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In this video, Rochelle and Danielle will model each color that one of our Top 10 machine-teased wigs, Trixie, comes in. They will compare colors side by side as well, to let you see the differences between similar colors.  Trixie is the slightly longer sister to our #1 selling wig, Freedom.  This chic, slightly layered mid-length cut has longer sides and a feathered back. No matter what age you are, we hope you'll try it.

COLORS SHOWN IN THIS VIDEO (In order by Browns, Red, Blonds and Greys)


























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Hi, I'm Rochelle and I'm Danielle. We are the mother daughter owners of Godiva's secret wigs, and this is going to be fun. This video is all about our Trixie wig, which we are both wearing right. Now we're going to show you every single color, she comes in both non-rooted colors and rooted colors, and we will show you what that means in just a second. Yes, so Trixie is the wig we're both wearing. She is kind of um, like our the sister to our very, very popular number, one style Freedom. This is Trixie just a little bit long. I call it the little longer sister, yes, so Trixie is going to have like these little longer bangs here in the front and these longer pieces around the face and she's a little bit longer in the back as well right and the one thing if you're new To Godiva's secret, wigs and welcome and US welcome we're so thrilled you found us. None of our wigs or pieces are human hair. Our business model is about convenience for you and for us right because we wear our wigs so wash and wear. They don't have to be styled curled when you wash them and we sell amazing products, they dry. The way you bought them easy. So we're going to get into the colors right away and if you see a color, you like take a note of it, because even if you don't want it in Trixie, many of our other wigs and Pieces come in all these colors you're. Seeing so take notes on the colors as well right and our clients have two to 20 wigs, so Trixie is a great place to start, but you'll just keep adding a little longer. A little shorter have some fun with us. Okay, so I am wearing the darkest color that Trixie comes in, which is espresso, which is our soft black color. So it's not like a rough, solid, color black, it's very soft and natural, looking Rich color and Rochelle is going to put on cappuccino. Oh, which is, I was so into my silver Stone. Okay, she was wearing Silverstone, one of the Grays that it comes in our most popular Gray, so this color is cappuccino. This is going to be a very warm dark brown color and it's going to be the one step down from the espresso which I'm wearing right and so watch when we're putting our wigs on, because, if you're new to wigs, you might be a little thrown about What to do when you first get it yeah? So just watch us! Oh look! Now we really look like mother daughter, so we'll do a turn each time, so you can really see the color fully cappuccino, espresso and just as a note, we both have very long hair that we have in low buns down here. So if you see anything just know it's just our bun. If we were wearing this shorter style out, we would prepare our hair differently right and if you happen to see a little white back there, that's the price tag. I have people, ask me: what is that white back there? Is that going to show like if you cut the tag off, you'll be okay, so the next color I'm putting on is called chocolate. Swirl, it's going to be just a gorgeous deeper brown, with some lighter brown and some really cute light blonde, all throughout it yeah, and just so you know we have not looked at these wigs until the moment you're seeing him is truly when we are seeing them Risky, but we have confidence in our products. We have not styled them brush them. We haven't even opened them, so this is exactly how it'd be coming to you right. So I'm going to show you this is the chocolate so see how it has these light. Blondes and then those little almost copper colors a little copper, a little warm a little blonde around the face, beautiful and darker to the back, but it it still does I'm seeing little blondes and reds chocolate, swirl beautiful color in any any wig. Are you telling me we're ready so Rochelle's going to put on the next color, which is called Ginger Brown, so you'll notice, Ginger Brown and chocolate swirl are similar, but chocolate swirl is going to still have those little light light colors that Ginger Brown does not have So when you put your get your wig on - and it looks like this - follow Rochelle and do what she's about to do so up at the hairline and even the tabs, and then I could use my fingers. But I'm going to use a brush make sure your brush is clean. You have a