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Heyyo was good job. It should wage a will today, you're now tuned in to a very dope video, we're gon na be doing a full transformation from me to candy, but not only are we doing a full transformation, we're also doing a really don't think instructional video. This videos to sponsor a little bit of that this video is sponsored by a Delfy. I pray up announce that right, but I believe it's a Delfy beauty. Um, you sent me a lovely pancakes, cos quarantine. I'Ve been eating some bundles of hay in 24 and that's major so they sent us four bundles, 40-inch bundles, oh yeah, there's four bundles, that's 24 inch front! So yeah would you be in a tutorial, weird clips? I don't have nothing much to clip in group now that I'm 18, but anyways enough talking. So if you guys would like to see how I transform these bundles in this front tool to this, and if you didn't like to see hi transform from this to this. So do something like that: just something wrong! Few little drops will do the frontal first so make sure you start it's easy to build it's hard to subtract. There'S ways you can go backwards, but this is a headache. So just two little drop is to saw pink. I should have some gloves who's next, Geoffrey chef, one gloves right now, what's up y'all, all shout out to Big O, do you need you up even bigger comment below of your own Big O, it's a new app amongst other new ones and trying to see if I like it, I don't know any different comment below, but yes, your boy came before me. Okay, so look there's nothing to panic about, but you got to watch this. That'S why you got to make sure you stir all the way, because that was a lot that could be detrimental, especially because in the wrong place so make sure we start this, make sure we start away I'll. Tell you hey what you doing I'm putting into it? 40 inch just just a 40 inch, yes get in there, slowly but surely getting there and it's okay patience. Take your time. We need no rush that [ __ ]. Don'T wait on us. Don'T worry! [ __, ] ain't gon na leave until we get there. Alright. Now, look what I do. You got any cool cuz that steam we're kind of like Rudy burn to that I'm barely, so I will take it out the water so that I can really assess it. If you do more the longer you let in sit in water, the mores and keep turning, and we don't want it to turn in. Why? Because we want to do a very soft peak, so we have to check up on it a lot and just keep different play with it. Until you see what you like, the longer you, let it sit in the air, the more it's going to take. What about the lace? The lace doesn't get Tinchy Plus this is such a for those you make, oh, my god, what about the leaves whoa? I don't know why, but the legs doesn't get into when you die like this, especially when doing a soft color. Now, if I was doing a harsh color like something red that would definitely tip the ladies no worries I would just go in and retain the lace we're actually Center. My brow and flesh whole foundation can always like cover it up. Worry about that when you get to the install, I think I'm gon na go a little pink yeah. I think a little bit bigger, because almost giving me is a pink further. My pink vibes take your time with the first coloring, because this is the most important one assault on your life. Oh momma's got pink hair plants, you go there, she go yeah there. You go, that's exactly what I want. This is now what I'm gon na do. Just to make sure my edges was guy as much as a cure, I'm gon na reverse it, because sometimes I don't know why, but like the roots, don't take as much as the rest of the hair, and I don't want to give that's why you'd be seeing Some people, frontals Debbie black colors, the roots, be giving me every bit. I like lighter than the hair I don't know, but to prevent that. I'M at though, to actual lays in here just for a few seconds 30 seconds could change the color tremendously 10 seconds. Honestly, too so watch it because we're not trying to get by adi group type of thing. We just want to make sure these edges you see peak already and to me the frontal is the most important part of the week uttering because she ties it all together, but yeah. So basically do the same exact thing with you here I like to kind of open up that front. So you see you got to make sure all that you got ta brush it through do not want no patchiness when I'm pardoning doing any design. So I'm gon na dip it in there for like 15 more seconds, and it should be good okay, so you guys just saw me die the front so now it was time to basically do the same thing with the bundles you unravel it fold it and just Start dipping it ooh blonde with pink tips. What a dance now cute on my line: okay, but yeah - we're not doing that um! So dip it all the way - and you want to let it sit for a few seconds - remember we're doing a pastel color. So we do not want to let it sit too long, but we definitely wan na make sure the colors all the way taking. So I let it sit for less than a minute match the font I'll and we're all set to continue dying. The rest of the bundles, so just