say I forgot, because I thought that I did pluck it, but I didn't pluck it and I didn't realize that I didn't pluck it until I actually put the unit on a few moments ago and I'M like oh crap, but I didn't want to like stop, pluck it and then film, because plucking for me, especially with the hairline. This thick is going to take me a good 30 plus minutes to do, and I just didn't want to spend that kind of time. Plucking, because I have better things to do with my time. Okay, so today I pretty much just try to make it make it work, but the hairline is on the fuller side, as you guys can see, I didn't pluck anything. I thought that I plucked it, though you guys, because I always pluck my units - it's just I don't know, I don't know how I forgot that, but I did so. This is what the hairline is looking like, and I did add in like a little bit of baby hairs here, whatever nothing too crazy, just to give it some kind of character in the front, and I also tinted the lace for this unit. I used the Evan lace, tint spray and the color light warm brown, but I only bought. I only use this one because I ran out of my other one, and this was the only one available at the beauty supply store, so I might have to order the one I actually want online, which would be better because then I can order like multiple and Just like stock up on these because I use them so often I can easily run through a can in a month. You know what I mean, but especially something like this. Something like this size, I'll, probably run through in like a couple of weeks. You know what I'm saying, so that's just me it's just because I film like a lot, so that's the only reason why but um I do like this. Nonetheless, I still feel like it works for me. If you are of like my skin complexion, you can still get away with this one, but yeah they didn't have my color. The color that I normally use is um right here see I got a chance. This is an empty can of the one I normally use, and this is in the color dark brown, so dark brown or medium dark brown works perfect for me, but I'm not mad at the light warm Brown either like she. She definitely did her thing. She definitely came through and helped your girl out, because I needed something, but the other thing that I do want to talk about when it comes to this unit is the fact that this is a full frontal. Okay, I love the fact that you get your money's worth. I hate when I get frontal units and it's not a true frontal. It'S pretty much. If you're trying to scam us give us a closure with edges. You know what I'm saying, because it only be like this middle part of house partying and then on the side. It'S like nothing but like parts to like do your baby, hair or something I I hate those kind of units. I call them the Horseshoe frontals, because it's in the shape of a horseshoe, it's like literally I just I can't stand those. I love it when a company has a full frontal. So I love that about this unit and I definitely could have plucked this unit and it would have looked a lot better but because I didn't I'm not actually mad at how it looks for it not to be plugged. But I did, however, customize this unit and I did bleach the knots on this unit and I washed it and everything before actually installing it, and I highly recommend that you do the same. I know a lot of times when I'm editing these videos. It makes it seem like I'm taking the unit straight from the box and like putting it on, but that's completely unhygienic. I don't recommend that at all you guys have to consider these units are coming from another country. Half the time they've been handled by a lot of different people, you don't know where this hair has been. You don't know where it came from. You need to make sure that you wash the units because you're putting the hair on top of your hair, even though it's like lace and everything like that, it's still on top of your hair, your cap, your are raids and everything, so you don't want to end Up, I don't know what would be going on, but I'm just saying this for hygienic reasons make sure you always wash your wigs and customize them bleach them. Pluck them do the whole thing I do all of that. Normally I just didn't pluck it today, but I did at least not so there's that, but nonetheless, all in all you guys. I really do like this unit. Like I said, I haven't, worked with Sterly hair that much so for this to be like. I don't even think this is my first time working with them. I feel like I've worked with them before, because they, the name, rings, a bell. I just don't know what unit I got from them, but I really do like this unit from them. I think it's very sexy - and I know a lot of you guys really like this texture on me as well. It'S such just an easy like low maintenance unit. It'S very quick and easy just put on it's not like something that's going to take a long time to like style, your hair or anything, because it is this beautiful wave pattern and I typically get a lot of compliments when I wear this type of hair. So if you're looking for you know a little booth thing or if you need just a little boost of confidence, you should definitely check this unit out. I really do like it all in all. You guys highly recommend this one. If you guys are interested in it. I will leave a direct link down below, along with all the details to this hair. If there was something that I didn't cover in today's video and you still have a question drop a comment down below and I'll get to you guys as soon as I can. Thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see all of you beautiful people in my next one. Bye,

Shell Shell Beyond Beauty: Beautiful as always. I love the pattern. It's perfect. It does seem a little thin but I don't really do full full hair. Thanks for talking with us about how you feel about the unit.

Chocolateloverrr: Thanks for this review, I’ll be purchasing this unit tonight .

Nizzy Mac: This one is so cute! I love your dress at the end where is it from ❤

R K: Love the wave pattern

Sterly Hair: .You're more helpful than you realize.

lala2beautiful: Happy New Sis....Love the Look

Pudden'sDaughter: Happy New Year Gorgeous! Love the hair!

Sterly Hair: Thanks for your hardwork!!!

Sammy Da Goat: The Slayage Is Always Good You Always Beautiful

Megalook Wig: happy new year

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