committed brush only for your wigs to keep the wigs cleaner longer and look at that. That'S basically it how's. My back honey and you'll want to look use a mirror to see the back. You know before I go out or ask somebody else. Remember that we're taking about 15 seconds yes and we're putting them on soap, for you, it's not because we're going to wear them out to a nice sushi lunch. No! This afternoon we're going to Sushi later anyway, Ginger Brown, warm Brown so beautiful if you've never colored. Your hair - this is like that color beautiful, so you can see really see the difference where the ginger - or this has a lot of the ginger with those added highlights. Moving right along, I am putting on almond spice, so almond spice is gon na, be the darkest rooted color. Remember we were talking about rooted, colors and non-rooted, so rooted means. So here right here see how it's darker that's going to be the rooted part. It looks like regrowth, yes, and it will be rooted throughout the entire wig, not just one of the roots. So if you have a rooted wig and you want to part it, the other way cute go for it and if the bangs are too long for you on any of the wigs just trim them. Danielle has an amazing tutorial. Thousands of women have used it and it's great so don't be afraid if around your face or the bangs, it feels like too much. It can go to your hairdresser too, and have them easily customize it just a little bits at a time a little. At a time, don't let them hurry, so this is the Almond spice color we'll do a little turn. Just a beautiful soft, warm color. I love that next, Rochelle is putting on marble Brown, so this is going to be another medium brown. You know similar to the Almond spice, but this is a non-rooted color and she similar to The Ginger Brown kind of is a color where, if you've never dyed your hair, this could be a natural Brown for you or maybe just a slightly enhanced color she's, a Medium brown, with these soft Brown caramel highlights all throughout it. I love it so you'll see they're kind of similar marble. Brown is another great kind of a virgin brown color with a little caramel in it. So if you're not sure what color brown you are, it's like a medium brown, but it's just got beautiful soft highlights nothing. Punky, no edgy kind of highlights. Marble Brown is beautiful, even for the more mature woman and anybody else, or if you're uh, you've, never colored. Your hair so now we're getting into red the red, the red change. So now we're heading to the wave left Brown we're heading towards red, so I am wearing what's called ginger H, so this is going to be kind of a medium brown with a ton of light red all throughout it. You'Ll see and then Rochelle is putting on the Auburn sugar R, again R meaning rooted, so this is going to be the darkest red that has a root to it and you'll see it's this beautiful, deep Auburn. With these little light, colored highlights there beautiful, yeah beautiful. So here we go and if you are going out, always check the back with the mirror and make sure you're just taking the hair down, and you like the way it looks next color is raspberry beautiful, so raspberry ice is going to be a little bit brighter Red you'll see than the Auburn sugar, and it has these golden - highlights. Auburn sugar and raspberry ice are definitely similar colors, but by putting them side by side, you'll really get to see the difference. Oh yeah yeah look at those highlights so here I want you to really see the Auburn is almost a little bit more of a brownish red with the highlights um, where this is a little brighter red see the difference there. Yes, okay, good good. One time we should try turning the other way, it'll really mess this up. It will really mess this up. We'Re counterclockwise girls, apparently so Rochelle is now going to be putting on Irish spice. So Irish spice is a gorgeous little lighter brighter red color, and then she has these like very light red highlights throughout almost like a blondish red highlight: oh, oh, my God gosh, it's a good one: okay, Blue Eyes, Green Eyes. Any color eyes are nice. Okay, but oh my gosh: if you've always wanted to be a redhead or you are a redhead, you know how hard the color is to keep our Reds are so convenient for you as your hair is growing out and it's fading or it's too dark in the Beginning I was a redhead you so much, but I couldn't keep the color. I ended up wearing red wigs, actually Danielle wore a red Freedom. Yes, at her high school graduation photo, my my senior photo in the album was me in Freedom in Chestnut. Yes, oh my goodness, so the reds are such a great experience if you have never owned red a little more blush, a little more color and have fun with it. Okay, so I'm gon na put on the lightest red that Trixie comes in and this