do the same thing for all of those. Then I wash conditioned into right. The bundles now reduce south awake. My first step is double wedding, the just at least three bundles out of I'm not double F, two or three of it out, but I just thought that we can make sure this week is really really really really flat and not too bulky. Because it's a lot of here, yeah, I'm just I'm - I saw machine faux, name, hair, yeah and there you go. That'S what a nearly double well facepalm dole monks line yeah! If you guys would like to do a bit like to see a detailed, a video on how sort my wigs I'm sewing machine comment below, but this is how a double wefted upon the lip. So it's like in half now it's time to go to the cap. This is the cap, they saying I usually use span their caps, but I want to see I like this one, I in the Viking a lot but grants gon na fold the front so in half line up the cap in the center on the wig head, so That way, when you line up the middle of the frontal with the middle to cap, it's even pin it down the tabs on the front, so we're going to leave a little bit off the cap. So that way we can put your not a little baby. Here is that be in front of the ear of stuff, whatever I'm trying to explain it's as easy as I can, but I could using y'all, but this is a very long process, so yeah again comment below if you like, a video dedicated to nothing but sewing The wigs on a machine, yes AB once you can the front perimeter of the front, so pull the front toe back, make sure you put it all the way back. You don't a week to be because you can put the front all the way back and you gave you extra cap space pull all the way back. Pin it pray this one's out of the way and just state she's down, and then you gon na be ready to tell meö bundles, but I pretty much saw the bundles without tracing it. But if you're new, I recommend tracing it, which is what I'm going to do so you guys kind of have a template on how to sell your bundles, so uh yeah shout out to Adelphia for this long front. So, yes, oh that's like my biggest pet peeve before the inch here along here, just like the short frontals to me, that's so ugly that we won't have to worry about that because they sent us a long ones again, thinking which I like them. This is actually like, not even gassing it. Probably some of the best blonde. Here I received from a company like it's really good, even after dying get styling, it don't seem, try yeah! No, it's just. I have all good things to say about the hair, so yeah go check them out now, after the lines we just gon na fold, a cap on it's gon na be like a straight line. Basically, which is gon na, be very easy to do. It was so like challenging to try to like sell the machine and either hand do everything normal in front of a camera at a certain angle, because it's like, I was covering what you needed to see sitting normally so bear with me guys and as you're sewing On the calf the front to the tracks, or anything, please always make sure, while you're sewing that the cap of the part that you're sewing is flat and you're not sewing on top of anything under what you see, because sometime the bottom of the cap could be Under it, and not only are you sewing a track, you it's just good, just make sure the cap is flat when you're sewing is that you're not sewing two things at once, what three things technically yeah? I really hope. I'M not confusing y'all yeah all righty, once the front 2 is sold on we're going to cut out the remaining of the cat. Basically, so we're basically replacing the frontal with the cat, so we will cut the cat part off the amp, I'm great at Auto bundles alone, once I've almost get, probably in badda-boom badda-bing comment below. If this video is helpful, thus far, I'm trying to you know do more makeup tutorials, but especially here, tutorials alrighty. So, as you guys can see, the width is - and here goes that part where I left - where I would say - go kind of - take the frontal off the edge of the cabinet. That makes sense, because you won't have to give this a little illusion right here, but we won't customize that with the install little baby, here's or whatever alrighty so very simple, so the bundles on the back, of course, wan na sell the devil, ft bundles first and Then we're gon na go into the single weft it. I believe I left in like three bundles or two, not I double after two and a half bundles, so we're gon na show the devil, wefted two and a half bundles first and then the remaining tracks in the back and then I'm gon na straighten it. Then we gon na be ready to get ready, I'm in love with this way. Oh my gosh, okay, I've seen first we're gon na get started with my eyes and today I'm gon na be giving blue icon today. So yeah, all these blue eyes up in here. They asked where you got them from segueing bottom. You cruel, I mean genetics, I mean no, I mean okay, so, let's go in with our brow. First, I'm going in with my wet n wild. It'S like a dollar pencil which is available from the target at Target and Walmart in dark brown. It'S like my personal favorite. I always use this pencil if you watch my main