Marilyn Wig Cut Halle Berry Style Color P4/27

Cut and styled the Marilyn Wig myself. Curls stay super soft no matter what I used, Took the clippers on a 3 guard and tapered the sides of the wig. Followed up with the scissors (lol) trimming the hair around my edges. This wig is by Milky Way Shake N Go label. I love this wig. The lace softens up once you spray with water. Excellent wig for the summer.

Hey what's up this: is the boss Ella real quick? This is the Marilyn wig. I showed you the other day in the P 427 um. She was really really curly and I wasn't really feeling her that big. I mean you know that curly really really pretty curly, but I have to take the Clippers and uh. You know just go straight down on the sides to kind of taper her down, because she was huge, I hadn't styled or anything to put any water on it. This is just it looking dry or whatever, but it's cute, it's real cute, but I'm going to style her with some water. In some Sarah P oil - and I will be back - I kind of took the scissors and you know - cut my cut the shape of the hair around my ears and kind of thinned this out a little bit, because I have some serious handlebars going on um. But I like the cut of it now that I've use a Clippers on it, so gon na stay here she is. I took the scissors and a little bit of water a little bit of jail. I kind of jacked up my size, there's somebody calling on the phone made them mad, but uh you get the point. If you take your time and you're not upset, you can do the League any kind of way you want, but this is how it's looking. This is a side. This is the other side and the back can y'all see check out the sides. Oh go ahead. Where you can see see I got this flat. This is the Maryland. I cut it down kind of like Halle Berry. Of course, you can style the front any kind of way you want to, but this is how I style that cut it down, and this is how it's looking y'all. I had two little mohawk going on. I kind of jacked it up a little bit, so I had to cut the back down, but y'all saw how it looks and I will post some pictures. So thank you for watching talk to you later bye. You

Bonita Brooks: This came out too cute!!! Cant wait to get me one;)

ayw1708: Gorgeous!!!!! I've never seen a wig look so freaking NATURAL!!!!!


eboogy11: Your scrubbed face is flawless!! Love the wig I am gonna let my beautician clip the sides like that because I know I will mess that up....Peace and blessings sister

DaBoss Ella: @cprice85666 Hey hey hey! I just sprayed water on it and brushed it down with a soft brush. Thank you for watching. If you get this wig you will not regret it. It's very versitile. Look for my video on how to cut coming soon! Love, D. Ella

AgentDouble Oh Soul !!: Cute and natural- looking.

A VIEW IS A VIEW: I am getting this one for sure. Just brought me some clippers so I am going to flip the hat too. Hey BTW do you know how do I get those wigs back to their wavy texture. I am kind of liking the finger wave with out the pick out. I have washed it now and didn't know how to shape it back down. Its the HH Janet Mommy. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks Sis.

leopard67: Girl you worked it!

55jaymack: I would have never thought this was a wig!

DaBoss Ella: @Karmaella Hey there! Thank you. Yes I trimmed it while it was on my head. I posted a video of how called "How I cut my Marilyn" I hope it's helpful. Have a great day! Love, D. Ella:)

retj1908: OMG the cut is gorgeous and looks fabulous on you! Please tell me you're in Atlanta!

DaBoss Ella: @eboogy11 Hey sister, Thank you for watching. You better rock that Marilyn when you get it cut. Be sure to post some pics. Have a wonderfully blessed day. D.Ella :)

Nancy Reagan04: Very nice! you look great did you trim it while it was on your head? or did you put it on a wigstand?

FOXYLOVE75: Girl u have sold me on this trying to locate one now

cprice85666: What did u do 2 achieve the look in the last picture? It's really pretty!

NaDia H: i am having a hard time deciding which wig to get. THe mimi or the Marilyn. Would you say there is a difference in the two? do you like one more than the other? Help??? i love both of them on you. Thanks for reviews

ILoveToScrub: beautiful

sweet2dcore1: I like the way u cut it in ur last video cuz it was a little longer. This wig is da and I can't wait 2get mine!

Sandra Ada: This wig is discontinued, is there one you recommend exactly like this

bently629: You really favor Whitney Houston slash Halle Berry girl! Your soo pretty!

A VIEW IS A VIEW: I just got my Mommy wig and only because I love your posting. Check out my photo with it on and let me know it I styled it right. I was at dinner with one of my Sorority Sisters and I got all fancy with wig and makeup....

DaBoss Ella: @NaturallyNYC Thank you! :)

musicdfined: Gurrrrrrl! U look like Halle Berry with that shorty do! I'm luvin itttt!-3

A VIEW IS A VIEW: Classy and sassy....Luv it....Peace Out...

DaBoss Ella: @minnpam Thank you! Peace and Love back at ya!

A VIEW IS A VIEW: @DaBossElla ----I fixed my photo now so you should be able to see me in my Mommy wig...I am preparing to go to DC's Carribean Mud Festival shortly and will be rocking her there.

DaBoss Ella: @kimoni6 Hi. I don't have the mommy or the finger roll yet but I have a pretty long head (lol) so I think the cap is ok especially since the top still has room. Hope this helps. Have a sweet friday. DaBossElla :)

DaBoss Ella: @blackdiva38 Thank you diva! :)

DaBoss Ella: @ILoveToScrub Thank you! :)

A VIEW IS A VIEW: Thanks for the posting about the shampoo. Peace.

A VIEW IS A VIEW: @DaBossElla ----I fixed my photo now so you should be able to see me in my Mommy wig...I am preparing to go to DC's Carribean Mud Festival shortly and will be rocking her there.

DaBoss Ella: @musicdfined LOL like Halle Brerry huh :) Thanks for watching. Appreciate ya!

DaBoss Ella: @summerjewel63 Thank you. You better work that Marilyn! LOL have a sweet day. D. Ella :)

DaBoss Ella: @jstanley59 Thank you so murch! LOL Have a great day! D. Ella :)

DaBoss Ella: @minnpam Hey sis! I'm trying to check out the photo, but I can't. Tell me how I can check it out. Have a nice day. D. Ella :)

Pia Trummer: wow honey u really look like her

kimigabbz6: it looks qute girl, but is the cap size big enough? because finger roll and the mommy wigs cap r really small.

Doreen L.: YASS!

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