is called copper glaze. So you'll see it's a little more of a copper flatten. It way down while you're putting that on so sure some of our viewers just want to see it not so pumped up, maybe covering it does cover your ears. Some of you noticed we're just I mean I'm still amazed like I put it on and it's just ready so fast. I didn't have to do anything. It'S really amazing. Sometimes I put a little bit behind my ear, maybe but that's kind of it. We still Amaze ourselves and that's good because and it's also because we're always striving to be better, and this means that our quality control people are really excellent too right. So Bravo, so this is the copper glaze and the Irish space, the two lightest Reds for Trixie - and these are both rooted Colors by the way and you'll see down below where I have the um color names written any of them. That say, Dash R means that they're rooted colors and what that means on our website is you'll see two products. You would see Trixie and Trixie with roots if you're looking for a color that has a dash R you'll, find it in the Trixie with roots and if it's a color without the dash R just tricks exactly so now we have left the Reds, I'm gon na Redo, my hair, so here's what's underneath it! So, even if you have long hair, you can still wear the shorter Styles, no problem. What I do is I literally just to a bun and I use kind of a thicker ponytail. That'S great and let me just say for our wig virgins new wig wears out there. If you don't have hair it, it's no problem. Our wigs are great. If you have long really curly hair, we have ways to show you how to prepare your hair so, depending on the length of your hair, the thickness. Do you have hair, there's all different ways, and also all of our wigs have a double reinforcement elastic on the back. Just like a bra strap, you tighten it or loosen it. So that is another really simple way just to secure your wig. So I realize I jumped the gun a little. There is one lighter red that Rochelle's holding in her hand actually and that's the maple sugar R. So that is actually the lightest reddish color um. You know some people can call it a blonde or a red or a light brown. It kind of can fall in a lot of categories. Yes, I just want you to compare it here to the color. Oh, it's beautiful, okay, copper, glaze! You can see the difference. So that's: okay, that's maple sugar! I I love this color. Look at my eyes. They like pop. I want to open my eyes. I sometimes I'll walk around. I don't feel great, but I see this color and I want to open my eyes. Hmm, so the next color I am putting on is called iced mocha, so this is going to be the darkest blonde color flipping out here. So I like this color, because, even though my hair is really dark, the the dark of it actually works, The Roots, the Roots are darker and I'm looking at you so close at your hair right there, it completely works. So one thing I want to say about the rooted colors, so for me I have very dark hair, dark eyebrows darker features. So if I want to wear a lighter colored wig, I go for a rooted color, because that way that darker root up here makes sense, even if it's a blonde or a red or any color, it makes sense with my eyebrows and if a little peeks out It makes sense, also great tip. So if your hair is darker and you want a lighter color wig go with the wig with roots, exactly super excited. You said it first. So next Michelle is going to put on chocolate Frost which is another deeper blonde. Color um. The base is actually more of like a medium brown and then it has this cool blonde all throughout it. Here she, you know after 25 years Danielle and I still get excited as excited as the beginning. Looking I find myself looking at the Colors. Oh that's! Beautiful! Look at this look at this highlight so I want you to see these are similar colors, but you'll notice. The chocolate Frost is a deeper bottom and a lighter Crown where the ice milk is a little more Blended and highlighted all throughout really good comparison. Really good. Okay, keep going, I want to jump over this table and get right in your face with it, but it's just amazing both of these colors, oh yeah. I see the little blonde streaks yeah, so they're similar they're, both cool dark blondes, but hers is a little more highlighted on the crown mine's kind of more all throughout I'm now gon na put on butter pecant. This is gon na, be a just a beautiful kind of like a buttery one, and then it has a little bit of a medium brown, low light and again a rooted color. So I'm gon na put the next lighter one. Okay, because that'll be a closer comparison. Sounds good so again the roots see here in the in as we get lighter, you can definitely see the roots more and see what we're talking about. So here. That'S that brown, that