clip as well as you've definitely seen this before, but I always use this pencil where the eyeliner my brow and I'm gon na go in with the anastasia pommy or even. This is a great brow to help create like the perfect nude lip. So I always outline my lips with this, but there's already a multipurpose pencil, so yeah eyeliner brows booty is the spoolie is our best friend. So I make you look real hairy and natural. Yes, spoolie fill in that's here to make sure that's hits it's like a low. You know not like fuller with him. You won't see, like the beginning of the brow, give real-life gradients he's after they have them going into the cut crease. Today, I'm not cutting his will go here with him cleaning up my hunter brow and I use la girl for my concealer today. I usually use skin T, but we want every girl today. It'S always feel so easy, but I'm also gon na use this concealer. As my eyeshadow base, so not only do I line the under of my brow, I'm going to pull it all the way down, so I'm eyelid and Pat it in because we wanted to be really really really plenty. We do not believe in nothing, that's not blend. It fully um once my lid is planted, I'm actually going in with some concealer a little bit brighter than the previous color just so that way we can really have a clip. You know a good foundation to draw eye shadow on top of so that the colors really really really show and don't worry if it's like you seen you putting the center everywhere like no, you want to make sure you know you can always go back clean up, But you wan na make sure that a good you know anyways we're using the James Charles morphe palette, which is my personal favorite palette from them right now, I'm in love with it we're going in with a darker Brown, which is almost black-ish, which is cool. It'S WS definition then we're gon na go in here with a lighter brown on the edge of that dark brown, / black and then after this brown, I'm gon na go in with another color which I'm gon na actually mix a red and orange. Now, as y'all see got mixed, it yeah we're gon na mix those colors in we're gon na go in with those at the end of that round. Just so, he can give real, no gradient fatalities, all righty yeah and again. Sometimes, when you do my eyeshadows new mix of different colors, you may have to go back. You know, go back and feel you know about it. I just had to go back with some of that original color, because when you're blending other colors, you can lose the color, but we've not no colors coming left behind. So if you got ta take your time and to go back in with a few more pigments, just us, that's just what it is so now I'm ready. I got my colors right. Let'S cut this country, so I'm going in with the same concealer and then a flat small detailing brush. I start cutting my cut creases right above my eye crease. So when you open your eye and you look like where a crease is just yeah - I make a mark up that answer - that we need open your eyes. The cut crease is still visible because your crease can get lost in the crease. If that makes sense, your cut reason get lost in your eye, crease that make sense yeah. I don't know, comment below. If you like my categories, because I'm really trying to step mine, cut crease, tease, oh um, they just be so precise and got ta, be a little patient with them. But I'm kidding here, especially with this, looks I'll comment below. If you like this, look, if you want some more cut, creases or whatever, and everything fell, one below um, you're gon na feeling smart tonight. So let me know which I want and yes, that we gon na open up the crease a little bit more. But I do see what I'm doing my cut crease is, I start small, which is okay. I just start smaller, so I can get the shape of my cut crease, but then I just open it. You know a little bit bigger, so you don't want to start too big initiative. It'S just too big! Then you just asked out so yeah. Okay! So not only are you going to cut it with your consider, gon na make sure consider this blended in Z and we're gon na go in with that go shimmery color on the lid. I got slow kind of hot, most bigger brush, but I hands up. I'Ve been off the detailing brush and the wiping to consider all and just you started going in with that, because just because there's not the concealer, don't mean you don't need to be precise with the eyeshadow color, because you do not want to do a perfect cut. Crease, which will consider everything Johanna mess it up so yeah. My lem me going with a detail brush and being after the gold one, the lady i'll wait. Am i teared up with a like a white shimmer mansion, not on a wing in there. I didn't really want to wing the ends. I don't know kind of below if y'all liked this vibe or not, but i've been truly in select a dramatic wing illusion with no actual wing like to wear just smokes out. It just gets smoked in the outer corner versus a winged liner comment below. Let me know what you felt like that live or not, because that's definitely what I want. We today, instead of doing absolutely see my morning with that black and eyebrow, and I kind of mixed it I went in with black and brown, it's kind of like just did a little and it's a very small detailing brush. I just wanted to give real smoky illusions. Your feeling - and I even brought it around to the top of that cut for use, there's a real softly. Then I decided to do for a little glam. You might not be able to pick it up that much on this video. I don't know a hobby show, but I went in with a little glitter. I used my my um my eyelash glue. I hate eyelash blah Blee shoes on hair. Blue, probably my highlights blue Indian. I just put a little silver glitter and the corner of my eyes for a little pop, and then I just blew my new glasses one. I was supposed to use they lashes that they see me, but I have four guys. Fine. I'M doing my makeup another day, but we definitely use a lash is encompassing me some lashes that Elfie, but I'm yeah Papa is gone after the lash boom. Go. You want a baby doll. Look so gon na go here with a white waterline illusions. After the white water nah, we just on Paisley put some of the same colors. You see me put on the top of my eyes under my eyes, because we do not want to leave the bottom of our I'm a key on this. Look we're giving a bit of getting drama forgiving nothing today, we're definitely even drama so we'll go in with the rare orange intense smoky owl, with a brown that fares brown, how we and we're actually not the other brand. Okay, so make sure you get the corner of the eye and everything oh yeah. I was not to do both on camera. Oh, we got two eyes done now. Let'S move on to our faith makeup all right, I'm going in near my excavation. I love my explanation. Happy is probably my ultimate fade like yet probably my favorite foundation, because that's a lot of honey's love Kiki. We, you know why ex foundation, because you know I'm a dark skinned body. I feel like they pick up my dark skin this, but the redness in my skin the best. But if you got a skin complexion similar to me or just simply, you got a foundation, you would like to recommend. Let me know cuz. I am definitely interested yeah. I'M sound, of course, I'm blending with my Beauty Blender in my Beauty, Blender, of course I wet it fully and i wrung it out do not want to bring your face with a dry little enough. You do not want to bring your face with a dry Beauty. Blender now I'm going in with my highlight la girl, like I told you earlier, and I'm just highlighting the temples of my face under my eye under my or my contour gon na go down the bridge of my nose a little bit. You know right on top of my forehead yeah a little bit in the center on my champ. I don't know why, but I like to highlight before contour, because I feel like it helps the contour be more precise, because the dark is really muddy. If that makes sense, I hope I'm making sense y'all I'll, be hating doing long videos how people like it's too much information and women confuse y'all, but I really hope I'm not confusing you all, I'm talking so much, but it's amazing I'm coming yeah! Okay! Now, as you notice, I'm bullying the other, I'm blinking in place so make sure you try not to blend all out of place and you know no try to really pad in place. Don'T you don't want to spread too much if that makes sense, you know, and I always blend out my nose concealer with my finger. I don't know why it just works so well. For me, yeah now we're going in with my 50 concealer. You know always shot already. I love you really ya know, so we won't even with a dark air concealer and, as you can see, I'm just chiseling giving me some more cheekbone and I'm taking away a little bit of my jaw, bark on horny. You know and now we're gon na contour this nose. I love a good nose contour, and today I told myself I wanted a really good looks for your Jackson. I didn't care what Jackson it was given long as it was given a Jackson cuz. They all got good nose is where they were natural. I bought them like, so I just wanted to get Jackson. I was today yeah after you can do the bridge of the nose he's gon na blend that in school, which one nose concealer I mean with your nose contour. You got a really kind of it's a passionate bling like you can't believe too much it's and it's gon na be gone so quick, but if you got a plan in place, you don't want to blend to you know just that's why I'll be using my finger Now, let's go in with the Beauty Blender again, but now I'm gon na be using a bottom instead of the top. I believe him I consider with the top cleaning part within the flat part. I believe my contour with like ambling, that in place now I'm going in with a dark brown eyeshadow. I wish I would have showed y'all sorry, but I'm going in with a dark brown eyeshadow just and I'm using it as a bronzer, I'm bronzing doing little circles or whatever to deafen up this little contour idea as well as on my jaw, and I'm also going In with my Beauty, Blender to not only make sure my contour is plenty, but also this powder, this eyeshadow, I just want everything to be seamless. I did a lot of blending with this this space today, so yeah. Now I'm going town, I flattened my arm breasted. I was bonding with I'm just going