is a rooted color and it matches my eyebrows and it matches my sides here. Love it, so it totally makes sense where, for me personally, if I was wearing this color without the roots to me, it looks a little fake. Chris got it. I agree. I agree, what we're doing is we're trying to create an illusion. So, wherever you go in your world, we're making suggestions, so it's not like you're going to stand out like a sore thumb, but we want you to look good at the top of your game. We want it to look natural because people around you they just kind of graze. No one really walks up to people and go now wait a minute. Is that your hair? Really, your eyebrows, are darker. Your eyebrows are a little different. I mean that's not what people do, because guess why they're wondering what do you think about me? They'Re thinking about themselves right, no need to work? Yes! So I'm in mochaccino R, oh, yes, beautiful, beautiful, color, yeah she's, almost a light brown with this golden blonde throughout it or or a deep blue with a lighter block. And if you have a little Fuller neck area like I do, then I really love how Trixie, just gently, caresses and tick takes the focus off my neck skin you know and onto the wig. So a lot of times, if I'm feeling a little extra plump for myself, I like to wear it kind of around my face, a little wispy awesome and everyone's looking at me here. It doesn't matter which shoes I have on and how cute they are. I want people to look at me right here. Right sounds good to me all right, so next color, I'm gon na put on is we have a core. This keeps getting. Hotter is a mocha H, so this is a lighter blonde and almost can seem out of order, but I wanted to put it here because it's the same family as the mochaccino. Are it's just like the lighter version? Yes, it's not a golden. It'S more of a beigey, it's a cooler blonde. Is that why you think? Yes, yes, yeah! Definitely so it's like yeah! It'S like the lighter the lighter sister of mochaccino. It'S like a beautiful beigey, not light light. Champagne like our champagne wig, but it is. It'S got that feel more like a a soft honey, a beigey honey. I like it I'd like some honey yeah, so the next one Rochelle is putting on is nutmeg f, one of our most popular blonde colors wanted to go on me. I know she goes. She ended up on her, so nutmeg Gap is gon na, be um like more of a strawberry blonde, with a lighter blonde blend all throughout it. I don't know she's home. I just putting up my Gap. I don't care what wig it is and I'm just like. Okay good to go. That'S my hair! I'M Ready the cool thing about nutmeg f. Is it really works on, like all different skin tones? You know whether you're warm or cool or whatever it is. It really works all different eye, colors skin tones, it's an excellent color, and so let's just talk about why and that's why rooted wigs are so great is because you have the depth the deeper dimension of the dark roots, that'll work with your darker eyebrows eyes, eyelashes And then the lighter blonde and then the red for the warmth. So it's a little of everything. It'S a little of everything like like some of our others, but very popular color. You would love it all right. Moving along I'm gon na put on Sandalwood each. This is a much more golden blonde color and I want to say every time I put on a wig I brush this front part you do I like to break up that little bit right here, um, so like sometimes Rochelle flips, her wig or shakes it out. I just like to brush the very front it just kind of helps. Helps me. That'S your thing it's my thing. So here is the sandalwood, each color, a beautiful bright golden blonde color and it has some very subtle light blonde Blends all throughout it. Also and then again here, you'll see that grape root, the roots, are so natural and if you have gray roots Like I Do Don't say well, you could say that I'm suggesting it's just a little tweaking of your mind, the roots that are darker, create the illusion To the outside world, the illusion is: oh, I have naturally darker hair and I've colored. My hair, lighter my roots, are starting to grow out. That'S the story that we are creating for the illusion, so that it looks so natural right so forget what color your roots are right, all right, all right got it, because no one knows what color your own roots. Are. You know right. So next Rochelle is putting on vanilla Lush. So this is again a more golden blonde, but a non-rooted color, you'll notice. A lot of our colors have the roots and for all the reasons we talked about how natural it looks and helps you blend in with society and works with different colors. So you'll notice, a lot of our colors are rooted colors and if you see as soon as like what Danielle was saying, I take the wig back. I can even give it some teasing