in and bronze my nose, basically no bronze everywhere. We can't store that then we're gon na go in and set our face with black Arabian setting powder and we're just gon na set our face everywhere. We highlighted it. I love Black Radiance setting powder by the way this can i got this from walmart. Sorry yeah, like I told y'all, this is mom. Like I told y'all, this is my all-purpose pencil the same thing, so I did my brows. We were about to outline my lips. We'Re to give like that perfect, perfect, perfect new Libby, I wash my face. No, it really came together. You see I like. Why are you doing shadow? It could be so stressful. I this is how you wan na just oh, my god, just jump off a bridge, but once it's done you can move on to the rest of your face. It just looks so much cuter. If that makes sense, like you, just can't walk out the house with a full cut, crease and a CA, but you got ta do the rest of your face, then I'm going in with my be set. My own legs is I'm gon na what I believe this is the beast Mountain lippy, her lip gloss. I love harlots on my skin collection their morning, going with a big brush and just kind of just away all the powder. Now I'm going in as you can see, I went in with a different palette. It'S my Anastasia palette, I'm actually using their pink eyeshadow as a blush, because I ran out of blush a long time ago. I was bein supposed to get blush, but I always forget it so and I'm using my Beauty Blender, so I'm just livin on in one Beauty, Blender, I'm tapping it on that pink, eyeshadow, inches blending it out I for a while thought. Blush was just like something only old ladies use, but no blush really helps make your contour and your highlight with illuminator just like sit way better and speaking of highlight. This is my super crayon case and, yes, you see me jealous fool. Oh my highlight yeah you're super saying she got my cheekbones touching his car got my cheekbones, it's fighting with the birds, so shout super for that. Oh my god, and I just like to build. I just like to build. I want to right at the tip of my on my cheeks and then right under my jawline and then the rest of it. It'S like almost really self-explanatory. Do the same on the other side, and at this point I'm just going to highlight my nose as well. Smoking me little pointy or my nose can pop and then maybe you know just a little bit see where I highlighted a just subtlety. I, like my highlight on my cheeks to pop more than anything I don't like to give to highlight it over my whole face. If that makes sense, I don't know just don't look at me. We do not want too much product on this light-colored hair, but we won't be able to trust me. So I'm not putting this. On the back of my hand, it's on the to chew right now, but just use the Panda somewhere. It'S where you can kind of like you know you don't want put a bunch of liquid. Oh, no, ladies, neither so you wouldn't kind of flatten it just to get it to where it's in my brush ZM. What you gon na do is make sure all the hair, even if you got to give her a light spray make sure out of here. Just get her out and fly just get her out the way all right, so I'm making them going in Tanner yells can't color, basically think of it like that. Just go! How bad you want it to match! You have coconuts. The need is about my watch. I'M not only O's, you wan na make sure you get every go in with a little bit more of the product. I know it probably look crazy all, but I'm dark skinned over obviously my way like dark legs, so yeah next out for this union, I'm gon na do like a full full heavy duty, install that I'll do a heavy duty, glue, pom-pom type of thing, but my First time wearing her, I won't hurt her because slide on because I feel like if she convenient I'm gon na wear her more make sure to pull down the band we added an actual back of the wig. You got to be installed two parts to work. No, we won't got to be it just a little bit while we cut in just like she stopped that moving my girl. She was disobedient. She keeps sliding, I know, MIG just say diamond all - got to be so she's gon na come right off. You know he's give a little whole team actually blow to her. I explained all I'm doing is really perfecting and the week on my head, I'm going down with a little more considering my part, I'm gon na swoop, my baby years, I'm going to a Hakone, I'm impressed. You know that's hot part, but you guys will see a summary of the video. I love this Adelphia here. It definitely gets my approval. It'S really tough, pretty amazing. This wig, I'm in love with comment below, I hope, y'all like the week. I know this is probably a lot of information at once. Yeah hello, let me know if you know this helped you. Let me know if you guys would like to see something scorching. I mean just wanting to create content, so um yeah give me some pointers. Let me know what you like, which I didn't like I'm trying to step up my little tutorials for y'all but album but um. At this point, I've talked till I was blue in the face, but make sure you comment like and make sure the show subscriber turn on your notifications and you