on any of our wigs. This is a machine teased wig right, and that means that you can get any of the lift like any machine teased wigs, it's a really really pretty color no roots. So do you see the difference, no roots roots? Okay. Moving on, I am going to be putting on creamy toffee, so creamy toffee is another one of our most most popular. If not the most popular blonde color, it is a beautiful blonde, you'll see and why again creamy toffee, because it's got a little beige. A little golden, it's got the depth of the roots, it's just right. It'S so variegated with just beautiful soft different shades, and I always love like my hair is obviously very dark, and I still always surprise myself, I'm like oh, I could wear this. You know obviously a little more makeup, a little lipstick and you know for the videos I do put on a little extra makeup so that I work with more colors but like I could be right, it could be creamy and your your husband does love when you Go blonde, he does yes, you know bring a little variety to your life. Ladies and the people around you right and like for me. I would never bleach my hair blonde. I love my dark hair, but when I want to be blonde or red or short or anything, that's why the wigs are so great for me right and the same for me. There'S a lot of women in here. Besides my curly, crazy, hair and wakes give me the freedom, the permission to be whoever I want to be and express myself right on my life's journey. I have a right to be 1000 different women. Yes, I don't have a thousand wigs yet, but I'm working on it, so the next color Rochelle is putting on is called creamy toast. So this is gon na, be a little lighter, a little lighter and lighter. So this is going to be a light blonde, not as much highlighting you'll see still like a very fine blend of um. Oh it's so beautiful foreign, and you know we choose colors very carefully that we offer you. We just don't slap colors on our website or wig Styles. We don't carry thousands of wigs. Just like we don't carry thousands of colors. We carry. We have a very strict criteria that we want to offer you, and that is the best. The most popular and the most realistic styles and colors, and if you fall in love with the wig, the color and or the style, take it to your hairdresser and say I love this. Would you please make me this color right instead of talking about it, always take it with you and then you, you know we're really helping you to create who you want to be yeah? Oh, I love this color boy. I go off track real easy. Don'T I honey just here hey so I'm gon na put on the lightest blonde that Trixie comes in and that is called champagne r you'll see it's a beautiful you'll really get to see the difference between these two colors they are similar. This is good. Champagne is the lightest, so it's not quite like a Platinum, Platinum um, because it has more variation, but it's a very, very light blonde. I love champagne me too so you'll see here is the beautiful champagne. So yes, this is a great comparison for those of you that want to go light blonde or you are so creamy toast and champagne, and then the last two colors we're going to show you are the Grays that Trixie comes in I'm going to be putting on Sandy silver and Rochelle's, putting on Silverstone so Sandy silver is going to be a medium brown mixed with a beautiful light, gray and then you'll see also this lighter silver around the face, and then Rochelle is wearing Silverstone, which is our number one selling gray color you'll See she's this gorgeous light and dark Silvers. Here, with this very light in the front I mean who says: gray, isn't sexy and right? I just I feel really pretty in it and we are known for our gray, our modern gray, wig Styles. So we do a lot of even long gray, wigs medium length, just modern gray, styles and colors - that you cannot find anywhere else. Yes, so make sure you check out all we have so many gray wig videos you're going to have fun if you're into Grace. So these are all the colors rooted and non-rooted that are beautiful, Trixie wig comes in. We hope this video helps you with both style and figuring out what colors you like and if you're new, to Godiva secret wigs. We have over 500 wigs or the wigs videos on our Channel, and we put out a new video every single week so be sure to subscribe. So you do not miss out yes, and we answer all of your comments. We'Re also on Facebook, yes, Tick, Tock, Instagram or everywhere so be sure to check us out, because we do post some different things on different social media as well. Please share us, and if you or someone you know, love is going through hair loss challenges. We'Re here for you, we're here to help. Yes, thank you so much for watching bye, bye,

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