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Cece NG: hey so i just made this wig and i love how it turned out so yay

Shebah Etosha Brown: I’m so happy to see this video. I’ve been waiting . You did THAT!

Kisha Collins: A tutorial on wig making with a sew machine would be a good video

Widline Hansen: That SMILE is everything

Gifted One2day: It cute love how you show us step by step

Vada Hughley: Yes Love!!! Can you PLEASE do a detailed video on sewing a wig with a sewing machine???!!!


Ashley x: I love the lewk ! Thanks for the tutorial I wish I knew what bronzer u have its so hard to find a good one.

Medusa Lives: Bundles in the gumbo pot So you know it’s gonna be poppin

Erika Bryington: That pink is definitely poppin, I love it

Tasha Skillom: Yes hunny show them sewing machine skills!! I had no idea boo, dats why we love you! ( Pop) !!

hizwifey0629: love the color. looks great on you

Alfreda Mckinnon: That pink hair style and the color of your dress looks so good on you yes girl get it

Johanna McElwee: Hell yes I Love U The way U do it makes it look GREAT plus U make it look so simple nd easy

Danielle Good: Yess boo . Loving the color and the wig is bomb. You such a Baddie!

TheLoveofAsia: I would definitely love to see the sewing video babes

Kesha’s Comedy Set: Your flawless luv❤️ I’d be looking a damn fool trying to do makeup.

Latocha Bristol: Great job on the wig!!! Live hot sewing machine skills

JoJo Laguerre: Omg I'm not a huge fan of pink but I'm LIVING for this wig and color like I would rock this u did so amazing on the wig , makeup everything. And please do more makeup tutorials, I loved this one


Tonya R: You did the damn thing your Gorgeous I'm so loving this video Thank you so much. ❤

Lisette In the clouds: Definitely looks fire love it

Aja Marie Sirrom: 17:05-17:15 I'm tryna be just like you I need me a wig during this quarantine lol love you boo

Therese Harris: I love this! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Geraldine Vinson: Yes I need more of you. Get me ready for life after epidemic

tootie: Do you need to do more of transforming your wigs cuz I am here for it

Gifted Mind: Baby got length & back! . Loved it! Blessings up.

Bongi Cekuse: Would to see a wig making tutorial. Your good at this

Jason PeoplesBlackwell: I loved seeing so much personality from you vids like these are my fav and yessss please on the sewing machine vids

Derniere Hendrix: Looks amazing..I dont wear makeup but after seeing this I would like to try it for a night...

Doris Allen: I love the wig color... pink lemonade boo!!!! You did that... Yes!!!!

Nocommentwhatsoever: I would really love a detailed wig construction video

Trenia Mackey: You slayed your wig tutorial period ‍♀️‍♀️

Antoinette Caston: Yes kandie, do a wig tutorial soon I have a sewing machine and I need to know how to do that

Bina Capanter: Man you did that kandy... hair and makeup flawless... yes girl...

Shirley Roman: Love you so much And i have a sewing machine and i never would have thought of this your so smart just goes to show

Dia Lankford: Ooh after u dipped the lace the last time. I felt that too. It was so vibrant and beautiful

Jamaican Foodie: Wow you’re so amazing like I can’t even put on a lace front wig❤️❤️❤️you look amazing love that dress too

monique1389: Thank you boo for this video

Jelenna Jones: Sweetie, you remind me of my Big Brother....I’m so glad ad to see family doing their thing...Can’t wait to see finish product...

Itzz Alaysia: I love how he does the kandi impression and his actual voice❤️

alayshia smith: i just love the makeup tutorials and hair i love all of it

Best Melanin tiktoks: you did that baby girl yes honey u is poppin and your makeup brings out the pink u killed it I don’t care what no one say

Frances Brewer: Your skin color is Amazingly Beautiful!!

DizzyDez Dtn: Loved it ❤️

Erika Bryington: Yes if you did blond with ombre with that pink OMG that would be so cute

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